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Precise Shooter will be closed on 4th of July in observance of Independence Day! Happy Holidays!

Call to action! Stop two Seattle billionaires from branding your 10/22 as an "assault rifle"! Tweet, share, post on social media - make sure everyone knows what I-1639 really is.,,

Hundreds of guns in stock, over 5000 available for special order! Check our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell!

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Heritage Rough Rider, Single Action Revolver, 22LR/22WMR, 6.5" Barrel, Alloy Frame, Blue Finish, Cocobolo Grips, 6Rd, Includes Wood Box and Holster RR22MB6BXHOLRR22MB6BXHOL7279625003306 (special order)$179.95
HERITAGE .22LR/WMR COMBO 6.5" BLUED COCOBOLO GRPS W/CEDAR BXRR22MB6BX72796250034716 (special order)$199.95
HERITAGE .22LR/WMR COMBO 6.5" BLUED COCOBOLO GRIPS W/HOLSTERRR22MB6HOL72796250032318 (special order)$199.95
HERITAGE .22/22WMR COMBO 4.75" BLUED/C.COLORED LAMINATE GRIPSRR22MCH47279625039047 (special order)$154.95
HERITAGE 22LR/22WMR COMBO 6.5" BLUED WHITE PEARL GRIPSRR22MB6PRL72796250036124 (special order)$164.95
HERITAGE 22LR/WMR COMBO 4.75" BLUED COCOBOLO BIRDSHEAD GRIPSRR22MB4BH72796250023127 (special order)$154.95
HERITAGE ROUGH RIDER 22LR CASED HARDENEDRR22CH472796251027815 (special order)$129.95
HERITAGE .22LR/WMR COMBO 4.75" BLUED COCOBOLO GRIPS 9-SHOTRR22999MB472796250052123 (special order)$239.95
HERITAGE .22LR 6.5" BLUED/C.COLORED LAMINATE GRIPRR22CH672796250382917 (special order)$129.95
HERITAGE .22LR/WMR COMBO 4.75" BLUED COCOBOLO GRIPSRR22MB472796250021797 (special order)$154.95
HERITAGE 22LR/22WMR COMBO 3.5" BLUED W/WHITE BIRDSHEAD GRIPSRR22MB3BHPRL72796250013215 (special order)$219.95

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