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BurrisFastfire 3 8 MOA Red Dot w/Picatinny Mount3002360003813023661 (in stock)$248.95
BurrisFastfire 2 4 MOA BU3002320003813023281 (in stock)$228.95
BurrisFastfire III 3moa w/Picatinny Mount 300234-PROMO3002340003813023421 (in stock)$248.95
EotechMRDS 3.5 MOA Kit, Tan 1913 MountMRD-000-A126768120021692 (in stock)$549.95
HolosunHS510CHS510C FDE6059306249911 (in stock)$309.99 MAP
HolosunHsun 403C/HM3XHSHS403C-HM3X8100470716241 (in stock)$375.99 MAP
HolosunElite 508T-RDHE508T-RD8100470712421 (in stock)$369.99 MAP
HolosunOpen Reflex Dual Reticle Red Dot Sight 2 MOA HS510C6059306245711 (in stock)$309.99 MAP
HolosunShake Awake 50k HourHS403B7609210874282 (in stock)$154.95
Holosun407K-X2 6MOA Red Shake AwakeHS407KX28100470712041 (in stock)$224.99 MAP
LeupoldFreedom RDS 1x 1-MOALP1800910303170267381 (in stock)$279.99 MAP
TrijiconRMR 3.25 MOARM01-C-7006007193076135221 (in stock)$539.95
Ultra DotRed Dot 1" SS 4MOAUD25S2001360000081 (in stock)$189.95
Ultra DotHD Micro 2MOAHD Micro0949227217092 (in stock)$279.95
Ultra DotRed Dot 30mm 4MOA BlkUD30B2001370000071 (in stock)$199.95

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