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GLOCK GEN-5 G23-40S&W 4" FIXED SIGHTSPR235557645030481593 (special order)$454.95
22 Gen3 .40SW 4.5" Factory RebuiltPR225097645032250933 (in stock)$449.95
GLOCK GEN-5 G27-40S&W 3.5"FIXED SIGHTSPR275557645030484631 (special order)$499.00
GLK 37 45GAP PST 10RD FS RBLPR375097645033750953 (special order)$454.95
GLOCK 36 45ACP 6RD FGR REBUILTPR36509FGR7645030165304 (special order)$546.00
43 OD 9mmPI435720176450302049099 (special order)$459.95
GLOCK 43 9MM 3.41 FS PINK SATIN ALUM 6RDPI4350201PPSA151550024548310 (special order)$484.95
GLOCK 17 9MM NS 4.49 10RDPN175070176450317507716 (special order)$554.95
GLOCK 26 GEN3 9MM 3.46 GNS COMMPN26507017645030469192 (special order)$555.00
GLOCK 19 9MM 4.02 NS 10RDPN19507017645031950755 (special order)$554.95
GLOCK 45 9MM 17RD REBUILTPR455097645030347631 (special order)$464.95
GLOCK 17 GEN5 9MM 4.49 FS FSS 3 10RDUA175S20176450303739910 (special order)$539.00
43X 9mm 3.41" Black 10rd Ameriglo UCPX4350301UC7645030535662 (in stock)$599.99 MAP
17 Gen5 FS 9mm 4.5" USAUA175S2037645030374124 (special order)$539.00
19 Gen5 9mm 4.01" USAUA195S20376450303757362 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 19 GEN5 9MM 10RD FSUA195S2017645030375592 (special order)$539.00
19X 9mm 4.02" 19rd GNS 3 Mags AustriaPX19507037645030269112470 (special order)$588.00
19X Bronze Nitron GNS 3-10RDPX19507017645030288164 (in stock)$588.00
GLOCK 19X 9MM 19RD GNS 3 MAGS BLEMPX19507031 (special order)$588.00
43X 9mm 3.41" 10rd Glock and Roses Engraved PinkPX4350201GR724235016376370 (special order)$564.95
43X 9mm 3.41" Black 10rd FSPX43502017645030378945 (in stock)$448.00
GLK 39G3 45GAP PST 6RD FSPI395020176450339502411 (special order)$524.95
GLOCK 23 GEN3 40SW 13RD RWB BW FLAGPI2350204-RWBBWFL81010023561163 (special order)$559.95
GLOCK 23 GEN3 40SW COMPACT 13RDPI2350203764503502231352 (special order)$499.00
GLK 23G3 OD 40SW PST 10RD FSPI235720176450323572699 (special order)$509.95
26 Gen3 9mm 3.5"PI2650201764503265020306 (special order)$499.00
GLK 23 40SW PST 13RD FS OD GRNPI235720376450357223499 (special order)$509.95
GLK 22G3 OD 40SW PST 10RD FSPI225720176450322572799 (special order)$509.95
GLOCK 22 GEN3 40SW 15RD RWB BW FLAGPI225020481010023582626 (special order)$559.95
GLK 22 40SW PST 15RD FS OD GRNPI225720376450357222799 (special order)$509.95
GLOCK 23 .40SW FS 13-SHOTPI2350203764503325236117 (special order)$499.00
23 Gen3 .40SW 2-10RDPI2350201764503235023167 (special order)$499.00
Glock 27 Gen 3 OD 3.42" .40 S&WPI2757276450327572299 (special order)$509.95
35 Gen3 .40S&W 5.32"PI3530103764503301353210 (special order)$595.00
35 Gen3 .40S&W 5.32" 10RDPI35301017645033530171 (in stock)$596.00 MAP
GLOCK 36 GEN3 45ACP 6RDPI3650201FGR764503913884390 (special order)$546.00
GLK 38G3 45GAP PST 8RD FSPI38502017645033850254 (special order)$524.95
GLK 37G3 45GAP PST 10RD FSPI3750276450337502617 (special order)$524.95
GLOCK 32 GEN3 357SIG 13RD 2 MAGSPI3250203764503502323256 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 31 GEN3 357SIG 10RDPI315020176450331502292 (special order)$499.00
33PI3350201764503335020474 (special order)$499.00
34PI3430103764503301346361 (special order)$595.00
34PI34301017645033430186 (special order)$596.00
GLOCK 23 GEN3 40SW COMPACT 13RDUI2350203764503001215291 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 22 .40SW FS 15-SHOTUI2250203764503001178380 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 26 9MM FS 3.46 2 10RD US MADEUI265020176450300124624 (special order)$499.95
GLOCK 34 GEN3 9MM PRACT/TAC 17RDUI3430103764503048746431 (special order)$596.00
GLOCK 27 GEN3 40S&W SUBCOMP 9RDUI2750201764503001277568 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 17 GEN3 9MM FDEUI1750203FDE151550026524249 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 17 GEN3 9MM 17RDUI1750203158 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 19 GEN3 9MM 4.02 10RD FXDUI195020176450300112314 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 19 GEN3 9MM FDE 4.02 15RDUI1950203FDE151550008357242 (special order)$499.95
19 Gen3 9mm 4.01" 2-15RD USAUI1950203764503001130319 (special order)$499.00
42 USA 380ACPUI42502017645039106162 (in stock)$399.00
GLOCK GEN-4 G41-45ACP 5.3" M.O.S ADJUST.UR41501MOS7645039939162 (special order)$539.95
GLOCK GEN-3 G23-40S&W 4" FIXED SIGHTSUR235097645030404675 (special order)$429.95
19X 9mm 4.02" 19rd GNS 3 Mags USAUX195070376450304031330 (special order)$588.00
43X MOS 9mm 3.41" w/Shield Optic Talo Exc.UX4350201FRMOSC76450305132631 (special order)$709.70
GLOCK 43X 9MM LUGER FS 10-SHOTUX435020176450303783220 (special order)$449.00
43 9mmUI4350201764503913358242 (special order)$449.00
GLOCK 42 380ACP ROBIN EGG BLUE SATIN ALUMUI4250201RESA151550026447462 (special order)$434.95
GLOCK 43 9MM ROBIN EGG BLUE/SATIN SLIDE 3.41UI4350201RESA151550026410112 (special order)$484.95
22 Gen3 .40SW 4.5" Factory RebuiltUR225097645030476951 (in stock)$449.95
GLOCK GEN-4 G17T-9mm 4.5" FIXED SIGHTSUR155017645030485557 (special order)$454.95
17 Gen3 9mm 4.49"UI1750203764503001093303 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK 27 .40SW GEN5 FIXEDUA275S20176450304482339 (special order)$539.00
26 GEN 5 FS 9mm 3.46"UA265S2017645030373371 (in stock)$539.95
44 .22LR 4.01" 10rdUA44501017645030359201 (in stock)$359.95
GLOCK 44 22LR 10RD FO TBUA4450301AOTB764503051319113 (special order)$476.52
44 .22LR 4.01" 10RD FDEUA4450101FDE688099401771242 (special order)$374.95
GLOCK 22 GEN5 40SW FS MOS FXD COMMUA225S2037645030445335 (special order)$620.00
GLOCK 22 GEN5 40SW FS FXD COMM 10RDUA225S20176450304435915 (special order)$539.95
GLOCK 22 GEN5 40SW 15RD 3 MAGS FSUA225S20376450304437317 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 23 GEN5 40SW 13RD FSUA235S2037645030446322 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 23 GEN5 40SW 10RD FSUA235S201764503044625283 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 45 GEN5 9MM FS FXD COMM 10RDUA455S2017645030336366 (special order)$539.95
GLOCK 41 GEN4 45ACP 10RD MOSUG4130101MOS76450391385358 (special order)$666.00
GLOCK 30 .45ACP GEN4 FIXEDUG305020176450391373015 (special order)$544.95
GLOCK 41 .45ACP GEN-4 ASUG41301037645039146831 (special order)$596.00
17 Gen3 9mm 4.49" 2-10RD USAUI175020176450300108622 (special order)$499.00
41 Gen4 .45ACP 5"UG4130103MOS76450391386035 (special order)$666.00
48 FXD 2-10RDUA485020176450303395714 (special order)$448.00
45 Gen5 Compact 9mm 4" FSUA455S20376450303365043 (special order)$539.00
48 MOS 9mm 4.1" 10 rd FSUA4850201FRMOS7645030499961 (special order)$485.00
21 Gen4 FS .45ACP 4.6"UG2150203764503913648145 (special order)$546.00
21 Gen4 FS .45ACP 4.6" 3-10RDUG2150201764503913631378 (special order)$546.00
GLOCK 19 AMERIGLO UC 15RDPA195S303UC764503053528215 (special order)$649.99
GLOCK 19 AMERIGLO AGENT 10RDPA195S301UCA76450305351120 (special order)$679.99
GLOCK 19 AMERIGLO AGENT 15RDPA195S303UCA764503053535225 (special order)$679.99
22Gen5 MOS .40SW 3-10RDPA225S201MOS7645030437102 (in stock)$620.00
GLOCK 22 GEN5 40SW 10RD FSPA225S201764503043703234 (special order)$539.00
19 Gen5 MOS 9mm 4" 3-10RDPA195S201MOS7645030308191 (in stock)$620.00
19 Gen5 9mm 4.02" 3-10RDPA195S2017645030372383 (in stock)$539.95
19 Gen5 9mm 4.02" FSPA195S2037645030372524423 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 19 AMERIGLO UC 10RDPA195S301UC76450305350420 (special order)$649.99
19 Gen5 FDE 9mm 4.02" FSPA195S203FDE724235016482227 (special order)$554.95
22 Gen5 .40SW 4.5" 3-15RdPA225S203764503043727164 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 23 GEN5 40SW 13RD FS RWB BW FLPA235S204-RWBBWFL81010023562812 (special order)$594.95
23 Gen5 MOS .40SW 4.02" PA235S203MOS76450304392521 (special order)$620.00
27 Gen5 .40SW 9rdPA275S201764503044076255 (special order)$539.00
34 Gen5 MOSPA343S103MOS764503030024189 (special order)$709.00
34 Gen5 MOS 3-10RDPA343S101MOS7645030300171 (in stock)$719.95
GLOCK 22 GEN5 40SW 15RD FS RWB BW FLPA225S204-RWBBWFL8101002356357 (special order)$594.95
22 Gen5 .40S&W 4.5" MOSPA225S203MOS764503043734145 (special order)$620.00
GLOCK 23 GEN5 40SW 10RD FSPA235S201764503043895157 (special order)$539.00
23 Gen5 .40SW 4" 3-13RdPA235S203764503043918270 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 23 GEN5 40SW 10RD MOS FSPA235S201MOS7645030439011 (special order)$620.00
GLOCK 17 GEN5 9MM 17RD RWB BW FLAGPA175S20481010023572718 (special order)$594.95
GLOCK 17 GEN5 9MM 17RD 2 MAGS MOS FSG17517MOSAUT7645030519991 (special order)$584.95
45 Gen5 Aluminum Cerakote SlideACG-5703685001657036999 (special order)$609.95
21 Gen4 .45ACP 4.6"G21413US7645039132117 (special order)$509.95
GLOCK 30S GEN3 45ACP 10RD 2 MAGSG30SAUT7645039129172 (special order)$544.95
GLOCK 22C GEN3 40SW 15RD 2 MAGS FSG22C15US7645039132421 (special order)$514.95
23 Gen3 SURPLUS2350776450323507814 (special order)$554.95
19 DE RTF276450300135217 (special order)$19.95
GLOCK 26 9MM LUGER FS 10-SHOT26AUT7645039128321 (special order)$504.95
43X 9mm 3.41" RBN EGG EBACG-008668503860086603 (special order)$529.95
27 Gen3 SURPLUS Fixed Sights27-SURPLUS-FS764503275029461 (special order)$499.00
GLOCK GEN-3 G32-357 SIG 4" FIXED SIGHTG3213AUT7645039129931 (special order)$469.95
17Gen5 9mm 4.49" 3-10RDPA175S2017645030370852 (in stock)$539.95
43X 9mm 3.41" 10rd FS Tiffany Blue Frame/Custom EngravingGLPX4350201GRFP688099401016234 (special order)$554.95
17 Gen5 MOS 9mm 4.5" 3-10RDPA175S201MOS7645030307892 (in stock)$620.00
17 Gen5 9mm 4.5" MOSPA175S203MOS76450303079679 (special order)$620.00
17 Gen5 FS 9mm 4.5" AustriaPA175S2037645030371081658 (special order)$539.00
GLOCK 37 GEN4 .45 GAP AUT O.S.G374AUT7645039131123 (special order)$554.95
34 Gen3 9mmG3417US7645030496063 (special order)$595.00
40 Gen4 MOS 10mm 6"G40415MOSAUT76450304800545 (special order)$649.95
19 Gen 3 FDE 9mm 15rd 4.01"GLPI19502FDE724235016475106 (special order)$519.95
20 Gen4 10mm 4.6" FDEGLPG20502FDE688099401399131 (special order)$639.95
GLK 37G4 45GAP PST 10RD FSPG3750276450368201825 (special order)$559.95
GLOCK 33 GEN4 357SIG 9RD 3 MAGSPG3350201764503812019187 (special order)$499.00
40 Gen4 MOS 10mm 6" 3-10RD MagsPG4030101MOS76450300265641 (special order)$700.00
GLOCK 41 GEN4 COMPETITION 45ACP 10RDPG413010176450391072283 (special order)$596.00
40 Gen4 MOS 10mm 6.02"PG4030103MOS7645030026704 (special order)$700.00
GLOCK GEN-4 G31-357 SIG 4.49" FXD/SITESPG31415AUT7645039129552 (special order)$464.95
30 Gen4 45ACP F.S.PG3050201764503762017223 (special order)$546.00
31 Gen4 .357SIG 3-10RDPG3150201764503702013154 (special order)$499.00
32 Gen4 PG325020376450374203373 (special order)$499.00
31 Gen4 357SigPG315020376450370203726 (special order)$499.00
41 Gen4 45ACP A.S.PG4130103764503910739374 (special order)$596.00
GLOCK 19 GEN3 9MM COMPACT RWB BW FLGPI1950204-RWBBWFL8101002356043 (special order)$559.95
19 Gen3 9mm 4" FSPI1950203764503502194250 (special order)$499.00
GLK 19 9MM PST 15RD FS OD GRNPI195720376450357219799 (special order)$509.95
22 Gen3 4.49" 40S&W AUSTRIA PI22502037645035022241960 (special order)$499.00
22 40S&W 4.49" 10rd FS Gen3PI2250201764503225024266 (special order)$499.00
17 9MM 4.4" 17RDPI1750201764503175022368 (special order)$499.00
30SPH3050201764503822018327 (special order)$546.00
17 Gen3PI17502037645035021701606 (special order)$499.00
19 Gen3 9mmPI19502017645031950201 (in stock)$499.00
GLK 17 9MM PST 17RD FS OD GRNPI175720376450357217399 (special order)$509.95
29 Gen4PG2950201764503752018178 (special order)$579.00
GLOCK 45 9MM AMERIGLO AGENTPA455S301UCA76450305383220 (special order)$544.95
GLOCK 45 AMERIGLO UC 10RDPA455S301UC76450305354212 (special order)$649.99
GLOCK 45 AMERIGLO UC 17RDPA455S303UC76450305355922 (special order)$649.99
GLOCK 45 9MM 10RD 3 MAGS FRT SER GNSPA455S7017645030309632 (special order)$573.00
GLOCK 45 9MM 17-SHOT AMERIGLOPA455S303UCA764503053849128 (special order)$544.95
45 Gen5 MOS 9mm 4" 3-10RDPA455S201MOS7645030341521 (in stock)$620.00
45 Gen5 9mm 4.02" 3-10RDPA455S201764503030918343 (special order)$539.00
45 Gen5 Compact 9mm 4" FSPA455S203764503030895570 (special order)$539.00
45 Gen5 MOS 9mm 4" FSPA455S203MOS76450303418327 (special order)$620.00
45 Gen5 9mm 4.02" FDEPA455S203FDE151550026404521 (special order)$539.95
48 9mm 4.1" 10 rd FSPA48502017645030326532 (in stock)$448.00
20 Gen4 10mm 3-10RD 4.61"PG205020176450380201026 (special order)$579.00
30SFPF3050201764503032011458 (special order)$546.00
20 Gen4 10mm F.S.PG20502037645038020341038 (special order)$579.00
GLOCK GEN-4 G22-40SW 4.5" NIGHT SIGHTSPG22505-USE68 (special order)$359.95
20 Gen4 FDE 10mm 15rd PG2050203FDE151550013283215 (special order)$579.95
20SF Gen3 10mm BlkPF2050203764503662034517 (special order)$579.00
48 9mm 4.1" 10RD FS FDEPA4850201FDE724235016505220 (special order)$464.95
GLOCK 21SF GEN3 45ACP 10RDPF2150201764503072017280 (special order)$546.00
29SF Gen3 10mm BlkPF2950201764503672019341 (special order)$546.00
GLK 21SF 45AP PST 13RD FSPF215020376450307203199 (special order)$554.95

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