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Manufacturer: Kalashnikov USA
Part Number: KP9RWTEN
Product Code: 811777021354
Price: $1,084.95
Quantity available: 1

Kalashnikov USA is proud to introduce the KP-9 9mm Red Wood Edition. Our customers have been demanding wood furniture on our 9mm platform and we are delivering. - Dependable and robust KP-9 Pistol from Kalashnikov USA is a civilian legal semi-automatic authentic version of the Russian Vityaz submachine gun 100% US-made. The KP-9 is an easy-to-operate AK-style pistol that works on a blowback operating system. It is chambered in 9X19MM with a barrel length of 9.25 and accepts 30 and 10 round Kalashnikov USA magazines. It has a hinged top cover with Picatinny rail and specially designed feed ramps to accommodate jacketed hollow point bullets. - Proudly made for the Vityaz admirers KP-9 is one of the best compact pistols for any occasion: - The KP-9 by Kalashnikov USA is the only AK-authentic pistol based on the Russian Vityaz Submachine gun. - The KP-9 is a dependable weapon in close-quarter conditions but can also engage long-range targets of over 600ft all with its compact yet durable design. - The KP-9 comes ready to be easily converted into a short-barreled rifle (SBR) with a hinge block and a quick detach mount at the rear of the receiver if you choose to use a brace or a buttstock with it. - This AK-style pistol is highly reliable with unprecedented quality high performance in a compact size. - The KP-9 comes with a proprietary double column double-feed steel-lined polymer magazine. It also has 1/2 inch x 28 suppressor-ready muzzle threads for a muzzle device or suppressor of your choice. However it also comes with a factory-installed flash suppressor. Many of the KP-9 pistol parts are interchangeable with the AK parts. - How were we able to achieve a compact design on the KP-9? - Kalashnikov AKs work on the gas operating system but KP-9 works on the blowback operating system despite having the same design as the Russian AK. We removed the gas components of the AK and replaced them with a bolt carrier that carries extra weight in place of the AK's standard gas piston. The added mass forward of the bolt is reminiscent of the telescoping design used in the Uzi and helps keep the pistol compact. - The KP-9 pistol brings the authenticity of Kalashnikov USA and the reliability of innovative technology that never fails. Kalashnikov USA uses the most advanced and innovative technology to create this rugged and easy to control civilian legal version of the vityaz submachine gun. The KP-9 is an affordable pistol that stands its ground in dependable situations. - It is easy to work with and it gives you a smooth transition from any other firearm you used in the past.

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