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What's happening at Precise Shooter this week, 2016-06-15

First of all, sorry for the late update. My dev workstation's hard drive died, and though there was no data loss, I could not restore the backup easily - because the SSD drive I installed to replace the hard drive I had in there before was 20GB smaller, so Windows system backup barfed and I had to rebuild the system - and it took a couple of days.

As you have undoubtedly have heard, it was a bad week for the country. A deranged lunatic attacked a night club, killing and wounding a hundred innocent people. Our thoughs are with the families of the slain, we wish the injuried a speedy recovery, we hope that the name of the bastard who did it disappears from the face of the planet without a trace.

Sadly - without skipping a beat - our political machine immediately kicked into high gear with politicians on both sides trying to exploit the tragedy for political gain. The Republican side immediately started blaming Muslims, and our illiberal Democrats immediately went after the gun owners, promising to "fight" for new batch of the same old, ineffective legislation - "assault weapons" ban, universal background checks, and the like.

So what should the gun owners do? In my opinion, educate, educate, educate the people around you. Our success depends not on voting for gun-friendly politicians, but making the electorate itself gun-friendly. It is important to understand that politicians are simply following the electorate here, not leading it.

Politicans would like to use guns as polarising issue - but we the gun owners must resist the urge to do so. Tying guns to one party will immediately eliminate half of the population from our camp!

I wrote extensively about gun control in the past, so if you need facts and figures, they are available here. But the best resource that I have seen is this page which explains the problems with so called "assault weapons" ban very concisely. Please share it on social media as broadly as possible!

But also...

Please - don't!

The last thing we want is a repetition of the post-Sandy Hook craze which left the gun market crippled for years.

And looking at the stocks at the distributors, we have the problem in the making.

160000 (yes, one hundred and sixty THOUSAND) PMAGs have disappeared overnight from the distributor where I typically buy them. Cheap PMAGs are now gone from all the distributors that I use.

Many brands of ARs, especially the cheap ones, are similarly wiped out. Even the relatively expensive Colt LE6920s went from 80 to zero overnight yesterday.

Anderson receivers, which recently made a comeback of sorts, are completely wiped out again.

Most cheap 9mm and 223 is gone.

Before succumbing to panic, it is important to keep three things in mind.

First, we are in an election season with two weakest candidates in the recent - and not so recent - American history. Both Clinton and Trump are massively unpopular, and though I do expect Clinton to win, Democrats are not going to ride the wave to recapture either Senate or the House - because with Clinton, there will be no wave. And once elected, she will have no popular support.

Therefore any legislative action on guns, especially the extremely stupid one such as an "assault weapon" ban is extremely unlikely.

Second, even if AWB somehow magically got to pass, last time it did there was so much grandfathered hardware that the prices dropped down to pre-ban levels right after its passage. If you are buying magazines not for personal use but to speculate, the history shows that for the most people it's a good way to lose a lot of money, quickly.

Finally, stocking up on ammunition makes absolutely no sense. One can't ban ammunition. Ammunition is extremely easy to reload, and components are not regulated in any way. In fact, you should be reloading now - because it makes quality ammunition affordable, and will insulate you from stupid market swings.

So please please please - keep shooting, keep introducing more people to shooting sports, and buy what you need, and no more.

We at Precise Shooter have always - always - kept the prices steady (and low). If necessary, we will ration ammunition, and restrict particularly large purchases of receivers and magazines, so you will always have enough to participate in the shooting sports at our store.

We were able to do it with rimfire ammunition in the past, and we are confident that we can take our customers - safely - through another round of madness should the need arise.

So please - don't panic!

New this week

The new for 2016 versions of famous CZ handguns continue trickling in. We have just received the suppressor ready grey version of CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical. The gun has raised night sights designed to accommodate the suppressor, decocker, and threaded barrel.

Price: $699.95 (in stock))

And we still have the CZ 75 Omega Grey gun. These are guns with omega triggers (omega triggers is a variant of CZ 75 trigger which is user-serviceable), night sights, and threaded barrel ceracoted in grey.

Here is how it looks:

Price: $615.95 (in stock))

Another acquisition this week is a bunch of Glocks.

21 SURPLUS Gen2 45ACP21-SURPLUS-G21 (in stock)$449.95
22 Gen4 SURPLUS 40S&W22-SURPLUS-G41 (in stock)$449.95
30 Gen3 SURPLUS 45ACP305077645033050783 (in stock)$429.95
35 Gen3 .40S&W 5.32" Night Sight Surplus35-SURPLUS-NS7645033530171 (in stock)$459.00
21SF 45ACP FS 13rdG21SF13AUT7645039126962 (in stock)$499.95
22 Gen3 40S&W 4.5" 15rd G2215US7645039139767 (in stock)$409.00
22 Gen4 40S&W 15+1 4.49" FSG22415US7645039132351 (in stock)$539.00
23 USA 40S&WG2313US7645039132661 (in stock)$499.00
GLOCK 19 GEN5 9MM LUGER FS 15-SHOT BLACKPA19502037645030226301 (in stock)$559.00
GLOCK 34 9MM LUGER GEN-5 MOS AS 17-SHOT BLACKPA3430103MOS7645030267822 (in stock)$699.95
GLOCK 17 9MM GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 17-SHOT BLACKPG17502037645036520351 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 17 9MM GEN-4 MOS FIXED SIGHTS 17-SHOT BLACKPG1750203MOS7645039134641 (in stock)$599.00
GLOCK 20 10MM GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 15-SHOT BLACKPG20502037645038020341 (in stock)$585.00
GLOCK 23 .40SW GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 13-SHOT BLACKPG23502037645036420361 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 26 9MM LUGER GEN-4 FS 10-SHOT BLACKPG26502017645036120151 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 35 .40S&W GEN-4 MOS AS 15-SHOT BLACKPG3530103MOS7645030026251 (in stock)$699.00
41 Gen4 MOSPG4130101MOS7645030027171 (in stock)$699.00
GLOCK 21 .45ACP FS 13-SHOT BLACK <PI2150203M7645030024031 (in stock)$499.95
GLOCK 22 .40SW FIBER OPTIC FRONT SIGHT 15-SH BLACK (TALO)PI22505037645039106781 (in stock)$499.00
GLOCK 19X 9MM NIGHT SIGHTS 19-SHOT FDEPX19507037645030269112 (in stock)$609.95
GLOCK 26 9MM LUGER GEN-5 FS 10-SHOT BLACKUA26502017645030271161 (in stock)$559.00
17 Gen4 USA Talo Ameriglo N/SUG17505037645039939543 (in stock)$539.95
19 Gen4 Cerakote Flat Dark EarthUG1950204CKBGFD7986195020452 (in stock)$539.95
GLOCK 34 9MM GEN-4 MOS ADJ. 17-SHOT BLACKUG3430103MOS7645039138081 (in stock)$699.99
GLOCK 35 .40S&W GEN-4 MOS ADJ 15-SHOT BLACKUG3530103MOS7645039138391 (in stock)$699.99
GLOCK 42 .380ACP FS 6-SHOT BLACKUI42502017645039106161 (in stock)$404.80
42 USA 380ACP Olive Drab/BLKUI4250201ODB1 (in stock)$455.99
42 USA 380ACP Olive Drab/GRNUI4250201ODG1 (in stock)$455.99
GLOCK 43 9MM LUGER FS 6-SHOT BLACK <UI43502017645039133581 (in stock)$449.95

In particular, we have received a few police surplus - but new, never fired models 22 and 23 - all gen4 with night sights. A fantastic opportunity to buy a Glock in a powerful caliber for a lot less than MAP.

Also, we have Glocks 19, 26, 17MOS, 17C, and 43 - all recently very rare models.

We also have the new Colt Government Competition model - 9mm on hand, 45 should be arriving on Thursday (call to make sure it did).

These guns are new race-ready 1911s from Colt. They feature

  • Dual Spring Recoil System
  • Novak Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Upswept Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Custom Blue Colt Logo G10 Grips
  • 5" National Match® Barrel

Price: $879.95 (in stock))

Last but most interesting.

I might have mentioned this once or twice already - but we signed up a bunch of new distributors recently (this is how I got access to a treasure trove of CZ 452s - by the way, a new shipment of threaded barrel guns is on the way).

I might have mentioned in the past that I am a huuuuuuge fan of Canik 55 clones of the venerable CZ 75 lineup. I have reviews here and here, and by the way, we have some of these guns still available, though they are no longer being imported.

CANIK 55 S-120B 9MM LUGER FS 17-SHOT BLUED BLACK POLYMERS120B1 (in stock)$379.95
CANIK 55 S-120B 9MM LUGER FS 17-SHOT SATIN CHROME BLK POLYS120C1 (in stock)$379.95

Anyway, for quite some time I knew that the clone of CZ 75 SP-01 exists, and is called P-120, but I could never locate them. Since they are no longer imported I lost all the hope - and just today I found the last ten in the country collecting dust at one of the distributors.

Needless to say, I bought all ten, and I expect them to be here on Saturday. As always, however, call before coming to pick them up to make sure that they landed and got processed.