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I-1639 monster sale!

As you know, starting on July 1st buying the dangerous semiautomatic "assault rifles" will become more difficult - you will be required to pay an extra fee to the state ($18), sit a class (we're working on a free online course), and wait for 10 days to buy even a simple 22lr rifle such as 10/22.

Also, buying handguns, receivers, and all other firearms that are not long guns will become harder. Starting July 1st, NICS will no longer run background checks on anything that is not a rifle or a shotgun, which means that everything else will have to be done by police - and therefore subject to wait. CPL will no longer speed acquisition of pistols - they, too, will have to go through police background check - even when the owner has a CPL.

What a nightmare.

There is a tiny silver lining.

One of our distributors is going out of business - and we were able to get a lot of things REALLY cheaply. And we are continuing to receive the inventory - as it arrives, we are posting it to our hot list immediately.

Please check it out often - in addition to what we have in stock, there are some still available from this distributor via special order. Usually these deals don't last more than a day or two - ans sometimes more than an hour or two - so call us immediately when you see something you might want.