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Holiday Hours! We will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving AND Black Friday! We will be operating on our usual schedule starting on 11/25.

Hundreds of guns in stock, over 5000 available for special order! Check our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell!

Welcome to Precise Shooter Holiday 2016 page!

Don't forget our Holiday Giving Guide!

This is the page on which we will be tracking particularly good deals for this year's holiday season.

Holiday Schedule

Savage rifles

We have the latest Savage rebates! Their web site has not been updated yet, we expect that the forms will show there shortly. Meanwhile, this is what we have in store as coupons.

Some of our reviews:

SAVAGE MARK II-FV .22LR 21" HB ACCU TRIGGER BLUED/BLK SYN2870006265428700811 (in stock)$219.95
SAVAGE MARK II FVSR .22LR 16.5"HB THREADED ACCU TRIG BLK287020626542870221 (in stock)$259.95
SAVAGE MARK II-FVXP .22LR 21" HB W/3-9X40 ACU TGR BL/BLK SYN292000626542920021 (in stock)$259.95
93 FXP900480626549004882 (in stock)$249.95
SAVAGE 93-F .22WMR 21" ACCU TRIGGER BLUED/BLACK SYN918000626549180012 (in stock)$229.95
93 FV-SR932070626549320762 (in stock)$359.95
SAVAGE 93R17-FXP .17HMR 21" W/3-9X40 ACCU TGR BLUED/SYN962090626549620971 (in stock)$289.95
93R17 FVXP 17HMR 962240626549622404 (in stock)$239.95
93R17 FV-SR966990626549669964 (in stock)$329.95
SAVAGE 93R17-GV .17HMR 21" HB ACCU TRIGGER BLUED/HARDWOOD967010626549670161 (in stock)$269.95
SAVAGE 93R17-GLV .17HMR LH 21"HB ACCU TGR BLUED/HARDWOOD967170626549671771 (in stock)$269.95
93R17 TR Matte Black Tactical Stock967720113569677252 (in stock)$399.95

AXIS are amazing budget rifles. Pay particular attention to AXIS HB:

SAVAGE AXIS .308 22" MATTE BLUED/BLK SYN BOX MAG192230113561922331 (in stock)$294.95
SAVAGE AXIS .30-06 22" MATTE BLUED/BLK SYN BOX MAG192260113561922641 (in stock)$294.95
AXIS MOBU192420113561924241 (in stock)$294.95
SAVAGE AXIS .308 20" THREADED MATTE BLUED/BLK SYN BOX MAG197470113561974741 (in stock)$329.95
SAVAGE AXIS HVY BBL .308 22" MATTE BLUED/BLK SYN BOX MAG<222120113562221218 (in stock)$334.95
AXIS II SS 6.5CR225750113562257571 (in stock)$439.95


  • 11 Trophy Hunter XP 308Win 22" w/Nikon Scope $499.95 (in stock) ($425 after rebate)
  • 14 American Classic 308Win $719.95 (in stock) ($645 after rebate!)
  • 16 Varmint SS 20" 223Rem $499.95 (in stock) ($425 after rebate (!))
  • 16 Varmint SS 20" 22-250 $499.95 (in stock) ($425 after rebate (!))

Burris Optics

As art of the holiday extravaganza, we have an absolutely KILLER deal on Burris Prism series optics. This will be available everywhere from Burris starting on Thanksgiving, as mail-in free goods, but we have an early start - and we have the deal combination - two optics for the price of one - available RIGHT NOW!

The deal is on Burris AR-332 ((currently unavailable)) and AR-536 ((currently unavailable)) both of which come with a free FastFire 3 with 3MOA reticle and picatinny mount included for free. These typically sell on the Internet and in our store for over $200.

Browning Buck Mark Black Label

This is a pretty Buckmark which comes with a laser pre-mounted. It usually sells on the Internet for $600-650.

Price: $479.95 (in stock)

HK P30L V1 40S&W

This gun typically sells for just under $1000. We were able to snag a super deal on it, so - enjoy!

Price: (currently unavailable)

CZ 455 American

We were able to snag a few of these beautiful little guns at holiday discounts, so we are passing the super savings to you. If you are not familiar with CZ guns, this is your chance to learn why they are called "Czech Anschutzes" for cheap.

And if you already have a bunch of your own, you should get a couple for your kids. At this price, you cannot go wrong.

Price: $329.95 (in stock)

Did I meniton that we have more CZ guns in stock than anyone in Pacific Northwest? And did I mention that we are probably the only place in the country that still has a large assortment of the discontinued - but highly desireable - CZ 452 rifles?

CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Orange 9mm 10rd011688067030116841 (in stock)$1,332.95
CZ 452 AMERICAN 22LR LEFT HAND !020178067030201744 (in stock)$449.95
452-2E ZKM Super Match 22LR 0203380670302033411 (in stock)$439.95
452 American LH 17HMR020748067030207474 (in stock)$499.95
513 22 Lr Basic 1/2 X20 Parker Hale Thread020848067030208464 (in stock)$309.95
CZ 455 AMERICAN .22LR 20.5" BLUED BLACK POLYMER STOCK021138067030211332 (in stock)$329.95
CZ 455 SCOUT .22LR RIFLE BEECH WOOD STOCK 5RD MAG021358067030213551 (in stock)$322.95
455 Varmint Evolution Fluted022448067030224443 (in stock)$449.95
CZ 455 VARMINT EVOLUTION 22LR 20.5" HB COYOTE LAMINATE STOCK022468067030224681 (in stock)$489.95
527 American Suppressor Ready030868067030308691 (in stock)$694.95
527 American 21.9" Walnut Stick Blued030878067030308761 (in stock)$669.95
550 Varmint041668067030416672 (in stock)$709.95
CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM 9MM FS 18-SHOT BLACK POLYMER0424-0715-AXHPPB58067039125852 (in stock)$609.95
557 Carbine045838067030485361 (in stock)$599.95
CZ 527 CARBINE RUSTIC 7.62X39 18.5" BLUED BBL BEECHWOOD <302758067030307531 (in stock)$684.95
455 Amer Combo 22LR/17HMR 455 8067030212011 (in stock)$529.95
CZ P-07 9MM FS 15-SHOT POLYMER FRAME BLACK910868067039108644 (in stock)$469.95
CZ 75-B 9MM FS 16-SHOT POLYMER BLACK POLYCOTE FINISH911028067039110212 (in stock)$569.95
CZ 75-BD 9MM FS 16-SH POLYMER BLACK POLYCOTE FINISH911308067039113044 (in stock)$569.95
CZ 75-SA 9MM FS 16-SHOT POLYMER FINISH BLACK911508067039115025 (in stock)$579.95
CZ 75 SP-01 9MM LIGHT RAIL TRITIUM SIGHTS 18-SH BLACK911528067039115265 (in stock)$679.95
CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL 9MM TRITIUM SIGHTS 18RD MAG911538067039115337 (in stock)$679.95
75 Tactical Sport 2-Tone911728067039117241 (in stock)$1,229.95
75 Compact911908067039119083 (in stock)$549.95
CZ 75 D PCR COMPACT 9MM FS 14-SHOT W/DECOCKER POLYCOTE911948067039119462 (in stock)$579.95
Shadow 2 BLK 9mm 912548067039125475 (in stock)$1,169.95
Shadow 2 Grey 9mm 912558067039125541 (in stock)$1,149.95
75 SP-01 Tactical FDE 9mm 912638067039126392 (in stock)$769.95
P-07 Grey 9mm912888067039128822 (in stock)$519.95
P-07 Suppressor-Ready91289806703912892 (in stock)$519.95
CZ 805 BREN PS1 PISTOL .223 30-SHOT !913608067039136052 (in stock)$1,765.95
CZ PO9 40S&W FS 15-SHOT POLYMER FRAME BLACK916218067039162179 (in stock)$429.95
83 380 ACP 3.75"HG2178-G15 (in stock)$319.95

Remington R51

First, if you are casual shooter, this gun is absolutely not for you. But if you are a collector, this is your chance to snag it at a fire sale price, while it is still available.

Price: $319.95 (in stock)

We will post more amazing deals as they come - CHECK BACK OFTEN!