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Manufacturer: Remington
Part Number: R86950
Product Code: 810070685348
Price: $1,134.95
Quantity available: 3

The muzzleloader has been redefined with super-magnum power and 300-yard lethal range as achieved by the revolutionary U.M.L. Ignition System and 50-caliber Premier AccuTip bullets. Double your effective range - twice as easy to use.

Pre-primed cases load with the ease of a centerfire. And super-hot magnum primers ignite up to 200-grain loads with near smokeless efficiency. The flash channel stays clean and ready for the next load. There’s no need to remove the breech plug for cleanup.

Remington then paired this innovative new system with a Model 700 receiver a vault of strength and the most trusted in bolt-action history.

It’s a superior rifle in every way built to match most centerfires for precision power and performance. Reinventing the muzzleloader as only America’s most innovative gunmaker can.

With its stainless steel barreled action and laminate wood stock the Model 700 LSS Ultimate muzzleloader adds all weather durability and striking looks to the world’s most innovative muzzleloading rifle.

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