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This Week @Precise Shooter, 2015-11-05

Happy Guy Fawkes day!

"Remember, remember the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot..."

We are the gun lobby

First in the news, election in Seattle - unfortunately, a net loss for the gun community. It looks like Tywin LannisterBurgess will be retaining his Council position, and so will be the majority of the incumbents who were running. The only bright spot is - Sandy Brown has lost the race decisively.

This was not unexpected.

Gun community has been focusing on electing Republicans as a way to preserve the gun rights since conservatives took over NRA during the Reagan Administration, thus automatically ceding the ground to gun control activists in every major city where Republicans are not electable. For instance, there was not a single Republican running for City Council in Seattle.

This is a losing strategy. Targeting only Republicans means that 50% of the population is lost to the gun cause. And since not all Republicans are gun friendly, this means that legislatively gun community is doomed to lose. For the time being, courts are on our side, but guess what - Second Amendment is a law, and laws can be changed through a democratic process. If the gun community does not enjoy the support of majority of the population, it will eventually start loosing the legal battles as well.

Compare it to AIPAC - the Israeli lobby - who has a 100% lock on US politics, right AND left. While I do not think much about their cause, they are amazingly successful, and there is much and more that the gun community can learn here.

So while the lawsuit challenging the Seattle gun "tax" is slowly moving through the courts, we are going to be building an organization which will work with liberal politicians in areas such as Seattle, educating them about guns and effective - and ineffective - methods of gun control, fielding and supporting gun-friendly liberal candidates to challenge those firmly in the gun control camp, and working with Olympia to strengthen state level preemption legislation.

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New cool stuff!

We have received a bunch of super rare guns.


The rarest of them all is KelTec Sub2000. The one we have is in 9mm and uses Glock magazines. They typically last in stock for hours - the countdown has just started!

Price: (currently unavailable)

Another Unicorn form the KelTec family is PMR-30 in tan color.

Price: $444.95 (in stock)

We have been rather lucky to maintain a decent collection of KelTec guns, despite their rarity, in stock. We have KSGs, PLRs, and every SU carbine. Here is the full list:

SU16-930 Metal Sight Tool6408320020962 (in stock)$16.30
SU16-930 Scope Mount Kit10099226408320021575 (in stock)$29.95
KEL-TEC SU16A RIFLE .223 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERGSU166408320007951 (in stock)$489.95
KEL-TEC KSG SHOTGUN 12GA. 3" 12-SHOT 18.5" CYLINDER BLACKKTKSGBLK6408320031923 (in stock)$799.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR OD GREEN /BLK 30SH FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSKTPMR30GRN6408320033072 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC P11 9MM DA ADJ. 10SH BLACK/BLACK GRIPP11BBLK6408320000161 (in stock)$249.95
P-3AT Blued/Black GripP3AT6408320006963 (in stock)$259.95
PMR-30 Red Dot Mount Kit For BurrisPMR-30-450-BUR6408320020101 (in stock)$22.95
PMR-30 Red Dot Mount Kit For DocterPMR-30-450-DOCTER6408320020271 (in stock)$22.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR BLACK 30-SHOT FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSPMR30BBLK6408320026762 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR TAN/BLK 30-SHOT FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSPMR30BTAN6408320033141 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC RDB BULLPUP 5.56MM 17.3" BLACK 20RDRDB-17-BLACK6408320059432 (in stock)$1,272.73
KEL-TEC SU16B RIFLE .223 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERSU16B6408320008251 (in stock)$529.95
KEL-TEC SU16C RIFLE .223 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERSU16CSBN6408320008491 (in stock)$569.95
KEL-TEC SU22C RIFLE .22LR 26RD FOLDING STOCKSU22CBLK6408320009481 (in stock)$359.95
KEL-TEC SUB2000 G2 .40SW 15RD BERETTA 96 40S&W MAGAZINESSUB-2K40-BRTA966408320044103 (in stock)$499.95
KEL-TEC SUB2000 G2 .40SW 15RD S&W M&P 40S&W MAGAZINESSUB-2K40-MP6408320064902 (in stock)$499.95

Smith & Wesson 41

The second rarest gun in our collection is not the KelTec though. It is the 7" Smith & Wesson model 41 - a super accurate 22lr pistol. S&W makes only a few a year. This is the third gun that went through our store since opening. They are in fact so rare, that I myself own one that I bought used - because I did not think I will ever see a new one.

Price: (currently unavailable)

Smith & Wesson 17 "Masterpiece"

And while we are on topic of Smith & Wesson guns, please take a look at this gem - S&W K-17 "Masterpiece" - a super accurate and beautiful 22lr revolver.

Price: $869.95 (in stock)

Ruger Single Six 17HMR

Another super rare revolver we have in stock - only one! - is Ruger Single Six in 17HMR. We have this gun in stock because of this review. And by the way, our price on it is awesome!

Price: $479.95 (in stock)

Bulgarian Makarov

Bulgarian Makarovs

The trickle of surplus guns has its ebbs and flows, but recently it was mostly ebbing. It has been almost a quarter century since the communist block has dissolved, so the rates with which the surplus firearms in these countries are being pillaged are slowing down. In the very beginning, a lot of the guns were basically stolen during the privatization frenzy, and quickly sold off to the world's biggest civilian gun market. So we had $80 SKS rifles, $40 Mosin Nagants, and so on.

Well, these times are gone, and if you were able to stock up on $80 Russian SKSes, you have been well ahead of the stock market, as they are now selling in the vicinity of $600.

A few surplus pistols are still in the pipeline though - most reliably, Polish P64 and various variants of Tokarev pistols, in particular, the still-in-production M57.

Bulgarian Makarov were gone for almost 3 years now, and I thought that they would be gone for good - but a fresh batch recently appeared out of nowhere, as it often happens with milsurplus hardware. This specific batch is quite interesting - of the 4 pistols I've seen, all appeared to be in unissued condition. They come coated in cosmoline, with 2 magazines, a pair of black grips, a pair of red star grips, and a holster. They are sold almost everywhere for $300-330 plus shipping and transfer, which adds another $40 or more to the deal.

We have bought a few to see how they sell - and still have 1 in stock.

Price: (currently unavailable)

Book shop!

Many few years ago I worked at Google as a software engineer. When I joined the company, I was given a few books which every Noogler (new Googler) was expected to read. Among them was the book by Joshua Bloch, Effective Java (2nd Edition).

I started reading it one evening, and could not stop until - very late into the night - I gulped down the last page. After this binge reading I was left with one overwhelming thought - that it was silly for me to even start programming before reading this book.

Glen Zediker's books to an AR shooter are what "Effective Java" is to a software developer - a must read. Unfortunately, they are rarely available anywhere outside Amazon's used books channel. We at Precise Shooter decided to fix this problem - so we present you with an almost full line-up of Zediker's Publishing books on AR-15.

The Competitive AR-15: The Ultimate Technical Manual" Book by Glen Zediker02399997809626925362 (in stock)$25.95
Rifleman's Guide To Rimfire Ammunition69251297809626925125 (in stock)$22.95
The Competitive AR15; The Mouse That Roared 69256509626925652 (in stock)$25.95
Handloading for Competition Making the Target Bigger69259X97809626925982 (in stock)$25.95
The Competitive AR15: Builders Guide71607997814507160791 (in stock)$22.95


Ammunition market continues to ease up. Manufacturers are now competing on price, with many popular brands - Magtech, S&B, CCI - becoming available at wholesale prices below $0.20/round, which allows us to hold prices at below $11/box of 50. Likewise, 40S&W and 45ACP are trending down, and we now have a few fantastic deals on our hands.

In particular, we have Magtech "Shooting Size" packs for less than $0.30 per round, Federal 45ACP Suppressor-ready ammunition for $25.99/50rd box, and PMC eRange (lead-free primer) ammunition for $24.99/50rd box.

Here is what we have in popular pistol calibers:


Speer9mm Luger 115gr GDHP 20rd236140766832361422 (in stock)$24.95
Speer9mm Luger+P 124gr GDHP 20rd236170766832361733 (in stock)$24.95
Speer9mm Luger 147gr GDHP 20rd236190766832361976 (in stock)$24.95
Buffalo Bore9mm+P and +P+ 115gr 20rd24A/206518150240113 (in stock)$22.95
Buffalo Bore9mm Subsonic Heavy Standard Pressure Low Flash FMJ 20rd24J/2065181502410310 (in stock)$22.95
Armscor9MM 115GR FMJ 50rd50043PH48060155004381 (in stock)$10.99
CCI9mm Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ 50rd520007668305200122 (in stock)$11.99
CCI9mm Blazer Brass 124gr FMJ 50rd52010766830520181 (in stock)$11.99
UnderwoodExtreme Defender 1400 fps 9mm 90gr 20rd8158168740201253 (in stock)$27.99
Fiocchi9mm 115gr FMJ 50rd9AP7623440016233 (in stock)$11.99
Remington9mm Golden Saber 124gr 25rdGS9MMB0477001657071 (in stock)$25.99
IndependenceCCI Independence 9mm Alum 115gr FMJ 350rdIAL911535060454461788775 (in stock)$64.95
Remington9mm UMC 115gr FMJ 50rdL9MM30477000698072 (in stock)$11.95
Magtech9mm 147gr FMJ Flat 50rdMG9G75490816541497 (in stock)$15.99
Federal9mm Luger Hydra-Shok JHP 124gr 20rdP9HS10294650883304 (in stock)$25.95
Federal9mm 124gr HST JHP 20rdP9HST1S0294650639241 (in stock)$26.99
Prvi Partizan 7.62x39mm Brass FMJ 123gr 2350 fps 20rdPP7.32860500380084211 (in stock)$11.99
Winchester9mm Luger 115Gr. FMJ 50rdQ41720208922019893 (in stock)$11.99
Federal9mm 115gr FMJ 50rdRTP91150294650647091 (in stock)$11.99
Sellier&Bellot9mm Luger 115gr 50rd BoxSB9A7549085000861 (in stock)$10.99
Sellier&Bellot9mm Luger SP 124gr 50rdSB9S75490850010915 (in stock)$15.99
Federal9mm 115gr FMJ RN 50rdWM519902946506087960 (in stock)$11.99


Buffalo Bore40S&W+P 180gr FMJ-FN 20rd23C.2065181502303812 (in stock)$22.95
CCI40S&W Blazer 155gr FMJ 50rd358707668303587536 (in stock)$14.95
Magtech40S&W 180gr FMJ FLAT 50rd40B-5075490816001310 (in stock)$16.99
CCI40S&W Blazer Brass 165gr FMJ 50rd521007668305210018 (in stock)$15.95
CCI40S&W Blazer Brass 180gr FMJ 50rd52200766830522093 (in stock)$16.95
Colt40S&W 155gr SCHP 20rdAC40HP85949200526667 (in stock)$12.95
Magtech40S&W 130gr SCHP 20rdFDJ40A7549081975148 (in stock)$18.99
Remington40S&W 165gr HPJ Golden Saber 25rdGS40SWA04770016560816 (in stock)$25.99
Remington40S&W 180gr JHP Golden Saber 25rdGS40SWB0477000796081 (in stock)$25.99
Remington40S&W UMC 180gr Pistol&Revol 50rdL40SW304770007730730 (in stock)$14.95
Federal40S&W Hydra-Shok JHP 180gr 20rdP40HS10294650886062 (in stock)$26.95
Federal40S&W Hydra-Shok JHP 165gr 20rdP40HS30294650894675 (in stock)$26.95
Federal40S&W Guard Dog 135gr 20rdPD40GRD02946506267519 (in stock)$19.95
Winchester40S&W 180gr FMJ 50rdQ42380208922030068 (in stock)$16.99
Winchester40S&W Ranger LE Reduced Lead 180gr FMJ 50rdQ435635 (in stock)$22.99
Federal40S&W 165gr FMJ 50rdRTP4016502946506471630 (in stock)$14.95
Federal40S&W 180gr FMJ 50rdRTP4018002946506472320 (in stock)$14.95
Winchester40S&W 165gr FMJ Flat Nose 50rdUSA40SW02089221235020 (in stock)$15.99
Federal40S&W 180gr FMJ FN 50rdWM522302946506085540 (in stock)$15.99


Buffalo Bore45ACP+P 230gr FMJ-FN 20rd45230FMJ-FN6518154523269 (in stock)$22.95
Buffalo Bore45ACP+P 255gr hard cast FN 20rd452556518154525179 (in stock)$22.95
PMC45ACP eRange 230gr EMJ-NT 50rd45EMA74156901053540 (in stock)$24.99
PMC45ACP Starfire 230gr SFHP 20rd45SFA74156901013912 (in stock)$18.49
Colt45ACP 185gr SCHP 20rdAC45HP85949200527313 (in stock)$12.95
Federal45ACP Subsonic Suppressor 230gr FMJ 20rdAE45SUP102946506404410 (in stock)$25.99
Barnaul45ACP Silver Bear 230gr Bimetal FMJ 50rdAS45FMJ46070948625987 (in stock)$13.95
Sig Sauer45ACP Elite Performance 200gr JHP 20rdE45AP179868145818913 (in stock)$19.95
Sig Sauer45ACP Elite V-Crown 230gr JHP 20rdE45AP279868150168710 (in stock)$17.95
Armscor45ACP 230gr FMJ 50rdFAC45-12N81228502010527 (in stock)$17.95
Magtech45ACP+P First Defense 165gr SCHP 20rdFD45A7549081845143 (in stock)$24.90
Magtech45ACP+P 165gr SCHP 20rdFDJ45A75490819761366 (in stock)$17.99
Remington45ACP Golden Saber 185gr JHP 25rdGS45APA047700165806241 (in stock)$25.99
Remington45ACP Golden Saber 230gr HP 25rdGS45APB0477000797077 (in stock)$25.99
Remington45ACP (+P) Golden Saber 185gr BJP 25rdGS45APC04770016970517 (in stock)$25.99
Remington45ACP UMC 230gr FMJ 50rdL45AP404770006780350 (in stock)$16.95
Federal45ACP Hydra-Shok JHP 230gr 20rdP45HS10294650854143 (in stock)$26.95
Winchester45ACP 230Gr. FMJ 50rdQ417002089220191010 (in stock)$21.99
Cor-Bon45ACP+P 185 gr JHP 20rdSD451857577504510499 (in stock)$28.95
WinchesterBall M1911 45ACP 230gr FMJ 50rdSG45W02089222173413 (in stock)$21.95
Winchester45ACP 185gr FMJ 50rdUSA45A02089221237418 (in stock)$21.99
WinchesterWin 1011 45ACP 230gr 50rdX45T02089222021813 (in stock)$24.95

Even Rimfire is staging a come back. We were lucky to be able to maintain a pretty decent inventory throughout the crisis, without resorting to price gouging, but at times our supplies of affordable plinking ammunition were razor thin.

Luckily, these times seem to be past us. We are still limiting 22LR and 22WMR purchases to 100rd (we have some 300 and 325 rd bricks that we will sell you with the purchase of the rifle), but we have no limits at all on 22lr Quiet, 17WSM and 17HMR ammunition - all of which we are selling at normal, pre-craze prices.

Here is what we have in stock for 22LR.

CCICCI Blazer 22LR 40gr LRN 50rd002107668300021758 (in stock)$2.99
CCI22LR Mini-Mag 100rd00300766830003091 (in stock)$7.99
CCI22LR Mini-Mag HP 100rd003107668300031650 (in stock)$7.99
CCI22LR Standard RN 40gr 1070fps 50rd003507668300035456 (in stock)$3.49
CCI22LR Pistol Match 40gr 50rd00510766830005145 (in stock)$11.49
Aguila22LR Super Extra High Velocity 50rd1B222328640420001012109 (in stock)$3.95
Aguila22LR SV SP 50rd1B22233264042000105069 (in stock)$3.99
Remington22LR 40gr HV RN 100rd2127604770000050326 (in stock)$7.99
RWS22LR 40gr Solid Target Rifle 50rd213 24 7840002941324769 (in stock)$8.99
SK22LR 40gr Standard Plus 50rd42101402304542101842 (in stock)$5.99
Armscor22LR 36gr HV HP 50rd500154806015500155144 (in stock)$4.95
Federal22LR 40gr Solid 50rd510029465056186135 (in stock)$3.49
Federal22LR Game Shok 40gr Copper Solid 50rd710029465056148142 (in stock)$3.99
Federal22LR Game Shok 38gr Copper Solid 50rd71202946505615512 (in stock)$3.99
Federal22LR HV Match 50rd719029465057381184 (in stock)$4.99
Armscor22LR Rimfire Std Velocity Solid Point 40gr 50rdA22STD480601550012445 (in stock)$4.95
BrowningBPR HP 22LR 40gr 100rdBPR22LR400208921035975 (in stock)$10.95
Lapua22LR 40gr 50rdCenter-X-5040230454216362 (in stock)$11.99
Lapua22LR 40gr Midas + 50rdMidas +402304542162926 (in stock)$17.99
Lapua22LR 40gr Polar Biathlon 50rdPB-50402304542166731 (in stock)$17.49
Remington22LR Eley Match EPS 40gr 50rdRE22MEPS047700009803757 (in stock)$14.99
SK22LR Rifle Match 50rdRM-5040230454210872 (in stock)$8.99
Federal22LR UltraMatch 50rdUM2202946505779450 (in stock)$14.95
Winchester22LR 36gr 1280fps Plated HP 235rdUSA235LRH02089210263710 (in stock)$13.99
WinchesterX-Super 22LR Power Point 40gr 100rdX22LRPP102089210194427 (in stock)$9.49
Lapua22LR 40gr LRN 50rdX-ACT-50402304542161216 (in stock)$29.99

See more ammunition deals in our Ammunition department, and also remember - the best way to isolate yourself from crazy fluctuations in ammunition market is to start reloading!