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Super deals at Precise Shooter!

We know prices!

Precise Shooter has accounts with 10 biggest distributors. Distributors often run sales events, so we wrote software that goes out and scours their catalogues for great prices automatically.

The result is this page. Here you will find great prices - both in our store, when we took advantage of distributors' offers and bought things cheap - as well as deals available for special ordering.

Before special ordering, however, please read this - because non-refundable deposits are part of the process.



Adams ArmsAA-15 5.56NATO 16" P1 ModelFGAA-0042481215102447313$624.95
Adams ArmsADAMS ARMS RIFLE P1 MOE 5.56MMFGAA0042681215102449761$679.95
ADCOASELKON IT1 PG SEMI 12GA 18.5" BLKIT1-G733315200154104$214.95
APFAPF ALPHA CARBINE 5.56 NATO 30RDRI061M7528303161191$554.95
BergaraBERGARA MNTIN RFL 2.0 6.5PRC 24" GRYBPR28-65PRC0431250653495$1,454.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN CA9MM AR15 9MM80109004006965280876945$1,074.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN CA9MM AR15 9MM801090040269652808801125$1,074.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN MPR .223 REM80103016016965280865438$1,674.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN MPR .223 REM801030150069652808651213$1,659.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN MPR 6.5CM 22" BLK801-03002-008106510291656$1,659.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN MPR 6.5CM 22" BLK/BRN801-03009-0069652808641320$1,659.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN MPR 6.5PRC 24" BLK801-03006-008106510292954$1,669.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE .28 NSLRCA102998153138106510284581$1,444.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN RL 28NOS 26" STS/BLKCA10299-8153118106510280903$1,444.95
Christensen ArmsCHRISTENSEN RL 6.5CM 24" STS/BLKCA10299-H142118106510280218$1,444.95
CZ75BD 9mm 4.6"011308067030113012 (in stock)$629.95
GirsanGIRSAN MC312 SPORT 12/24 3" PG BLK39017174156690440044$319.95
GirsanMC312 Sport 12GA 24" Semi-Auto 3 Gun w/ Red Dot390170741566904103128$319.95
Henry Repeating ArmsH001GG Garden Gun .22LR 18.25" SMOOTH BOREH001GG6198350112132 (in stock)$359.95
HeritageBarkeep .22LR 3" 6RD Vintage Wood GripBK22CH3WBRN107279627046841 (in stock)$139.95
Savage110 Ultralite 6.5CR 22"5757801135657578421$1,019.95
Savage12LRP 6.5Cr191370113561913731 (in stock)$1,099.95
Savage64F Takedown40207062654402074291$169.95
SavageMKII FV287000626542870082 (in stock)$219.95
SavageSAV 110 LONG RANGE HUNTE 300PRC 265749501135657495419$794.95
SavageSAV RENEGAUGE FIELD 12GA 28" BL576020113565760266$939.95
SavageSAV RENEGAUGE TURKEY 12GA 24" MOB5760601135657606416$1,009.95
SavageSAV STANCE MC9 9MM 3.2" 8RD BLK67001011356670014197$284.95
SavageSAV STANCE MC9 9MM 3.2" 8RD GRAY670090113566700902$284.95
SavageSAV STANCE MC9 9MM 3.2" 8RD NS FDE6700701135667007684$339.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 TURKEY TH 20GA 22" 3"2325101135623251990$204.95
SteyrC9-A2 MF 9mm 17RD BLK 3.8"78.323.2H0688218791851186$454.95
Sun City Machinery Co., Ltd.Stevens 320 12GA Combo 28" & 18.5" Synthetic194900113561949092 (in stock)$199.95
TristarTRISTAR COBRA III FORCE 12/18.523162713780231624136$204.95
TristarTRISTAR COBRA III TACTICAL 12/18.52316071378023160088$184.95
WeatherbyWBY MKV ACCUMARK LTD 24 6.5CREEDMAM05N65CMR6B7471154462541$1,649.95
WeatherbyWBY MKV HUNTER 6.5WBY RPM 24" GRAYMHU01N65RWR4T74711544919412$1,084.95