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PWS MK218 MOD 1 6.5CREE 18 PRC30

Manufacturer: Primary Weapons Systems
Part Number: 18M218RD1B
Product Code: 811154030900
Price: $1,869.96 MAP
Quantity available: 2

The MK2 MOD 1-M revamped for 2018 features the PWS long stroke piston system originally designed for the AR-15 platform. What makes a short gun run makes a long gun accurate- that being said the MK2 is among the most reliable and accurate in its category. The MK2 line features a free float MLOK handguard with fully forged upper and lower receivers. Lightening cuts and an eliminated forward assist make the MK2 MOD 1-M line a lightweight yet solid feeling firearm. Accuracy smooth operation and reliability make the MK2 MOD 1-M line a necessity for those looking to expand their long-stroke piston system firearm collections. - The MK218 MOD 1-M offers shooters a long range gun with the convenience of a semi-auto platform. Coming standard with a PRC30 compensator on the end the MK218 MOD 1-M is the ideal firearm for quick follow up shots at long distances. - MK218 MOD 1-M Specs: - Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor - Weight: 9 lb. 2 oz. - Length: 36.75-40.25 - Piston System: Mid-length - Velocity: 2588 ft/sec - MK218 MOD 1-M Features: - PWS long stroke piston operating system - 3-setting adjustable gas system - Forged upper and lower receivers - Eliminated forward assist - PRC30 Compensator - MLOK free float handguard - 1:8 barrel twist rate - Radian Raptor Charging Handle - MK218 MOD 1-M Includes: - Rifle service tool for gas adjustment - PWS sticker - PWS bottle opener - PWS hat - PWS manual - MagPul 20 round magazine

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