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Small Pistol Primers #500 (1000)

Manufacturer: CCI
Part Number: 0014
Product Code: 076683500144
Price: $89.95
Quantity available: 1

The CCI Standard Primers #500 Small Pistol are renowned for their reliability and consistent performance making them a favorite among competitive and casual shooters as well as military and law enforcement personnel. These primers are specifically designed to meet the high demands of reloading offering clean-burning and highly sensitive ignition that enhances the performance of any small pistol ammunition.

Manufactured to exacting standards the CCI #500 primers ensure smooth feeding and flawless firing in both automated and progressive reloading setups. Their design is focused on reducing misfires and ensuring each primer provides uniform ignition which is critical for achieving accuracy in shooting. Each primer undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee they perform consistently under various conditions including different temperatures and humidities.

  • Unmatched Reliability: CCI #500 primers ensure reliable ignition providing consistency shot after shot.
  • High Sensitivity: Engineered for superior sensitivity to deliver quick ignition every time.
  • Clean Burning: Formulated to burn cleanly reducing residue and maintaining firearm performance.
  • Optimal for Progressive Reloading: Designed to function flawlessly in progressive reloading equipment enhancing efficiency.
  • Bulk Packaging: Available in 1000 count boxes for cost-effective long-term use and fewer repurchases.

Packaged in convenient 1000 count boxes CCI #500 Small Pistol Primers are not only efficient but also economical making them ideal for bulk purchasing by avid reloaders. They are compatible with a wide range of small pistol cartridges providing versatility and making them suitable for various firearms and shooting applications.

Recognized as a staple in the reloading community our CCI #500 primers guarantee smooth feeding in machines making them a must-have for dedicated reloaders. Buy your CCI #500 small pistol primers today!

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