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March 29, 2018 Priorities

March 25, 2018 How Parkland Shooting Made Me Into A Gun Rights Absolutist

March 7, 2018 Seattle Gun Tax Update, 2017.

November 21, 2017 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

August 30, 2017 Surplus extravaganza, CZs and Labor day schedule in this week's update.

August 1, 2017 From a gun catalog I got today... "Assault Weapon" annotation is mine.

July 20, 2017 Last chance for Remington rebates, and great prices on Cimmaron 86/71 Boarbuster and Century C308 HK clone in this week's update!

July 3, 2014 Happy 4th of July! Precise shooter will be closed on 7/4 in recognition of Independence Day!

June 28, 2017 Rare guns, monster deals! Mossberg Shockwaves, under $40 billet receivers, PMR-30s, Five-seveN, 10mm 1911s, CZ restock, and rebates, rebates, rebates!

May 13, 2017 Monster Remington rebates (with a super deal on a 1911 200th Commemorative Edition), lots of KelTec Sub2ks, and other great deals in this week's update!

April 2, 2017 $75 rebate on Shield, $50 on bodyguards, and hundreds off on a few guns - make sure to read to the end of this week's update!

March 13, 2017 Deal of the century on US-made Glock and CCI ammo in this week's update!

February 12, 2017 Weekly update - Dillon, Berger bullets, Taurus revolvers, and Savage AR-15s! Plus Bob Ferguson sale continues!

February 10, 2017 - SHOT Show Goodies: Digital counters from Rade.

January 31, 2017 SHOT Show goodies, surplus guns, and a lot more in our weekly update!

December 8, 2016 Our Holiday Giving Guide is published!

December 7, 2016 We have the latest Savage rebates on our holiday deals page. And of course we have tons of these rifles in stock!

December 5, 2016 AK-47s are finally in stock, Ruger receivers, Armscor 1911s, and more in this week's update!

November 30, 2016 Last two days for Savage's Black Friday rebate, Glock 17L is again on the menu, KelTec stuff and lots and lots of Magpul in this week's update!

November 27, 2016 Last day to take advantage of Remington's rebate on UMC ammunition and 5R rifles!

This brings the cost of 50rd box of 9mm down to $7.95 after rebate. We are also removing all the limits on UMC ammunition purchases!

November 25, 2016 Happy Thanksgiving! Not a lot of great Black Friday deals online - but this week's update got you covered!

November 11, 2016 Happy Veteran's Day! Holiday deals are starting in this week's update.

November 9, 2016 Did Seattle gun "tax" reduce the number of guns in Seattle?

November 2, 2016 Cool guns, and not so cool election choices in this week's update.

October 24, 2016 Finally took my DPMS G2 Recon to the range second time - take a look at the update towards the end of the page!

October 6, 2016 Sub2ks and more in today's update!

October 5, 2016 Remington R51 - a range review.

September 26, 2016 Polish P64 pistol - a range review.

September 25, 2016 WARNING! M1916 Spanish Mausers from SAMCO Auction.

September 18, 2016 Taking Taurus 82 to 25 yards, and a range report on Smith & Wesson 67.

September 6, 2016 Range reports for Alexandria Pro-FAB and DPMS G2 Recon AR-10 variants.

September 1, 2016 Surplus Taurus 82 range report.

August 31, 2016 Ammunition deals, surplus revolvers, Shields 45, Ruger LCPs, and lots of other insane deals in this week's update!

August 10, 2016 Is there Olymic-style shooting in your future? We have TOZ 35M free style pistols!

July 25, 2016 Weekly updates: primaries, new hours, new CZs in this week's update!

July 14, 2016 Announcing "I am the Gun Lobby" project.

Also, an analysis of Joe McDermott's candidacy.

June 24, 2016 Jim's last day is today, come by and say hi!

June 15, 2016 The most important message in today's update is...

June 5, 2016 Ruger Precision Rifles, KelTec Sub2k, new CZs, and tons more in this week's update!

May 27, 2016 This week's update: CZ 452s are here; powder!!!

May 23, 2016 This week's update: CZ 452s and other rare things are back!

May 19, 2016 Small but powerful: Sig P250 Subcompact review.

May 17, 2016 Small but powerful: S&W Shield 40 review.

May 12, 2016 This week's update is out!

May 12, 2016 We have released free target analysis software. I wrote it because I got tired of poring over my own target with a ruler. You may find it useful as well.

May 7, 2016 Lots of cool stuff this Saturday! CZ Scorpion SBR kits, surplus guns, ammunition, powder, primers, and more!

May 3, 2016 Magazines, optics, and a bunch of new rifles in this week's update

April 27, 2016 Gun tax results are here.

April 23, 2016 We've got stuff! Weekly Update.

April 17 It would be nice if Washington State evolved to be more like Maine and less like California...

April 16, 2016 Tax week update!

April 2, 2016 Weekly update - Glock 17 and 19 MOS are available, chronographs, borescopes, anniversary guns, and lots of other cool things!

March 26, 2016 WA State Dem Caucuses are today - and you need to be there at 9:30am! You need to register here to participate!

By the way, take a look at our analysis of Hillary Clinton's position on guns.

February 19, 2016 Goodbye, Seattle - our store opens in Lynnwood tomorrow!

February 16, 2016 Back to "old old" hours this week, and our new location in Lynnwood is opening this Saturday in this week's update!

February 8, 2016 Temporary address change for our FFL transfers: if you have an Internet seller shipping us a gun, please make sure that they DO NOT ship to our Aurora location. Instead, have them use the updated license here.

February 7, 2016 Lots of news this week. Tons of new, cool inventory - but we have very limited hours and even more limited service in Seattle as we are starting our move, so please read this before visiting us this week. But: we are starting to accept special orders again, for delivery in Lynnwood!

January 12, 2016 was a site that presented the clearest, cleanest explanation of "Assault Weapons" Ban which is re-entering legislative agenda both at the state and the federal level in 2016.

Unfortunately, the site has been experiencing technical difficulties: its ICANN verification expired, so we have ported it locally, here:

Please share this with your social connections, friends and family. Voters need to be educated on the matters that politicians are trying to regulate. In the end, we live in a democratic country - so the future of the firearms is in the hands of the population - yours.

January 11, 2016 New hours @ Precise Shooter! We will be open earlier - 9:30am - and close earlier - 5:30pm.

Do you like these hours? Do you hate them? We would love your feedback!

January 9, 2016 We have our Lynnwood location figured out!

January 2, 2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR! The "tax" on guns and ammo in Seattle is in effect; we no longer sell guns and ammunition in Seattle. We still do FFL transfers, and we sill sell the guns on the Internet. More details here.

December 29, 2015 Last week to buy guns and ammo in Seattle!

As you know, Seattle City Council has made selling ammunition and firearms economically infeasible starting on January 1st, 2016.

Because of this, our Aurora location will refocus on selling reloading equipment and components, as well as accessories, parts, and supplies, and doing FFL transfers, until our new store opens just north of Seattle.

We are in the process of licensing the new location, and expect it to be in operation some time early-to-mid February.

Meanwhile, however, we are fully stocked on guns and ammunition at great prices! Please see our inventory here!

This week's schedule:

  • December 29 and 30, Tuesday and Wednesday: 11am-7pm
  • December 31, Thursday (New Year Eve): 9am-4pm
  • January 1, Friday (New Year Day): closed
  • January 2, Saturday (The day after New Year): Closed

Our hours will chance next year, as we refocus the store - please keep checking this page for announcements!

Happy New Year, and thank you, our customers, for an amazing 2015! We hope to continue serving you from up north in 2016.

December 22, 2015 The last update in 2015

December 22, 2015 FAQ - Seattle Gun "Tax".

December 16, 2015 Ruger LCPs!

As you may know, Ruger have just dramatically reduced the price on its LCP pistols. The first installment we got - 10 Custom guns - was sold out almost immediately (we had them for 3 days).

After that, they were sold out everywhere.

So - great news! We are getting 20 (!) of regular LCPs on Thursday (please note that while the shipment will arrive on that day, we don't know when exactly during the day, and we will need some time to process them).

So if you are looking for a awesome Christmas present to yourself or your significant other - take note.

Our price will be $219.95, and they come with a lifetime guarantee from the distributor.

December 14, 2015 Special rules in effect - please read!

December 11, 2015 Midweek update - Glock 40, Armscor 22TCM rifle, and more!

December 8, 2015 Weekly update!

Insane KSG and Mossberg Duck Commander deals continue; Remington 1911R1s, surplus Glock 35, new Ruger SR-22 Longslide, and more!

Also: Remington 1911 R1 Enhanced range review!

December 7, 2015 I-594 is one year old. But did it help anything?

November 30, 2015 Massive price drop on Ruger LCP pistols!

It looks like Ruger has lowered the prices on their LCP pistols dramatically. We have bought a bunch of LCP Custom pistols, which we plan to offer at $219.95 + tax once they hit our shelves on Wednesday.

November 30, 2015 Legal bit: Can I buy a gun for someone else?

You can buy a gun as a gift for someone in your immediate family - child, grandchild, parent, grandparent, a spouse - provided that you do not receive a compensation from the recipient, and they are legally allowed to own a gun.

You can pay for a gun for someone else - but the gun needs to be transferred to that person directly.

You cannot buy a gun to resell it - even if the sale happens through a dealer. In Abramski v/ United States ( the Supreme Court ruled that a person cannot truthfully answer the question 11a on Form 4473 ("Are you the actual transferee/buyer of the firearm(s) listed on this form?") if they are buying the gun to sell it to someone else.

Specifically, Supreme Court has ruled, in that you cannot buy the gun with the purpose of reselling it to someone else.

November 27, 2015 Reminder - Saturday is the last day to take advantage of Remington's Black Friday deals.

We have 3 Remington 1911 Enhanced pistols (2 will be sold, I am keeping the last one): two blued for $749.95, one stainless for $799.95.

After the $150 rebate, this works out to be $599.95 and $649.95. Note that these are ENHANCED, not regular, pistols, despite the price.

Also, $10 rebate on all Remington Golden Saber ammunition - a gold standard in self-defense. After rebate it works out to $15.95 a box. We it in 380, 9, 38, 40, and 45.

We also have a few KSGs left for $699.95.

November 24, 2015 We are getting 3 Ruger 17HMR revolvers - they will be here tomorrow. The price is $479.95.

See reviews here and here.

November 24, 2015 Deals, deals, deals in this week's update. KelTec KSG for $699.95, Bushmaster Patrolman's Carbine for $549.95 after rebate, Remington 1911s, Bulgarian Makarovs and crazy deals on ammunition!

November 19. 2015 Black Friday deals posted!

November 18, 2015 A call to action - please help strengthen WA State preemption law!

RCW 9.41.290

The state of Washington hereby fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state, including the registration, licensing, possession, purchase, sale, acquisition, transfer, discharge, and transportation of firearms, or any other element relating to firearms or parts thereof, including ammunition and reloader components. Cities, towns, and counties or other municipalities may enact only those laws and ordinances relating to firearms that are specifically authorized by state law, as in RCW 9.41.300, and are consistent with this chapter.

November 17, 2015 Black Friday news and this week's update here!

November 14, 2015 Vive la France!

November 13, 2015 Gun Control Activist of the year.

November 5, 2015 Precise Shooter Update!

November 1, 2015 Ballots are due to be postmarked by November 3rd, but there is no reason not to drop it in the mail TODAY! And get your friends and family to vote, too. Together, Seattle gun owners will show Council the Third of November they will not soon forget!

If you misplaced your ballot, you can download the replacement here, and you will also need the replacement envelope.

October 29, 2015 Seattle Public Library has a "community conversation" today about "Gun Violence and Its Impact". The Facebook page for the event is here.

Sadly, the Library did not deem necessary to invite panelists who know anything about guns. To compensate, I came up with the following quick summary of standard questions which will doubtlessly be promoted there, and a few common answers.

October 29, 2015 Turns out, homicide rates are much better correlated with inequality than with gun ownership.

October 28, 2015 Gun "tax" lawsuit update.

October 22, 2015 Dear Democrats, please, please, please, pretty please, with sugar on top, GET SANE ADVISORS ON GUN POLICY! You are pissing away the very voters who your policies benefit the most. For no good reason!

Washington Post Fact Checker: Clinton’s claim that 40 percent of guns are sold at gun shows and over the Internet.

October 20, 2015 A review of Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Measure added

October 9, 2015 Notes on the Great Australian Gun Ban.

October 7, 2015 New guns and ammunition Weekly Update

October 4, 2015 Gun Control Redux

September 30, 2015 Even more cool stuff in this week's update part III!

September 29, 2015 More cool stuff in this week's update part II!

September 29, 2015 Via Reddit - now we know why violent crime rates across the nation has been falling.

September 28, 2015 Lots of new cool stuff in this week's update!

September 28, 2015 King County voter registration deadline is approaching! Register here before 10/5!

August 24, 2015 Precise Shooter is excited to announce that we joined Second Amendment Foundation as a corporate sponsor at the Silver tier.

Second Amendment Foundation is helping us fight the misguided gun tax proposal advanced by Seattle Council member Tim Burgess and signed into law by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. Without the support from SAF, NSSF, and NRA, this law could go into action in January and effectively shut down all firearms trade in Seattle.

Because of their support, the matter is now headed to court, where we expect to prevail easily.

We hope our customers will also find it in their hearts to support Second Amendment Foundation most generously. We also hope that gun owners turn out during November election and show the incumbents - all of them are up for... replacement - that we want City Council to run the city, not engage in pointless and expensive political activism. There are more CPL holders in the city than the people who voted for Tim Burgess in the primaries. Remember - "eighty percent of success is showing up"!

August 10, 2015 We're just getting started!

Deal alert! We have lowered prices on Anderson Lower Receivers to $49.95!

August 5, 2015 Open Letter to Seattle City Council...

..and also, this week's update.

July 31, 2015 This week's update is here! Les Baers, CZ SP-01 Shadow Target II, Smith & Wesson 41, Eagle Eye ammunition, and much more!

July 30, 2015 Seattle v. Math

July 14, 2015 Last opportunity to call Seattle Education and Governance committee about your opposition to the proposed gun tax.

  • Tim Burgess - 206-684-8806
  • Sally Bagshaw - 206-684-8801
  • John Okamoto - 206-684-8802
  • Jean Godden - 206-684-8807

July 13, 2015 Cook County is NOT Seattle!

July 11, 2015 Lots of cool stuff in today's update! Glock 43, Ruger Rainbow, and extremely good deal on Para 1911 Expert Commanders.

July 9, 2015 Everything you need to know about Seattle gun tax proposal is here!

July 7, 2015

Call to action!

Seattle City Council is considering imposing and tax of $25 on each sale of a firearm, and $0.05 on sale of a round of ammunition. If this comes to pass, Precise Shooter will be forced to close its doors, as we will not be able to compete with gun stores outside city limits.

There are only two stores in Seattle selling majority of the firearms - us and Discount Guns on Lake City Way. There are at least 8 stores just outside the city limits who will be unaffected by the legislation, and where all of the firearms business will move, should this legislation come to pass.

This would mean that this legislation would make no difference on the gun ownership or crime rates - but it will actually reduce Seattle revenue by tens of thousands of dollars by moving all firearms business to outside the city limits.

Please help us! Call Seattle Council Members Tim Burgess (206-684-8806), Sally Bagshaw (206-684-8801), John Okamoto (206-684-8802), and Jean Godden (206-684-8807) and ask them to abandon this misconceived piece of legislation.

July 4, 2015 Precise Shooter is closed for the holiday. Happy Independence Day!

June 30, 2015 Last day of Savage rebate. $25 off on rimfire rifles, $50 on Savage AXIS Heavy Barrel, $100 on model 12s and LE model 10s.

Rebate coupon is here.

June 26, 2015 Savage rebate expires in 2 business days. We have in stock...

  • Savage AXIS Heavy Barrel in 308 $334.95 (in stock), $50 off with the rebate
  • Savage 10 FCP-SR in 308, (currently unavailable), regular and left-handed, $100 off with the rebate
  • Savage 10FCP-K in 223, (currently unavailable), $100 off with the rebate
  • Savage 10FP McMIllan in 308, (currently unavailable), $100 off with the rebate

...and many, many more. See here for the list of in-stock Savages.

June 23, 2015 Last days to take advantage of Savage $100 rebate as well as $300 off Sig Sauer P229 Extreme edition pistol.

June 20, 2015 A range report on surplus Glock 23.

June 19, 2015 Saturday deal @ Precise Shooter: LEO surplus Glock 21 Gen 3, night sights, 45ACP, 1 mag, only $369.95. We have 5 at this price! Saturday June 20, 2015 - one day only!

Also, group buy on surplus Gen 3 Glock 22s - $319.95 with fixed sights, $329.95 with night sights. See our ad on and Need to be a member on one of these boards to participate.

June 18, 2015 New review: Power case trimmers - Giraud vs Frankford Arsenal

June 17, 2015 Lots of new coolness in this week's update! Yes. This is Savage 10fcp-sr, and the $100 rebate on it expires in 2 weeks!

June 13, 2015 Price reductions at Precise Shooter! KelTec rifles, CZ 455, Rugers, and more!

June 13, 2015 Weekend super-sale! Today only! Taurus carbines - $399.95, Savage Stevens 350 Security Shotgun - $174.95.

June 10, 2015 3 super rare "Guns of the Day" - and other news for the week in today's update.

June 4, 2015 Gun of the day: CZ Scorpion EVO. Also, focus on value in this week's update!

June 2, 2015 Savage 17 rifles reviews!

May 29, 2015 In this week's update - new Les Baer, new KSG, and $100 off Anschutz 1903!

May 23, 2015 Super Memorial Day Deals on Remington 700P, quality AK mags, and a few Savage hunting rifles!

May 21, 2015 Weekly update is here!

May 20, 2015 Just over one month until Savage rebate expires. You can still get $50 off Savage AXIS Heavy Barrel in 308!

May 7, 2015 This week's update - Savage AXIS HB range report, rummage same, and tons of new guns (fantastic deals on high-capacity Rock Island pistols!), ammunition, magazines, accessories, etc!

May 1, 2015 Happy May Day! Check out our May Day update for tons of cool stuff!

April 28, 2015 CHEAP Buffalo Bore, lots of other budget ammunition in this week's update.

April 22, 2015 Glock 43, Smith & Wesson 41, KelTec KSG, H&K VP9 and tons of powder and brass!

April 19, 2015 Register for talks on popular firearms topic @ Precise Shooter LLC!

April 17, 2015 End of the week update - all new guns are here, accepted, and priced.

April 16, 2015 CZ Scorpion, KelTec PMR-30, Anschutz rifles, SKS, surplus 9mm Glocks and lots of cheap ammo in this week's update!

April 9, 2015 Cheap ammo is here. $415 AR-15 parts list (everything you need minus butt stock) in our mid-week update.

April 6, 2015 Cheap ammo! AR-15 parts store! All this and more in this week's update!

What is in this box? Hint: not Carmen Sandiego!

April 2, 2015 Midweek update! - Bargain basement items! Varget! Les Baer! Remingtom 700p and 5R!

April 1, 2015 Green Lake 1000yd Shooting Range proposal

March 30, 2015 Precise Shooter this week

March 30, 2015 Virtual Tour of Precise Shooter is available! See how we changed in 3 months!

March 18, 2015 More powder! CORE 15, PMR-30, and other cool stuff!

March 12, 2015 Powder! CZ! UZI!

March 6, 2015 Savage AXIS Heavy Barrel in 308 are here, and so are several Glock 19 Gen 4!

March 5, 2015 We have powder, CZ 455 barrel kits, Ruger BX-Triggers, and more!

March 1, 2015 Weekly Update.

March 1, 2015 A defective outlet caused power meltdown that caused service interruption that lasted about 2 hours. All the systems are back online, and plans are being made for better fault tolerance in the future.

February 17, 2015 Welcome to our new, much improved site!

The prices and availability information on the site is now tied to the man online inventory database, which is near real time.

February 3, 2015 A bunch of rare items in the store:

Also, a few particularly good deals

Also, check the store's page for the Gun of the Day section.

February 2, 2015 Check out our online inventory system! Hundreds of guns in stock, thousands available for special order!

January 15, 2015 Our Aurora store in pictures! Come to the store for a huge collection of rare guns - KelTecs, Five-seveNs, VP9s, CZ 452s, CZ Skorpion, M1895 Nagants, and more!

December 29, 2014 End of the year deal on PARA Expert 14.45 - only $530, AND there is a rebate $100 on top of this price!

In other news: we now have a physical store in Seattle, and we now accept credit cards (with no surcharge, BUT orders placed before 12/29 are still cash-only, please!).


October 24, 2014 CZ 452 UltraLux rifles are back in stock!

October 12, 2014 ARMSCOR rebate expires on 10/15 - last chance to bag a nice 1911 for cheap!

Also, lots of new rimfire pistols now in stock. Most of them were impossible to buy for years. If you want to learn how to shoot accurately, you need a Buck Mark or a Ruger MKIII!

October 4, 2014 Massive additions to the products in stock. Too many to list here, go to our Store. Here are some of the best deals, however:

September 16, 2014 Ruger rimfire pistols in stock!

August 21, 2014 New arrivals!

August 14, 2014 Two AK-47 rifles in stock, and AES10B - very cheap!

August 9, 2014 New arrivals from Ruger!

August 6, 2014 Palmetto state armory has just changed its shipping policies. Sadly, we will no longer be able to process transfers from them. Please see here for detailed explanation.

And - Model 97, 357 Magnum, 5.5", Adjustable Sights, NEW - in stock!

August 2, 2014 Savage has great rebates on its rifles!

We have a bunch of Savage rifles in stock, and can custom-order more for a quick delivery!

Savage Rifles

August 1, 2014 New arrivals:

Also, we have a number of new Freedom Arms revolvers in stock

July 27, 2014 A couple of new articles on our blog

AKs are hard to come by these days - all are gone at our distributors, and when they one received 200 N-PAPs last week, they were all gone overnight. We have two AK-47 rifles available.

Also, a couple new Kel-Tec products in stock, SU22 and PLR-22, as well a new Freedom Arms 83 revolver!

July 20, 2014 Price adjustment on CZ pistols

As you may know, CZ has dramatically increased prices on its pistols in 2014. Coupled with scarcity, this created a lot of pricing volatility, so at that time we simply set prices for all our CZ pistols to MSRP.

Time went by, the availability improved, and the market settled a bit - so we can now adjust our prices.

Here is the list of CZ pistols that we have in stock, with the new prices set to be competitive with the best deals available on the Internet.

We also have a few hard to find CZ long guns

July 12, 2014 Deals of the month! Fantastic guns priced for quick sale!

Also, just received Smith & Wesson 629 $800!

July 1, 2014 Savage 93 FV-SR (yes, FV-SR in 22WMR)! Yes, apparently they are a thing - and we just got six of them!

Also, the new, new Glock 42!

June 29, 2014 Great deal on Colt rifles continues

June 28, 2014CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical in stock, $680

June 20, 2014 A few new items in stock:

We now have ammunition for our Ruger 10/22 rifles. $15/325rd Federal AutoMatch - available with rifle purchase only!

Also, Colt LE6920 now in addition to absolutely amazing price ($950) also qualify for the following promotion:

June 12, 2014 Your first AR-15.

June 7, 2014 A farewell to arms.

Yesterday I have reached a sad milestone: the last CZ 452 Military Trainer has been sold.

This rifle has been the standard feature in my store for years. It was modestly priced, yet held its own in accuracy comparisons with much more expensive rifles.

I did everything possible to keep them in stock. And now they are gone, and apparently, forever.

Here are a few reviews of the 452 line I wrote over the years:

June 3, 2014 More new cool stuff:

May 23, 2014 A few new arrivals:

May 18, 2014 For your inner agent - Beretta 71 with fake suppressor, $360

May 9, 2014 New arrivals:

April 30, 2014 Crazy cool deal on Mag Tactical Ultralight Lower receivers - only $75!

April 28, 2014 Tons of new stuff in stock!

April 10, 2014 CZ 452 Lux Left-handed rifles in stock!

Also, we have a couple of Bersa T22s.

Quote of the day: "Weapons of War Have No Place on Our Streets." Unless, of course, they are wielded by the police.

March 9, 2014 Additions to the CZ store! CZ 75 B Omega, 9mm, $544 and CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical, $680. Also, big sale on CZ 75 BD, 9mm Luger!

March 1, 2014 Savage MKII FV-SR is back in stock, $260.

February 17, 2014 Canik StingRay-C model 2014 are finally here! They are a terrific deal at only $320!

February 16, 2014 Savage AXIS II XP in 308 in stock! Also, an unbelievable deal on Ruger SR-22 pistols.

February 7, 2014 CZ 85B, Browning Buck Marks, and T53 Carbines in stock.

Also, lower prices on CZ 75B Stainless High Polish pistols.

January 25, 2014 Featuring CZ 75 SP-01 AccuShadow from CZ Custom, $1715

Our CZ store reopens. CZ have just raised prices on its pistols, but they are still worth every penny.

And by the way, not that CZ guns are more expensive, it is worth noting that Canik 55 clones are even better value!

Finally, Savage B.MAG is here!

Also in stock: Ruger MKIII Target, $360 (this is $100 off MSRP!).

January 14, 2014 Group buy on Zastava M92PV reopened - $430 + tax.

Also, world's most powerful revolver: Smith & Wesson 500 revolver in .500 S&W Magnum.

November 30, 2013 Posted review of Savage MKII FV-SR, with and without suppressor.

November 29, 2013 Several reviews of popular electronic reloading scales posted in the Library.

November 23, 2013 New blog post: Statistics for shooters

November 17, 2013 Last Savage 10TR ever.

November 9, 2013 I have returned the most recent installment of S&W-made Walther PPKs. Here is why.

November 9, 2013 A bunch of CZ 75 pistols. CZ 75 B in two calibers, CZ 75 B-D, and CZ 75 SP-01

November 5, 2013 First time in years: TOZ 35M free pistols, $750

November 5, 2013Just arrived: Ruger 22/45 Lite, $400, and

October 30, 2013 Walthers! PPK/S 22, $380 and PPK, $600

October 26, 2013 Ruger SR22PBT (with threaded barrel) and Davidson's lifetime replacement guarantee in stock for $335.

October 1, 2013 We have received an allocation of 10TRs, the super-rare law enforcement rifles which combine all Savage best features for an exceptionally low price.

September 29, 2013 Police surplus Colt AR-15 A3 and a new Savage 10fcp-sr

September 24, 2013 Just got an allocation for Savage MKII FV-SR. They are HERE!

September 24, 2013 New arrivals: Sig P226 MK25 (the Navy SEAL gun), Bersa Thunder 22 and Bersa Thunder 380.

September 2, 2013 Posted reviews of Beretta PX4 Storm, and Bersa Thunder 380.

September 1, 2013 Posted review of Walther PPK/S in 22LR.

August 24, 2013 Just in! Freedom Arms Revolvers in stock, Model 97 in 357 and 45 ($1900), Model 83 in 454 Casull ($1550), and Model 83 Silhouette in 22lr ($2200)

August 23, 2013 Just in! CZ-82 pistols, $270

August 18, 2013 How to buy your first handgun.

August 3, 2013 CZ 452 UltraLux are in stock again. We have only 2 rifles, so please hurry!

August 3, 2013 We now have 2 Savage MKII FV-XP rifles. These are the best price/performance of any rimfire series. Please see here for details.

July 30, 2013 How to buy a Tavor at a gas station:

July 30, 2013 We have several cases of Lapua SK rimfire ammunition, $600/case of 5000

July 30, 2013 We have 4 cases of Lapua 9mm bullets, $210/case of 1000

July 30, 2013 Ruger SR22PBT (with threaded barrel) in stock for $330.

June 29, 2013 Lots of new rimfire rifles reviews!

June 19, 2013 CZ-75 P-01 in stock!

June 8, 2013 Savage galore! We have received the shipment of Savage rifles just in time for summer shooting and hunting season!

May 28, 2013 Posted range reviews for Savage MKII FV-T and CZ452 UltraLux.

May 10, 2013 Savage 12 F/TR are back in stock.

May 4, 2013 Posted reviews of powder dispensers and techniques.

May 4, 2013 We have several cases of Lapua SK rimfire ammunition, $600/case of 5000

May 4, 2013 We have 2 cases of Lapua 9mm bullets, $210/case of 1000 -- SOLD

May 4, 2013 Savage rifles in stock: Savage 10fcpk in 308 and Savage AXIS and AXIS XP in 308

May 1, 2013 Happy May Day! CZ 452 UltraLux and Military trainers are in stock again!

April 25, 2013 Witches, Communists, and Terrorists

April 25, 2013 Type 53 rifles for only $90 apiece.

April 2, 2013 A good explanation of how TrackingPoint rifles work.

April 1, 2013 Cheaper than dirt, you say? Sadly, this does not appear to be an April Fools joke...

But... wait for it... there's also $13.75 in shipping and handling.

March 29. 2013 Review of Canik StingRay C posted.

March 27, 2013 Clone wars: CZ-75 Compact copies by Canik

March 20, 2013 Just in: Sig Sauer P226 Elite Dark

March 11, 2013 SHOT Show special is finally here: CZ-75 P-01 clones by Canik

March 11, 2013 Ever wondered where did all the ammunition go? Welllll.....

March 1, 2013 Posted a review of Canik S-120 clones of CZ 75 B.

February 28, 2013 Posted a review of EAA Witness Match by Tanfoglio.

February 26, 2013 Posted a review of CZ 75 Tactical Sports.

February 5, 2013 New shipment of CZ 75 B-D pistols!

February 1, 2013 Just in: Sig P226 Extreme and Beretta 92fs

January 26, 2013 An inexpensive pistol added - Tanfoglio Force SAPI. 9mm, 2 15rd mags, only $330

January 25, 2013 SHOT Show stuff has started to arrive! We have S-120 (CZ-75 copy by Canik) and CZ-999 (Sig P226 clone by Crvena Zastava). Also, Ruger 22/45 Lite.

January 21, 2013 AKs in stock! Arsenal SAM-7, Arsenal SLR-106, and VEPR

January 20, 2013 Doing AMA on Reddit:

January 14, 2013
"I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones."
- Albert Einstein

January 8, 2013

January 7, 2013 Budget pistols alert: HiPoint JCP, $165

January 1, 2013 Happy New Year, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

December 31, 2012 We have Sig P226 Extreme Edition

December 20, 2012

November 9, 2012 Walter P-1s and Romanian Tokarevs are now in stock.

October 29, 2012 Savage MKII FV-SR back in stock!

October 24, 2012 Ruger Mark III Target in stock!

October 1, 2012 CZ 75 P-01 is in stock.

September 28, 2012 Yugo AK pistols are in stock.

September 25, 2012 CZ 75 SP-01 and Ruger SR22 are in stock.

September 24, 2012 This pistol shoots wooden bullets.

August 11, 2012 Browning Buck Mark Camper in stock

August 1, 2012 CZ-453 Varmint in 22LR in stock

July 19, 2012 Clean your gun in one easy step... then repeat as necessary!

July 2, 2012 How to change a barrel on a Savage:

June 13, 2012 AK vs VZ58:

May 23, 2012 Left to right: 223 Remington, 308 Winchester, 50 BMG, 20mm Vulcan

May 16, 2012 How not to shoot a revolver.

May 10, 2012 We have CZ-452s in 22lr!

May 10, 2012 Hunting Ladies and Hogs

Clearly, you need a more expensive instrument to bag a lady... but hogs are more popular!

April 26, 2012 Tacticool

April 4, 2012 Financial Crisis

March 7, 2012 I hope this is satire...

March 4, 2012: I have a Glock 22 that needs to go. I am letting it go at the wholesale price, but it needs to go with the ammo I bought for it. Click here for details.

At $230k this may be the world's most expensive shotgun:

March 2, 2012: Posted a mini-guide to reloading equipment for beginners. A few CZ 452 UltraLux rifles and one Type 53 carbine in stock.

February 22, 2012: Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollow Points

Want to try something besides magic? Click here!

February 29, 2012: We have a very limited number of CZ-452 rifles.

February 17, 2012: Added several new products.

January 29, 2012: EAA Zastava PAP review.

January 18, 2012: Live from the Shot Show 2012!

January 3, 2012: Launch date! PreciseShooter website is finally up and running. Please visit our Library for wealth of reference materials, and Store for some fantastic deals on firearms and ammunition in Seattle area.