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Last days before I1639

Dear friends,

We are in the last days before I-1639 goes in full effect on 7/1.

Everyone is doing last minute buying, and the store is running at 2x capacity.

Because of the time it takes to train employees for compliance with federal and state law, gun stores do not scale up and down very easily.

This week we have a lot of people working overtime - and we have even called Wes back from retirement - but we're still having problems coping with this situation.

Because of this, we decided to suspend doing private transfers until 7/1. Private transfers are extremely time-consuming operation - it takes 3x as much time as selling - so we can help 3 customers picking up their Internet transfers or purchases instead of doing one private transfer.

We are very sorry. We did not expect that it would come to this. But here we are.

Secondly, at this point if you are placing a special order for firearms, we cannot guarantee that it will get here in time. Shipping rifles takes about a week. Shipping handguns - two days, plus the time it takes us to register.

The second point - that it takes us time to register guns to make them available for shipping/transfer - is super important. It has always been our policy that we do not do same day transfers on firearms received from the Internet. Right now, with the flood of firearms coming in, it is even more important. At the current inflow it takes us at least two days to make transfers and special orders available for pick-up, and we cannot guarantee that everything that arrives on Friday will be ready by Sunday.

We still have the following semiautomatic rifles in stock:

Ar-15 style

AK style



Happy shopping - and, again, apologies for the private transfer restrictions :-(.