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2015-05-21: Weekly update

Last month to take advantage of Savage rebate

Lots of new arrivals this and last week. But before we get there...

...Savage rebate expires on 6/30, it's summer, and you need a new 308 - preferably, cheap. We've got you covered!

We have a bunch of Savage AXIS Heavy Barrel rifles, which are a nice cross between a hunting and a target rifle. With their heavy barrels they are capable of amazing accuracy (this is group #1 and #2 out of mine)...

...and yet cheap ($334.95 (in stock) minus $50 rebate) and light enough to carry as a hunting rifle.

Glock M.O.S. and Eotech MRDS

We've got a Glock 35 G4 MOS and Glock 41 G4 MOS in stock, and 34 G4 MOS is arriving tonight and will be available for pickup tomorrow. They go fantastically well with Eotech MRDS sights we have for an amazing price. Because of MAP, we cannot advertise the price, but it's sufficiently low that even after shipping and taxes you would still be paying A LOT less than if you were to buy it on the Internet.

Pictures and review here.

Lots of Les Baers

We've got a couple of Commander-sized Les Baer 1911s: Stainless Stinger (night sights, ambidextrous), and the new GT Monolith Stinger Heavyweight.

Like all Les Baers, these pistols are guaranteed to shoot 3" groups at 50 yards. Yes, these pocket pistols are as accurate as a typical AK-47.


Les Baers currently in stock

Premier II Tactical 45ACP 5"1.5"@50yds0730D1 (in stock)$2,395.00
1911 Premier II CustomLBP23022 (in stock)$1,999.95
Premier II w/1.5" Group GuaranteeLBP2302-1.53 (in stock)$2,299.00
1911 Premier II Hunter 6" 10mmLBP2302-61 (in stock)$2,499.95
1911 Les Baer Premier II 6" with 1.5" GuaranteeLBP23052 (in stock)$2,499.95
1911 Thunder RanchLBP2305/TR1 (in stock)$2,405.95
GT Monolith Heavy STINGERLBP2314/GT/MNHW/S08081 (in stock)$2,699.00
1911 Custom "Stinger" .45 ROLOLBP2314-NS-ROLO2 (in stock)$1,999.95
1911 Ultimate Tactical 45ACP 5" 1.5"@50ydsLBP9001/TAC-1.51 (in stock)$2,395.95

Bersas are back!

There was a lull in Bersa deliveries, and for a while we ran out of the vanilla T380. They are now back in stock, in fact we have pretty much every variety - from concealed carry to combat.

Thunder 380 BronzeT380BRZ80916649603427 (in stock)$249.95
Thunder 380 Nickel Accented T380M8EB0916649603041 (in stock)$299.95
Thunder 380 Olive DrabT380ODG80916649603282 (in stock)$279.95
BERSA THUNDER .22LR FS 10+1 SHOT BLACK MATTE SYNTHUN220916649002252 (in stock)$279.95
BERSA THUNDER .380ACP FS 7+1 SHOT DUOTONE SYNTHETIC <THUN380DT0916649038201 (in stock)$279.95
Thunder 380 CC - NickelTHUN380NKLCC0916649037692 (in stock)$269.95

We try to maintain Bersas in stock because they are currently the best currently produced PPK clone - the "real" modern PPK and PPK/S made by Smith & Wesson are twice the price, and half the quality. I am pretty sure that if James Bond lived today, he would have opted for a T380 CC.

Here is my review of a T380.

"...when all other lights go out..."

We have every version of Ruger 22/45 Lite, except for the very, very first golden shroud. The red one is Davidson's special - an allocated gun - this is the first time I got my hands on it, and I have only one. It comes with a DAVIDSON'S GUARANTEED(SM) LIFETIME REPLACEMENT warranty.

Lite pistols are amazing because they combine Ruger Mark pistols legendary accuracy with the light weight that makes shooting very comfortable. Here is my review of the pistol.

RUGER 22/45 LITE .22LR 4.4" BULL AS COBALT ANODIZE <039067366760390671 (in stock)$419.95

Treasure hunt!

We've sold about half of the inventory of Butch's Discount Guns - from who we bought the building and the remaining inventory when they went out of business - at our Rummage Sale 2 weeks ago. We still have a bunch of holsters which we discounted very deeply - $2 for nylon holsters, $5 for leather holsters out of packaging, and $10 for leather holsters in factory packaging.

These are cash and carry - all sales final, no credit cards, exact change, and taxes are included in the price.