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Manufacturer: Thompson Center
Part Number: 12029
Product Code: 090161449497
Price: $834.95
Quantity available: 12

CALIBER: 22 LR - FINISH: BLUED/WALNUT - BARREL LENGTH: 10 - OAL: 13.5 - WEIGHT: 2-3/4 LBS - SIGHTS: Adjustable - RIFLING/TWIST RATE: 1:15 - Engraved Gold Plated Octogon Barrel - Engraved Gold Plated Side Plate Right Side - Engraved Gold Plated Side Plate Left Side - Manual Firing Pin Selector for Rimfire & Centerfire Calibers with Safety Position in the Center - Comes with a Walnut Presentation Case 16-1/2� x 7-1/2� x 3-1/2� - Limited Edition� of 500 only (all numbered)

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