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CIMARRON REVOLVING CARBINEMP42984423412589012 (special order)$744.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .45LC 5.5"MP45018142300107426 (special order)$689.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44-40 WIN.MP4208142300106812 (special order)$534.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44-40 WIN.MP4218142300106984 (special order)$594.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .32/20MP67584423410303426 (special order)$534.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44 SPECIALMP6808142300108897 (special order)$534.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .45LC 4.75"MP51281423001082711 (special order)$519.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .32/20MP67484423410302726 (special order)$534.95
Evil Roy 357 Mag 4.75" 6rd Steel Blue ER41038142300105997 (special order)$729.95
CIMARRON HOLY SMOKER 45LC 4.75"CROSSMP310GCI01BG84423412866216 (special order)$719.95
CIMARRON EVIL ROY .45LCER410081423001060516 (special order)$729.95
CIMARRON EVIL ROY .45LCER41018442341024884 (special order)$729.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .38SP/.357MP4058142300106362 (special order)$579.95
CIMARRON MAN W/NO NAME .45LCMP410SSI018442341286481 (special order)$769.95
CIMARRON PISTOLEER .357/.38SPMP400B140284423423952817 (special order)$469.95
CIMARRON MOD P 357MAG 5.5" 6RD CCHMP4018142300106292 (special order)$579.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .38/40MP6858442341059842 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON EL MALO 45LC 5.5" 6RDPP411MALO8442341298509 (special order)$529.95
CIMARRON EL MALO 2 .45LCPP411MALO281423010136517 (special order)$574.95
Frontier 5.5 45LCPP4118442341031402 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON BUFFALO BILL CODYPP411LNBB84423413009238 (special order)$739.95
CIMARRON EL MALO 2 .45LCPP415MALO28142301013897 (special order)$574.95
CIMARRON PISTOLERO .45LCPPP45N8442341299359 (special order)$529.95
CIMARRON FRONTIER .45LCPP4158442341282806 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON EL MALO .45 LONG COLTPP415MALO8442341298748 (special order)$529.95
CIMARRON FRONTIER .45LCPP3328442341270306 (special order)$509.95
CIMARRON THUNDERBALL .357 MAG.PP3408442341273686 (special order)$509.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .38/40MP6868442341059913 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .38/40MP6878442341060044 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON GEORGE PATTON V2.45LCPP410LNPT8442341302905 (special order)$744.95
CIMARRON TEXAS RANGERS .45LCPP410LNTXR84423412989829 (special order)$789.95
CIMARRON THUNDERBALL .45LCPP3468442341270476 (special order)$509.95
CIMARRON THUNDERBALL .45LCPP34784423412705411 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON 1860 RICHARDS-MASONCA93981423001117610 (special order)$549.95
CIMARRON 1875 OUTLAW .45LCCA1518442341099441 (special order)$599.95
CIMARRON 1875 OUTLAW .44/40CA15384423410995113 (special order)$519.95
CIMARRON 1858 NEW MODEL NAVYCA10128442341041307 (special order)$519.95
1875 Outlaw .357MAG 7.5"CA15084423410993713 (special order)$539.95
CIMARRON 1894 CARBINE .38-55CA2906B018142301014571 (special order)$1,269.95
CIMARRON NEW SHRF 44-40WIN 3.5" 6RDCA3308442341015736 (special order)$524.95
CIMARRON 1890 REMINGTON .38SP/CA1578442341099824 (special order)$554.95
CIMARRON 1875 OUTLAW .44/40CA1678442341099759 (special order)$539.95
CIMARRON PLINKERTON .22LRASPLINK-184423410733917 (special order)$169.95
CIMARRON 1851 NAVY OVAL TGCA0008142300115102 (special order)$344.95
1911A1 Standard 45ACP1911844234128617210 (special order)$464.95
CIMARRON 1892 CARBINE .45LCAS6128142300156312 (special order)$1,169.95
CIMARRON 1858 NEW MODEL ARMYCA1000N0084423413041211 (special order)$624.95
CIMARRON 1858 NEW MODEL ARMYCA10048142300112442 (special order)$599.95
CIMARRON LONESOME DOVE WALKERCA020C00LDWC84423424000512 (special order)$619.95
CIMARRON LONESOME DOVE WALKERCA020XC00LAM84423424001213 (special order)$599.95
CIMARRON THUNDERER .38SPL/.357CA3418142300103468 (special order)$534.95
CIMARRON 1872 OPEN TOP NAVYCA92284423410592210 (special order)$489.95
CIMARRON 1851 RICHARDS-MASONCA9248442341047581 (special order)$519.95
CIMARRON 1872 OPEN TOP NAVYCA9088142300105206 (special order)$489.95
CIMARRON 1872 OPEN TOP ARMYCA9108142300105377 (special order)$514.95
CIMARRON 1851RM WB HICKOKCA925WBH84423423940581 (special order)$904.95
CIMARRON 1851 RICHARDS-MASONCA9268142300111833 (special order)$519.95
CIMARRON 1851 RICHARDS-MASONCA92581423001119013 (special order)$554.95
CIMARRON 1851RM WB HICKOKCA925C00WBH8142301008565 (special order)$1,064.95
CIMARRON NO.3 AMERICAN .45LCCA866181423010115028 (special order)$1,129.95
CIMARRON 1860 RICHARDS-MASONCA903081423001154111 (special order)$549.95
CIMARRON US ARTILLERY 45LC 5.5" 6RDCA513M008142300104141 (special order)$574.95
CIMARRON MDL 3 SCHOFIELD 45LC 7" 6RDCA85081423001107736 (special order)$1,049.95
CIMARRON 1860 RICHARDS-MASONCA90548142300111213 (special order)$584.95
CIMARRON 1860 RICHARDS-MASONCA90638142300114731 (special order)$584.95
CIMARRON RICHARDS TRANS CONV 45LC 8"CA905281423001111428 (special order)$584.95
CIMARRON 1860 RICHARDS-MASONCA905384423410587813 (special order)$584.95

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