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Manufacturer: Traditions
Part Number: CR451120
Product Code: 040589025094
Price: $404.95
Quantity available: 7

Traditions´┐Ż Outfitter G2 Rifle is a break-action single shot cartridge rifle. The Lothar Walther barrel is a premium hammer-forged barrel that is extremely strong and incredibly accurate. Out of the box this gun is dead on. The 450 Bushmaster calibe ralso comes with a muzzle-break to help reduce recoil. - This centerfire rifle is the perfect choice for whitetail and large game hunting. With a 22 Chromoly fluted barrel the Outfitter G2 is lightweight easy to carry and extremely accurate. The transfer bar safety and manual trigger block safety make this one of the safest rifles on the market. - The Outfitter G2 can be used during Ohio Indiana and Michigan gun seasons as well as in several other states. Please check your local state regulations for further information. - This gun is available in 450 Bushmaster and has a 1:16 rate of twist. - Outfitter G2 Features: - 22 Chromoly Fluted Barrel - Lothar Walther Barrel - Premium Hammer-Forged - Muzzle Break on 450 Bushmaster 35 Whelen & 45/70 - Premium CeraKote Finish on Barrel - Transfer Bar Safety System - Manual Trigger Block Safety - Steel Frame - 11 Degree Target Crown - Drilled & Tapped - Lightweight and Manueverable - Excellent for smaller framed shooters

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