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What's new at Precise Shooter 2017-04-02

First and foremost, CRAZY deal of the week - Smith&Wesson has $75 rebate on SHIELDs and $50 rebate on Bodyguards.

This puts your cost for the Shields at just over $300.

Here are the guns we have in stock.

M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY10034-L1 (in stock)$329.95
M&P 9 Shield NTS 10# Trig100380221888641751 (in stock)$345.95
S&W SHIELD M2.0 M&P9 9MM FS BLACKENED SS/BLACK POLYMER118060221888721943 (in stock)$419.95
S&W SHIELD M2.0 M&P 9MM FS BLACKENED SS/BLK NO THUMB SAFE118080221888721871 (in stock)$419.95
M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY180020-L2 (in stock)$329.95
S&W SHIELD M&P9 9MM LUGER FS BLACKENED SS/BLACK POLYMER1800210221881472162 (in stock)$345.95
S&W BODYGUARD .380ACP 2.75" FS 6-SHOT BLACK POLY1093810221880938102 (in stock)$339.95

Next week Remington starts their refunds - $5 on CoreLokt hunting ammunition...

...and $2.50 on UMC pistol ammunition.

Our price on 9mm Remington is $11.99, so it makes it only $9.49 after rebate.


Deals on 9mm are back - we have a very large number of ammunition SKUs that sell for 10.99 per box of 50. I tested a bunch - need to find time to publish results - and S&B (both in 115 and 124gr) appears to be the most accurate in this price range across 3 competition guns - but the accuracy greatly depends on the gun, and so I recommend buying one of each and testing it in your own firearm.

The best deal on 9mm remains the Independence 350rd back at $64.95 (in stock), which is equivalent to $9.28 per box of 50.

Deals on AR-15s

We have slashed prices on Ruger AR-556 ($609.95 (special order)) and Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II ($619.95 (special order)). Both excellent, brand name black rifles backed by some of the best manufacturer support, an excellent choice for both a novice and an experienced shooter alike.

Marlin rimfire rifles

We now carry quite a few Marlin rifles - including their extremely popular rimfire models (Marlin says that Model 60 is the most popular rifle of its kind in the world).

MARLIN 60 .22LR RIFLE SEMI-AUTO BLUED HARDWOOD706200264950749061 (in stock)$164.95
MARLIN XT-22 .22LR RIFLE PROFIRE BLUED HARDWOOD707590264957075902 (in stock)$189.95
MARLIN XT-22RC .22LR RIFLE PROFIRE BLUED CAMO SYNTHETIC <707670264957076751 (in stock)$209.95


Taurus makes a bunch of popular self-defense pistols and revolvers, and once a year they run a super special when they discount them very deeply. Here is what we have on hand:

TAURUS SPECTRUM .380ACP 2.8" FS 6-SHOT SS/GRAY POLYMER BLK1-00703920127253276145861 (in stock)$245.95
TAURUS 605 .357MAG 2" FS 5-SHOT BLUED RUBBER2-6050217253272030181 (in stock)$289.95
TAURUS 627 TRACKER .357 6.5" PORTED AS 7-SHOT SS RUBBER2-6270697253273408361 (in stock)$429.95
82 4" 38SPL w/Safe & Sppedloader2-820041-NT7253276132441 (in stock)$349.99
82 4" 38SPL w/Safe & Sppedloader2-820041-NTLL7253276130151 (in stock)$349.99
TAURUS 85 .38SPL+P 2" FS 5-SH BLUED RUBBER <2-850021FS7253276112572 (in stock)$269.95
TAURUS 85 ULTRA-LITE .38SPL+P 2" FS 5-SHOT BLUED RUBBER <2-850021ULFS7253276112642 (in stock)$269.95
TAURUS 85 .38SPL+P 2" FS 5-SH STAINLESS STEEL RUBBER2-850029FS7253276112715 (in stock)$279.95
TAURUS 85 ULTRA-LITE .38SPL+P 2" FS 5-SH MATTE SS RUBBER2-850029ULFS7253276112402 (in stock)$269.95
CT40 40S&W Carbine3-40161CTG27253276098961 (in stock)$629.95
TAURUS CT9 9MM 16" CARBINE 10-SHOT BLUED <CT9G27253276099191 (in stock)$629.95

A few more particularly good deals

One of our distributors have been cleaning up their inventory, so we picked up a few great deals from them - and we are passing them to you.

  • Sig P220 with night sights (P220R-45-BSS) $929.99 MAP (in stock) - typical internet price is $950.
  • Chiappa Rhino 60DS 40S&W, 6" $699.95 (in stock) - typical internet price is above $900
  • Ruger 10/22 Standard Blue Takedown $344.95 (special order) - our lowest price ever
  • Savage MKII BTV $344.95 (special order) - typical internet price is $360
  • Savage 10/110 300WinMag w/HS Precision stock $809.95 (in stock) - lowest internet price is around $900
  • Ruger Gunsite Scout 308 Left Handed $914.95 (special order) - this currently sells for well above $800 on the internet
  • Savage 93R17 TRR $399.95 (in stock) - well below the internet
  • FNS-40 pistol $369.95 (in stock) - below typical wholesale of $430

It looks like the year of firearms plenty is upon us. Happy shopping!