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2015-12-08: First after Black Friday

Black Friday have come and gone, and with it a few screaming deals. Here is what remains.

Remington 1911R1 Enhanced - $799.95 (stainless) and $749.95 (blue), minus $150 rebate

Remington has a $75 rebate on their Enhanced 1911 R1 series. We have 2 coming mid-next week, one stainless, one blued. We will take a deposit on them for the Black Friday price of $799.95 for the stainless steel model ($724.95 after rebate) and $749.95 for the blued model ($674.95 after rebate).

Rebate form: download here.

I kept one from myself, initially strictly because of the price. Took it to the range: amazing! This gun is a fantastic deal!

Kel-Tec KSG (black) (currently unavailable)

$100 off our regular price. We still have two we will sell at this price: no layaways, first come, first served. Once the two are gone, the price goes back to $799.95.

Duck Commander $339.95 (in stock)

Five remaining at this price - a holdover from Black Friday deal. Once they are gone, the prices will go up $50, and it will still be a screaming deal: the Internet prices on this shotgun is usually just below $500.

Ruger LCPs

THE news of last week was Ruger dropping the price on LCP pistols 30% - the wholesale prices went from just under $300 to below $200.

The guns literally flew off the shelves of the stores that could get them at this price: we bought 10 custom pistols and they were gone in 4 days.

However, we still have a couple of them in raspberry color, and a few with an integrated laser guard. We have lowered the prices to reflect the new wholesale.

  • Raspberry: (currently unavailable)
  • With the laser: (currently unavailable)

Taurus 738TCP

If you missed an opportunity to buy that Ruger but it gave you ideas about a potential holiday present, here's a little deal for you: Taurus TCP. Same form factor, great reliability, and an even lower price.

Price: (currently unavailable)

More news from Ruger: the new SR-22

SR22 is one of the most popular rimfire plinker pistols.

Price: $354.95 (special order)

Used Glock 35s

Our distributor who usually has a good collection of police surplus Glocks keeps on delivering. Today we got 5 Glock 35s (their competition model), and since these are used guns, we can sell them way, way below their MAP of $595. These are competition pistols, which means minimal wear.

Oh, and they come with 3 magazines, night sights, and a box.

Price: $459.00 (in stock)