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What's happening @ Precise Shooter this week (3/30/2015)

We've been super, super busy last week, so I skipped last update. So this week's one contains twice as much news!


We have finally gotten our Dillon equipment in. This instantly made us the biggest Dillon dealer in the area (an in fact, probably in the whole of PNW). We've got machines, conversion kits, parts, dies - everything you need to start reloading. Here's the full list:

D-Terminator Scale104836098241048351 (in stock)$139.95
223Rem Steel Die Set108396098241083904 (in stock)$67.95
550 Tool Holder & Wrenches11541 05-04306098241154113 (in stock)$28.95
Case Gauge 3006126796098241267902 (in stock)$27.95
Case Gauge 308WIN128676098241286715 (in stock)$27.95
Case Gauge 223Rem132546098241325482 (in stock)$26.95
Primer Flip Tray136066098241360657 (in stock)$20.95
Case Lube1373360982413733837 (in stock)$8.95
Case Polish1380460982413804518 (in stock)$8.95
650 Toolhead138636098241386328 (in stock)$29.95
550 Toolhead139096098241390974 (in stock)$22.95
550B Machine Only142616098242025242 (in stock)$394.95
Universal Press Mounting Kit143556098241435518 (in stock)$5.99
10mm/40S&W Carbide Die Set143986098241439881 (in stock)$64.95
38Spl/357Mag Carbide Die Set144006098241440081 (in stock)$64.95
380ACP Carbide Die Set144016098241440153 (in stock)$64.95
Carbide Die Set 41Mag144026098241440222 (in stock)$64.95
44Spl/44Mag Carbide Die Set144036098241440392 (in stock)$64.95
45ACP Carbide Die Set144046098241440465 (in stock)$64.95
45Colt Carbide Die Set144056098241440531 (in stock)$64.95
Case Gauge 38Spl151596098241515944 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 380ACP151606098241516003 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 9mm151616098241516177 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 10mm151626098241516245 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 357Mag151636098241516315 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 40S&W1516460982415164810 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 44MAG151656098241516553 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 45ACP151666098241516625 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 45Colt151676098241516792 (in stock)$15.95
Basic 550 Machine153996098241539941 (in stock)$279.95
308Win Steel Die Set155746098241557457 (in stock)$67.95
Low Powder Sensor163066098241630616 (in stock)$41.95
650 Machine 45ACP 169266098241692612 (in stock)$566.95
XL650 38/357169276098241692782 (in stock)$566.95
XL650 223 REM&222 REM169406098241694072 (in stock)$566.95
Aluminum Roller Handle179506 (in stock)$45.95
550B Spare Parts Kit200486098242004835 (in stock)$18.95
Powder Die200646098242006436 (in stock)$11.95
Square Deal B 45ACP201016098242010152 (in stock)$389.95
Square Deal B 38SPL201026098242010221 (in stock)$389.95
Square Deal B 357MAG201036098242010391 (in stock)$389.95
Square Deal B 9mm201046098242010462 (in stock)$389.95
550 Conversion 45ACP201266098242012683 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 9mm201276098242012753 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 221/222/223Rem201286098242012826 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 308/30.06201306098242013052 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 38/357Mag201326098242013294 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 380 Supercomp201336098242013365 (in stock)$48.95
550 Conversion 10mm/40S&W201796098242017944 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 8mm Mauser & 8x56 Mauser202016098242020122 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 7.62x39 RUS202136098242021351 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 7.62x54 RUS RIM203466098242034602 (in stock)$45.95
CV-2001 Tumbler204936098242049311 (in stock)$188.95
550 / 650 Powder System207826098242078263 (in stock)$79.95
650 Conversion 300BO/WHISPER208976098242089774 (in stock)$77.95
XL650 Prime Sys Large209826098242098204 (in stock)$80.95
Powder Check System210446098242104448 (in stock)$68.95
XL650 Priming Sys Small210656098242106595 (in stock)$80.95
650 Conversion .45 ACP210716098242107104 (in stock)$77.95
Case Feeder Plate Sm Rifle210746098242107412 (in stock)$38.95
Case Feed Plate Lg Rifle210756098242107584 (in stock)$38.95
650 Conversion 308/30.06210946098242109494 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 38Spl/357Mag210986098242109875 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 222/223Rem211016098242110143 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion .380 ACP211046098242110455 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 9mm/.38Super/9x21211096098242110905 (in stock)$77.95
XL650 Conversion 41Mag211116098242111132 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 32ACP 32 SHORT211146098242111442 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 7.62x39211176098242111752 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 45Colt/454Casull211186098242111821 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 10mm, 40S&W211206098242112054 (in stock)$77.95
650XL Spare Parts Kit211466098242114652 (in stock)$25.95
550 Conversion 9x18 Makarov216566098242165692 (in stock)$55.95
650 Conversion 9x18 Makarov216576098242165762 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 7.62x54 Russ216996098242169962 (in stock)$85.95
550 / 650 Strong Mount220516098242205119 (in stock)$48.95
Toolhead Stand220556098242205596 (in stock)$20.95
550 Quick Change System220586098242205802 (in stock)$103.95
650 Quick Change Kit220596098242205976 (in stock)$107.95
Bullet Tray Kit222146098242221408 (in stock)$41.95
XL650 Billet Short Trim Die Toolhead621126098246211271 (in stock)$33.95
650 Conversion 6.5 Creedmoor622456098246224524 (in stock)$77.95
550 Conversion 6.5 Creedmoor622466098246224692 (in stock)$45.95

We also have set up an area in the store where we can demonstrate how reloading equipment that we sell works, and eventually teach classes on reloading.

Take a look at our complete reloading section here.

More scopes!

We've got a shipment of Konus Konushot 3-9x32 scopes with 30/30 reticules. They are a fantastic deal at $49.95 (in stock) - your typical Internet price is 40-50% more. If you have a 30/30 lever action gun that you'd like to scope without breaking the bank - this would work great.

Generally, Konus scopes have good reviews and the one I have performed really well over 3-4 years that I had it. Lots of reviews on our blog were done using a 6-24 Konus Pro scope. We have a few of them in stock in our optics section!

Bushnell6-18X50 Banner D&D6161850297571618576 (in stock)$139.99
BushnellAR/223 4.5-18x40 BDC MatteAR9451840297579200581 (in stock)$209.95
BushnellElite 3-9x40 DOA 600 RET MatteE3940B0297570101864 (in stock)$346.95
KonusKonushot 3-9X32 30/30 Ret7234K6981560723493 (in stock)$49.95
KonusKonus Pro 3-9x4072786981560727831 (in stock)$98.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-2 6-18X40AO 1108140303171081441 (in stock)$499.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-2 6-18X40 AO Target1108160303171081682 (in stock)$549.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-R 1.25-4X20 Fire Dot1112300303171123011 (in stock)$499.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-2 2-7x33 CDS1144020303171440291 (in stock)$334.95
LeupoldMark AR MOD 1 3-9x40mm Matte 1"1153900303171539082 (in stock)$349.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-6 3-18x44 CDS-ZL1205970303170075462 (in stock)$1,099.95
LeupoldVX-3 4.5-14x40 LR CDS1206050303170074302 (in stock)$709.95
LeupoldFX-II 2.5X28 Scout Matte588100303175881061 (in stock)$299.99 MAP
LeupoldVX-3 3.5-10X40 660900303176609011 (in stock)$499.95
LeupoldVX-3 3.5-10X40 BC Reticle661100303176611061 (in stock)$579.95
LeupoldVX-3 4.5-14X40 BC Reticle662250303176622571 (in stock)$619.95
LeupoldVX-3 4.5-14x40 LR664250303176642512 (in stock)$659.95
LeupoldVX-3 6.5-20X40 LR665350303176653571 (in stock)$769.95
RedfieldRevenge 3-9X42 Accu-Ranger Sabot1152110303171521164 (in stock)$124.95
Redfield3-9x42 Revenge Dial-N-Shoot12046103031700687710 (in stock)$139.95
RedfieldRevenge 2-7X34 DuplexPCND022590303171520483 (in stock)$109.95
SightronS2BIGSKY 4-16x42mm Adj ObjectiveS2B416427931396301245 (in stock)$509.95
SightronS2 36x42mm Bench Rest MatteSI301567931393015671 (in stock)$459.99 MAP
Simmons6-24x/50mm Varmint/Predator 30mm65624504561856245812 (in stock)$199.95
Tasco6-24X42 Target VarmintVAR624X42M0461620804431 (in stock)$89.95
WeaverGrand Slam 3-12x50 Matte Black 1/16MOA Fine Crosshair8006440766838064443 (in stock)$359.95
WeaverGrand Slam 4-16x44 Matte Black 1/16MOA Fine Crosshair8006500766838065051 (in stock)$419.95
WeaverTarget 36x40 S/F Matte Black 1/16MOA Fine Crosshair8499420766838994221 (in stock)$599.95
WeaverTarget 36x40 S/F Matte Black 1/16MOA Fine Crosshair8499460766838994604 (in stock)$599.95
WeaverTarget 36x40 S/F Matte Black 1/8MOA Fine Crosshair8499480766838994844 (in stock)$599.95
WeaverTarget 36x40 A/O Matte Black 1/8MOA Fine Crosshair8499700766834997071 (in stock)$469.95
ZEISSTerra Rifle Scope 3-9x42RZ67400350032001 (in stock)$359.99 MAP

Some REALLY high end stuff

Last week we received a Les Baer Monolith Heavyweight with 1.5" group guarantee - yes, this gun is guaranteed to shoot 1.5" groups @ 50 yards, and it comes with the target showing as much. This pistol is more accurate than many rifles! Though quite expensive - (currently unavailable) - it is still a lot less than Gunbroker prices for the same gun, and it is well below MSRP ($2665).

On Wednesday we expect our second Les Baer pistol - this is going to be Premier II with 1.5" guarantee. This gun has a MSRP of $2475, and it will be priced at $2299 at our store.

Surplus corner

Our collection of Glocks keep on growing - we've got some Gen 2 21s, and a few more 21SF and 23s. Here is the current list:

21 SURPLUS Gen2 45ACP21-SURPLUS-G21 (in stock)$449.95
22 Gen4 SURPLUS 40S&W22-SURPLUS-G41 (in stock)$449.95
30 Gen3 SURPLUS 45ACP305077645033050783 (in stock)$429.95
35 Gen3 .40S&W 5.32" Night Sight Surplus35-SURPLUS-NS7645033530171 (in stock)$459.00

Some of them are as good as new, here are a few pictures of what to expect.

As you can see from the slide marks on the barrels, even the ones that have been carried have been shot but a little.

While doing the Virtual Tour I realized that I forgot to put our surplus Smith & Wessons on the web site. Correcting the mistake: we have Smith & Wesson Model 13 (357Mag) and Smith & Wesson Model 64 (38 Special).

Mossberg shotguns

Normally we wouldn't have them, but I was able to acquire a bunch of Mossberg JIC shotguns REALLY inexpensively, and they arrived last week. Note that they are pistols for the purpose of the transfer process - CPL of police background check will be required.

Here are the Mossberg guns we currently have in stock.

MB 464 .22LR LEVER ACTION 18" HARDWOOD 13+1 CAPACITY430000158134300051 (in stock)$359.95
500 12Ga Persuader Cruiser 20" 8sht505880158135058881 (in stock)$295.95
MB 590 12GA. 3" 6-SHT SHOCKWAV RAPTOR CORN COB FOREND CYC506590158135065951 (in stock)$369.00
MB 500 12GA 28" RT MAX-5 6-SH DUCK COMMANDER LOGO SYN(TALO)522600158135226011 (in stock)$339.95
835 ULTI-MAG621490158136214963 (in stock)$369.95
MMR Hunter 223Rem MOTS650200158136502051 (in stock)$589.95
MB 930 WATERFOWL 12GA. 28"VR BLACK MATTE SYNTHETIC <851280158138512822 (in stock)$489.95


The recent hoarder attack notwithstanding, we have been able to secure more inexpensive ammunition in 9mm, 223, and 7.62x39.

  • PMC 9A 9mm 115gr 50rd (currently unavailable)
  • Remongton UMC L223R3 223 55gr 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • TulAmmo (*) 223 55gr 20rd $5.99 (in stock)
  • TulAmmo (*) 7.62x39 122gr FMJ 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • TulAmmo (*) 7.62x39 122gr HP 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • Barnaul (*) 5.45x39 60gr FMJ 30rd (currently unavailable)
  • Barnaul (*) 7.62x39 125gr SP 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • Australian Outback OK223SMK 223 69gr Sierra Matchking 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • Fiocci 223C 223 62gr 50rd (currently unavailable)

Some time this or early next week we expect more cheap 9mm ammunition which hopefully will allow us to bring prices back into $11.99-$12.99 range.

For more ammunition deals, click here!