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Precise Shooter update, 2017-07-20

The most important part: only 10 days left for massive Remington rebates!

First, if you are looking for a superb 1911 but aren't prepared to pay Les Baer prices, you NEED to look at Remington R1 guns - ideally today.

I picked up mine about 2 years ago when Remington ran its previous rebate. It was R1 Enhanced gun, and I was really, REALLY impressed with its accuracy.

This time, two things happened. First, Remington runs its rebate again, and this time it's $100 back.

On top of this, one of my distributors had inventory firesale, and it included a bunch of Remington pistols.

As a result, we can offer them to you at below wholesale and then ON TOP of this there is this rebate, which brings these very fine pistols into Armscor price range.

So for myself I bought all 5 guns allowed by the rebate and shot one of them - the stainless non-enhanced version. The accuracy was the same as the enhanced gun in the review here, i.e. absolutely astounding.

Here is the list.

  • 1911 R1 45ACP BLK 5" (96323) $574.95 (special order) - yes, after rebate you are getting this gun for the price of an Armscor GI 1911!
  • 1911 R1 200th Anniversary Edition (96496) (currently unavailable)
  • 1911 R1 Carry (96332) (currently unavailable)
  • 1911 R1 Hunter 10mm 6" (96679) $969.95 (special order)

Also expiring Marlin rebates:

...of which we have in stock...

  • 336W with scope $464.95 (special order)
  • 1894 in 45LC $614.95 (special order)

...and also Remington long gun rebates here, also expiring.

In stock in the category:

  • 870 Express Tactical, $469.95 (special order)
  • 700 MDT Tactical Chassis Bolt Action Rifle, $1,999.95 (in stock)

The later is an amazing price for a chassis 700 even before the rebate, with the rebate it is a giveaway.

Aside from expiring stuff, we have a bunch of awesome deals from recent distributor dumps of their inventory.

Cimarron 86/71 Boarbuster

Whether you are hunting a boar and want to avoid King Robert's fate, or you simply love beautiful things made by hands and by cunning and by magic, this rifle would be a nice addition to your collection.

This gun has a typical wholesale price of over $1300, but we picked it up cheap at a distributor's firesale, and we're passing the savings to you. We only have one in stock! (Well, we had two, but I appropriated one.)

Price: (currently unavailable)

Century C308

This is an HK clone built on CETME parts and apparently a PTR receiver. It turns out Century bought all CETME parts kits, so I was wondering for quite a while when the supply would dry up. It looks like it did. The distributor has dropped the price (original wholesale was $640), the remaining stock sold off, and this may mean that this is finally the end.

You can read a review here.

As of this writing, we have 4 in stock. When we sell out, your other option will be PTR for twice the price.

Price: $599.95 (special order)

Charles Daly AK-9 pistol

Nifty, cheap, fun and cheap to shoot, comes with 2 magazines, takes Beretta mags.

Price: $434.95 (special order)

If you got this far - thank you, and happy shopping!