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Weekly Update 2016-12-06

A few new products this week.


Price: $639.99 MAP (special order)

We haven't had an AK in stock for a long, long time - well over a year, in fact. The reason - prices.

AKs are a very cyclical market.

Most these days are imported from Serbia and Romaina, where they are built from communist-era kits. They come in enormous quantities, usually once or twice a year, and while they are there, wholesale prices dip to as low as $450, with the corresponding Internet prices hovering just above $500 (plus shipping and transfer).

And after the shipment is sold out, the wholesale prices would go up dramatically - to just under $600, with retail prices to match.

During these periods we would typically not have any AK-47s in stock. Of course, we special-order them for people who ask, but I am loath to have a rifle in stock for which I paid $600 when the current street price on it drops to $550.

Last week, however, I was able to grab a shipment of new Century RAS47s for a lot cheaper than usual, so we can offer them for under $600 again.

These are Century part # RI2403-N, the current lowest internet price on them is $639 - before shipping and transfer - and the regular wholesale is $587.

We only have 5 in stock, and this deal is not likely to repeat - so hurry!

Ruger receivers

(Please note - the picture is stock, I have not yet seen them myself, so I am not sure what the actual markings are).

Price: (currently unavailable)

We have gotten 30 Ruger branded receivers in stock. These are new-new-new - Ruger have just started shipping these, so they are the first in Seattle area. Pair them with Ruger's MSR Elite 452 trigger ($139.95 (in stock)) for a perfect rifle.

Armscor 1911s

We have gotten one Armscor 1911 Ultra in 10mm.

Price: (currently unavailable)

Here are the maiden 25 rounds of Armscor 10mm from mine at 25 yards.

This is technically a 5" group of 25, but if you ignore the first round which I by mistake fired without cleaning the barrel from its factory grease, it becomes a 3.7" group of 24 shots. I call this not bad.

In general, Armscor makes excellent 1911s at prices that are more or less impossible to beat. We have quite a few in stock - pay particular attention to prices on GI and Tactical models.

ARMSCOR RI ROCK STANDARD FS .45ACP 5" FS 8RD PARKERIZED5143148060155143121 (in stock)$469.95
1911A1 AS 5" 45ACP5153648060155153644 (in stock)$549.95
1911A2 5" 45ACP 14rd5157848060155157841 (in stock)$499.95


Price: (currently unavailable)

40S&W, Glock mags.

This is a holiday season, and I still have this gun. Why?

Glock 17L

Price: (currently unavailable)

We are on our last 3. The next opportunity to buy them will be 3 years from now.

Moar deals

Black Friday deals are gone, but watch for the new Savage coupon covering the period after 12/3. I am going to post it in the holiday deals tomorrow.

Also coming this week - AR15 bolts and 50 Anderson lowers. We should have everything accepted into the inventory and available for sale by the end of the week. Our standard prices on AR15 bolts is $99.95, and Anderson lowers $59.95.