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Super deals at Precise Shooter!

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Precise Shooter has accounts with 10 biggest distributors. Distributors often run sales events, so we wrote software that goes out and scours their catalogues for great prices automatically.

The result is this page. Here you will find great prices - both in our store, when we took advantage of distributors' offers and bought things cheap - as well as deals available for special ordering.

Before special ordering, however, please read this - because non-refundable deposits are part of the process.



Adams ArmsAA-15 5.56NATO 16" P1 ModelFGAA-004248121510244736$624.95
Adams ArmsADAMS ARMS RIFLE P1 MOE 5.56MMFGAA0042681215102449731$624.95
BushmasterBUSHMASTER QRC PRO B5 .22300-10002-BLK60420620002029$599.95
CZ75B Retro 9mm 17rd91121806703911212131$679.95
GirsanMC312 Sport 12GA 24" Semi-Auto 3 Gun w/ Red Dot39017074156690410357$299.95
HeritageBarkeep .22LR 2" BLK LaminateBK22B2-BBK727962707128606$114.95
HeritageHERITAGE BARKEEP 22LR 3" 6RD GRY PRLBK22B3GPRL727962704691138$124.95
MossbergMC2c 9mm 4" Tritium Sights8901601581389016810$314.95
MossbergMSBRG MC2C 9MM 3.9" 10RD BLK NS8901701581389017518$314.95
RossiRossi Gallery .22LR 18" Pump Synth.RP22181SY754908229901260$204.95
SAR USASAR9 BLK 9mm 4.4"SAR9BL8587630071212 (in stock)$339.95
Savage12LRP 6.5Cr191370113561913731 (in stock)$1,099.95
Savage320 Stevens Security 12GA 18.5" Ghost Ring1948701135619487930$194.95
SavageSAV 110 LONG RANGE HUNTE 300PRC 26574950113565749545$794.95
SavageSAV IMPULSE HOG HNTR 300WIN 24" BLK5765601135657656952$949.95
SavageSAV RENEGAUGE FIELD 12GA 28" BL576020113565760262$904.95
SavageSAV RENEGAUGE TURKEY 12GA 24" MOB576060113565760645$984.95
SavageSAV RENEGAUGE WTRFWL 12GA 26" BLADES576050113565760572$984.95
SavageSAV STANCE MC9 9MM 3.2" 8RD NS FDE670070113566700769$324.95
SavageSAV STANCE MC9 GRY 9MM 3.2 7/8RD67009011356670090146$269.95
SavageSAVAGE MARK II FSS .22LR 21"2470006265424700216$219.95
SavageSAVAGE RENEGAUGE FIELD 12GA5760301135657603333$904.95
SavageSAVAGE STANCE MC9MS 9MM BLACK67001011356670014170$269.95
SavageSAVAGE STANCE MC9MS 9MM BLACK6701601135667016824$349.95
SavageSAVAGE STANCE MC9MS 9MM GREY6700801135667008361$304.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 12/18.5/3" 5RD HS PG1949601135619496137$199.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 12GA 22" 5RD SPRG CAMO2256401135622564161$204.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 FLD GRD 20/26/3" VR/SYN224360113562243614$179.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 TH 12GA 18.5" 3" 5RD GRS2324801135623248915$189.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 TH 20GA 18.5" 3" 5RD BLK2324701135623247220$184.95
SavageSTEVENS 320 TURKEY TH 12GA 22" 3"2325001135623250256$239.95
SavageSTEVENS 555 TRAP 20GA COMPACT232250113562322507$484.95
TristarTRISTAR COBRA III FORCE 12/18.52316271378023162458$224.95
TristarTRISTAR COBRA III SYN 20/282315271378023152516$239.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2410571378024105039$399.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2410671378024106740$399.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"2413571378024135714$454.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3" LGHT2410271378024102914$454.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 ADV TIM 12/26"2413971378024139536$454.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 SYN 20/28"2410771378024107466$399.95
TristarTRISTAR VIPER G2 WOOD 12/28"2410071378024100537$454.95
ZEVZEV OZ9 COMBAT 9MM 4.5" 17RD BLKOZ9-STD-COMBAT-B-B81133803518924$904.95
ZEVZEV OZ9C ELT X 9MM 4" 17RD BLK/BRZOZ9C-X-CPT-B-BRZ81133803556150$1,129.95