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Manufacturer: Century Arms, Inc
Part Number: RI3322-N
Product Code: 787450516038
Price: $1,299.95
Quantity available: 16

First time ever imported new manufactured AES 10B Rifle. Based on the Romanian variant of the Russian RPK (the Pu?c? Mitralier? model 1964) the AES 10B is a semiautomatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. Regarded as the big brother to the standard AK these rifles are truly robust and durable. These have not been imported into the United States in quite some time but based on customer requests Century has undertaken to procure more AES 10Bs from Romania. These rifles are newly produced and available in a limited quantity. Once this batch is sold out it will be quite some time until more will be produced for the US market. This batch of the AES 10Bs are true to the original design with a heavy barrel which will hold accuracy over sustained periods of fire an RPK-style adjustable bipod and an RPK-style clubfoot stock. - Specifications - Made in Romania - Heavy Barrel - RPK Style Bipod - Carry Handle - Clubfoot Stock - 7.62x39mm - Includes one 30 round magazine

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