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Manufacturer: FAIR ISIDE
Part Number: L641410
Product Code: 802987403190
Price: $1,789.95
Quantity available: 2

Pedersoli�s Howdah 45/410 is a double triggered breech loading extractor pistol reproduction of the famous Auto & Burglar pistol produced by Ithaca in the 1920�s. Pedersoli�s model introduces completely different characteristics making it legal for importation and purchase in the US. The main difference is that Pedersoli�s Howdah 45/410 is chambered in 45 Colt having 10.25 inch 6-groove rifled barrels with a 1:48 right hand twist and equipped with lengthened chambers to support use of 3 inch .410 shotshells. The pistol is furnished with a ramp front sight and folding rear leaf sight. The rear grip fits snugly in the hand allowing easily controlled use.The Deluxe variant of the Howdah 45/410 features a coin finished engraved receiver gold plated single selective trigger and rust blued barrel color.

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