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What's happening at Precise Shooter this week? (Part II)

Continued from here.

22LR pistols

I like 22LR because it is a supremely accurate cartridge which is also cheap and does not wear out your barrel - an ideal cartridge for target shooting. This is the reason I always recommend 22LR pistols for the beginner shooters: practice makes perfect, and practice you can - all you want, without breaking the bank.

Many 22 pistols - Ruger MKIII family, Browning Buckmarks, S%W 22 and 41 series - are almost as accurate as Les Baer 1911s and Freedom Arms revolvers - at 10% of the price. I love the "great deal" aspect of them, and always keep the store fully stocked: at Precise Shooter you will find the area's biggest assortment of club-level competition pistols in rimfire calibers.

Beretta 87 Cheetah

Last week we chanced on something very rare - Beretta 87 Cheetah. These guns break the ranks with the rest of the 22s being very, very pricey ($884.95 (in stock)) - but they ARE the world's most refined 22 plinkers.

These guns are... RARE. I have only seen them new at one distributor in the last 5 years, there were only 2, and I bought both.

To compensate for this, we have lowered the price on its older sister, an Israeli military surplus sourced Beretta 71 Jaguar ($299.95 (in stock)). To make them importable into the US fake suppressors had to be added, but they can be easily removed.

Kel-Tec PMR-30 Bronze

Another unicorn gun we have is a Kel-Tec PMR-30 in bronze finish. These guns are a rare distributor special for a gun which is rare as it is. I have only ever seen two of them.

'prentice Smith

Smith & Wesson 41 is a great competition pistol, but it costs a fortune and they only make 5 of them per year. Smith & Wesson 22A is nowhere near as refined, but its accuracy is pretty darn close. I shot mine from the supported position with an optic, and it made sub-1" groups at 25 yards with boring consistency (the performance of your gun may vary - every gun has its own individuality).

Mosquito Sport

I bought this gun because it is cheap, but I have not tried it myself yet. Because it was cheap, however, we're offering it at prices far, far below the Internet. Or you can wait for me to review it, but by then the one available for sale will be gone (I do not resell the guns I shoot for reviews).

Manufacturer page is here.

Every color Ruger

Right at the moment we have every model of Ruger 22/45 Lite pistol in stock, except the very first one with the yellow barrel. Yes, this includes the discontinued Black, and the soon-to-be discontinued Cobalt, and the distributor exclusive Red. Get them while you can.

As all Ruger rimfire pistols these ones are superbly accurate, yet because of their weight, they can be held without straining your hand, which adds to the practical accuracy. Coupled with a Red Dot sight, this is one of my most favorite pistols. Read my review here.

One interesting Ruger gun is a USA Shooting Team styled Mark III. This is a stainless pistol with a target grip and USA Shooting Team emblem on the bolt. They made 1700 of them, and for the most part they are already gone from everywhere. We've got the last few our distributors had.

Every color Glock

For your viewing (and buying) pleasure, here's a collection of Glock 42 in black and cerakoted dark earth and grey.

We have a large collection of Glocks on hand, including the new Glock 43, and we sell them at the minimum price that Glock allows us to advertise (excluding Glock 17 Longslide).

We also have a bunch of surplus Glocks at prices far below MAP.

30SF Gen3 SURPLUS 45ACP065077645030650712 (in stock)$429.95
21SF SURPLUS (NS) 21SF-SURPLUS-NS4 (in stock)$409.95
21 SURPLUS G2 45ACP21-SURPLUS-G21 (in stock)$449.95
22C SURPLUS w/Night Sights22C-SURPLUS-NS7645032259701 (in stock)$399.95
22 G4 SURPLUS 40S&W22-SURPLUS-G42 (in stock)$449.95
27 Gen-4 40S&W NS Surplus Unissued27-SURPLUS-G4-NS-UNISSUED7645036270262 (in stock)$525.00
27 Gen3 SURPLUS Night Sights27-SURPLUS-NS7645032750741 (in stock)$399.95
30 Gen3 SURPLUS 45ACP305077645033050785 (in stock)$429.95
35 Gen 3 .40 S&W 5.32" Night Sight Surplus35-SURPLUS-NS7645033530171 (in stock)$459.00
21SF 45ACP FS 13rdG21SF13AUT7645039126963 (in stock)$545.00
22 G3 40S&W 15 4.5"G2215US76450391397617 (in stock)$409.00
22 G4 40S&W 15+1 4.49" FSG22415US7645039132351 (in stock)$539.00
23 G2313USG2313US7645039132662 (in stock)$499.95
27 Subcomp 40SW 9rdG27US7645039139692 (in stock)$499.00
GLOCK 20SF 10MM G3 FS 15-SHOT BLACKPF20502037645036620342 (in stock)$545.95
30SF Gen3 SURPLUS 45ACPPF30507077645030370781 (in stock)$429.95
GLOCK 17 9MM GEN-4 MOS FIXED SIGHTS 17-SHOT BLACKPG1750203MOS7645039134641 (in stock)$599.00
GLOCK 19 9MM GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 15-SHOT BLACKPG1950203MOS7645039134951 (in stock)$599.00
GLOCK 19 9MM GEN4 FRONT GLOPRO NIGHT SIGHT 15RD BLACKPG19505037645039144921 (in stock)$539.95
GLOCK 26 9MM LUGER GEN-4 FS 10-SHOT BLACKPG26502017645036120151 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 34 9MM LUGER GEN-4 MOS AS 17-SHOT BLACKPG3430103MOS7645030025712 (in stock)$699.00
GLOCK 35 .40S&W GEN-4 MOS AS 15-SHOT BLACKPG3530103MOS7645030026251 (in stock)$699.00
41 G4 MOSPG4130101MOS7645030027171 (in stock)$699.00
GLOCK 41 .45ACP GEN-4 MOS AS 13-SHOT BLACKPG4130103MOS7645030027311 (in stock)$699.95
GLOCK 17L 9MM LONG SLIDE FS 17-SHOT BLACK <PI16301037645033011622 (in stock)$699.95
GLOCK 21 .45ACP FS 13-SHOT BLACK <PI2150203M7645030024031 (in stock)$544.95
GLOCK 22 .40SW FIBER OPTIC FRONT SIGHT 15-SH BLACK (TALO)PI22505037645039106781 (in stock)$499.00
GLOCK 29 10MM FS 10-SHOT BLACK <PI29502017645032950271 (in stock)$559.00
GLOCK 43 9MM LUGER FS 6-SHOT BLACKPI43502017645030025332 (in stock)$449.00
17 Gen4 USA Talo Ameriglo N/SUG17505037645039939541 (in stock)$539.95
GLOCK 19 9MM GEN4 FRONT GLOPRO NIGHT SIGHT 15RD BLACK USA MFGUG19505037645039137613 (in stock)$539.95
GLOCK 22C .40SW FS 15-SHOT COMPENSATED BLACK <UI2259203M7645030024581 (in stock)$499.95
GLOCK 23C .40SW 13-SHOT COMPENSATED BLACK <UI2359203M7645030024651 (in stock)$499.95
GLOCK 42 .380ACP FS 6-SHOT BLACKUI42502017645039106161 (in stock)$399.00
GLOCK 43 9MM LUGER FRONT NIGHT SIGHT 6-SHOT BLACK (TALO) USAUI43505017645039125351 (in stock)$469.95

Of course, what's not in stock can be special-ordered for the same low prices, as long as it's on the list.

But wait, we have more!