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This week @ Precise Shooter

Seattle Gun Tax

The biggest news today is of course the proposed piece of legislation which would increase the cost of the guns by $25 per gun, and ammunition by $0.05 per round.

More information as well as a call to action is here, and we have a Facebook page where we post developments in real time.

Please note, the Education and Governance council meeting, where this measure will be considered is this coming Wednesday, 7/15, at 9:30. Please call Seattle Council Members Tim Burgess (206-684-8806), Sally Bagshaw (206-684-8801), John Okamoto (206-684-8802), and Jean Godden (206-684-8807) and ask them to abandon this misconceived piece of legislation.

Free I-594 transfers for the month of July

To celebrate the Independence days, the firearms transfers for LOCAL person-to-person sales are FREE!

Please see here for details!

Glock 43

We have received 5 of these super rare guns yesterday. 4 of them have consecutive serial numbers. They typically last just a few hours, so if you want one - or two - you do need to hurry!

Price: $449.00 (in stock)

We sell all our Glocks at MAP (minimum advertising price) so you won't find it cheaper anywhere else. We have a nice collection of other Glocks, both new as well as surplus.

Surplus Remington 870p Magnums

We have just received a bunch of surplus

Price: (currently unavailable)

More pictures here.

Savage 10FCP-SR

Savage 10fp family reboot for 2015 is finally here! These rifles have all of the great features of 10TR (Accustock, Accutrigger, oversized bolt handle, integrated rail, threaded barrel), plus fluted barrel and a 10rd box magazine! Most importantly - it is really priced right!

PARA 1911 Expert Commander

We found an absolutely killer deal on this compact, lightweight PARA, so we can sell them for $100 below the current wholesale ($599.95 (in stock)).

Ruger Rainbow!

To celebrate the Supreme Court decision, we now have Rugers in all colors!

KelTec KSGs

We have all colors now, including Davidson's exclusive Titanium!

Gun parts

We have entered a bunch of handgun grips, adjustable handgun sights, and handgun scope mounts that we inhertied from the previous store. Most of them pretty rare these days. Please take a look!