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CZ 75 B-D, 9mm

Fun fact: sport shooting is 3rd most popular sport in Czech Republic. Want to know what the first and the second are? See here.

This model is a decocker version of the basic CZ 75 B model. The decocking lever mounted on the left side allows the hammer to be easily lowered on a loaded chamber for a safe, 'hammer down' carry.

CZ 75 B is used by more Governments, Militaries, Police and Security agencies than any other pistol in the world. The CZ 75 is quite possibly the perfect pistol.

Split between 75B and 75BD? Check out our study of trigger differences between these two models.
  • All steel construction
  • High capacity double column magazines
  • Hammer forged barrels
  • Ergonomic grip and controls
  • Unparallel accuracy
  • Slide-in-frame design for better recoil control
  • 3 dot sighting system (Tritium night sights available)
  • Smooth double action and crisp single action
  • Extended service life due to advanced design and superior materials
  • Firing pin block safety

Designed in 1975, the CZ 75 is the flagship model of the CZ handgun line with over one million produced. An entire family of pistols is available based on the basic CZ 75 design: compacts, decockers, single action only, ambidextrous, alloy frames as well as competition pistols.

Price: $614.95 (special order))

Please see our special ordering process about purchasing this item.

If you are not in Seattle area, we CAN ship this product.

You can also email us at or call 206 489-4907 if you have any questions.

More information and reviews on CZ-USA and Wikipedia!

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457 Varmint MTR 22LR 20"0234580670302345814 (special order)$804.95
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CZ 457 VARMINT LH 22LR 20" 5RD023928067030239229 (special order)$614.95
CZ Drake Over/Under 12GA 28"060928067030609271 (special order)$664.95
CZ Drake O/U 20GA 28" Walnut Stock0609380670306093463 (special order)$664.95
CZ Hammer Coach 12GA 20" SXS0613080670306130630 (special order)$994.95
CZ Hammer Classic 12GA 30" CH061318067030613132 (special order)$1,039.95
CZ 712 G3 12/26 3" 3RD BLK WLNT061658067030616583 (special order)$549.95
CZ 712 G3 12/28 3" 3RD BLK WLNT061678067030616724 (special order)$549.95
CZ 712 G3 12/28 3" 3RD CAMO POLY061688067030616894 (special order)$644.95
CZ 712 G3 UTILITY 12/20 3" 3RD BLK0617080670306170211 (special order)$549.95
CZ 712 G3 TRGT 12/30 3" 4RD BLK WLNT063108067030631024 (special order)$759.95
CZ 1012 12/28 GLOSSY BLK WD 4RD0635080670306350812 (special order)$644.95
CZ 1012 Bronze 12GA 3" 28" VR CT-5 Walnut Stock063538067030635391 (in stock)$659.95
CZ 1012 12/28 GREY WD 4RD0635480670306354612 (special order)$644.95
CZ 1012 12/28 BOTTOMLAND POLY 4RD063558067030635534 (special order)$709.95
CZ FS 1012 G2 12GA 28 MO BLADES 5CT 4RD0637380670306373711 (special order)$714.95
CZ FS 1012 G2 12GA 28 ODG WALNUT 5CT 4RD0637680670306376811 (special order)$714.95
CZ Bobwhite G2 12GA 28"063908067030639049 (special order)$664.95
CZ Bobwhite G2 20GA 28"0639180670306391157 (special order)$664.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 20GA 28 ALL TERRAIN 5 CHOKES0639480670306394242 (special order)$664.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 SOUTHPAW 12/28063978067030639732 (special order)$664.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 SOUTHPAW 20/28063988067030639804 (special order)$664.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 INTERMEDIATE 20/26063998067030639972 (special order)$664.95
CZ SHRP TAIL SBS 12/28 3" BLK 5CT064018067030640175 (special order)$949.95
CZ SHARPTAIL 16GA 28 FIXED IC/MOD06402806703064024142 (special order)$1,096.18 MAP
CZ SHARP-TAIL 20-28" 5 CHOKE TUBES064038067030640314 (special order)$949.95
CZ SHARP-TAIL .410-28" FIXED IC/MO064078067030640795 (special order)$1,039.95
CZ DRAKE ALL TER 12/28 5 CHK ODG WLT0641080670306410918 (special order)$759.95
CZ DRAKE ALL TER 20/28 5 CHK ODG WLT0641180670306411611 (special order)$759.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 28GA 28 5 CHOKES0641480670306414843 (special order)$709.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 S/S 28GA 28" 3"064148067030641477 (special order)$709.95
CZ SHARP-TAIL S/S 28GA 3" 28"064158067030641543 (special order)$1,039.95
CZ SHARP-TAIL TGT 12-30" 5 CHOKE S064168067030641612 (special order)$1,289.95
Sharp-Tail Coach 12GA 20"064178067030641783 (special order)$1,104.95
CZ SHARPTAIL COACH 20GA 20 FIXED CYL/CYL06418806703064185124 (special order)$1,028.76 MAP
Wingshooter 12ga 28"0645580670306455012 (special order)$1,104.95
CZ WNGSHTR ELT O/U 20/28 3" WLNT064568067030645674 (special order)$1,104.95
CZ RDHD PRMR TGT 12/30 EXTENDED 5SET064598067030645985 (special order)$1,379.95
CZ UPLAND ULTLT ALL TER 12/28 5 CHK064628067030646286 (special order)$854.95
CZ SUPREME FIELD 12GA 28 #3 WALNUT 5 EXT CHOK0646480670306464251 (special order)$1,821.56 MAP
CZ SUPREME FIELD 20GA 28 #3 WALNUT 5 EXT CHOK0646580670306465917 (special order)$1,821.56 MAP
CZ Upland Ultralight 20GA 28" ODG064678067030646735 (special order)$854.95
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER ALL TERRAIN 12GA 28 5 CHOKE064688067030646805 (special order)$1,039.95
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER 12GA 28 5 CHOKES0647180670406471026 (special order)$949.95
CZ Redhead Premier 12GA 28"064718067030647102 (special order)$949.95
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER O/U 20GA064728067030647278 (special order)$949.95
CZ REDHD PRMR 20/28 3" BL WLNT 5CT064738067030647348 (special order)$949.95
CZ REDHD PRMR 20/28 3" WLNT ODG064748067030647414 (special order)$1,039.95
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER O/U 16GA064788067030647898 (special order)$949.95
CZ QUAIL OU 20/28 WLNT 5 CHOKES064838067030648333 (special order)$664.95
CZ DRAKE SOUTHPAW 12/28 WLNT 5 CHKS0648680670306486411 (special order)$664.95
CZ Drake Southpaw 20GA 3" 28"064878067030648711 (special order)$664.95
CZ DRAKE O/U .410GA 28" IC/MOD064898067030648954 (special order)$709.95
CZ SCTP STERLING 12GA 30 SOUTHPAW 5 CHOKES0649580670306495634 (special order)$964.95
CZ 612 MAG TRKY 12/26 3.5 CAMO 4RD065338067030653355 (special order)$474.95
612 Field Pump Walnut 12GA 28"065408067030654034 (special order)$379.95
CZ 620 FLD 20/28 3" BL WLNT 4RD065748067030657483 (special order)$569.95
CZ 628 FLD 28/28 2.75" BL WLNT 4RD065768067030657623 (special order)$569.95
CZ 612 TARGET 12GA. 3" 32"065788067030657862 (special order)$509.95
CZ ALL AMERICAN TRAP COMBO 12GA 32 INT CHOKE065828067030658231 (special order)$2,764.95
CZ SWMP MAG O/U 12/30 3.5" CAMO065838067030658306 (special order)$1,039.95
CZ ALL-USA 12-30" IC FACTORY CHOKE065858067030658543 (special order)$2,304.95
All-American 12GA 3" O/U 32"065868067030658611 (special order)$2,304.95
CZ REAPER MAGNUM 12GA 26 RT PICATIINY RAIL065888067030658855 (special order)$1,039.95
600 ST1 Lux 223REM 20"0730180670307301925 (special order)$949.95
CZ 600 LUX 308WIN 20" 5RD WAL0730280670307302617 (special order)$949.95
CZ 600 LUX 30-06 20" 5RD WAL0730380670307303323 (special order)$949.95
CZ 600 LUX 300WIN 24" 3RD WAL0730480670307304012 (special order)$949.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 223REM 24" 5RD BLK0740180670307401612 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 7.62X39 18" 5RD BLK0740380670307403021 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 308WIN 20" 5RD BLK074048067030740472 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 6CM 22" 5RD BLK0740580670307405441 (special order)$624.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 6.5CM 22" 5RD BLK0740680670307406144 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 6.5PRC 24" 3RD BLK0740780670307407810 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 30-06 20" 5RD BLK074088067030740854 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 ALPHA 300WIN 24" 3RD BLK0740980670307409218 (special order)$614.95
CZ 600 RANGE 308WIN 24" 5RD LAM0750380670307503740 (special order)$1,199.95
CZ 600 RANGE 308WIN 24" 5RD LAM BLEM075031 (special order)$1,159.95
CZ 600 RANGE 6CM 24" 5RD LAM0750480670307504416 (special order)$1,199.95
600 TA1 Trail .223REM 16.2"0760180670307601046 (special order)$1,024.95
CZ 600 TRAIL 7.62X39 16.2" 10RD0760280670307602730 (special order)$1,024.95
P-10F FDE 9mm 4.5" 19rd10953680670389541318 (special order)$489.95
CZ 75 SP-01 9MM TRITIUM NS 2 10RD8115280670381152927 (special order)$759.95
P-09 9mm 4.54" 10RD ODG812688067038126871 (in stock)$619.95
P-10C 9mm 4.02" 10RD FDE815328067038153296 (special order)$379.95
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" FDE 10RD8156180670381561918 (special order)$379.95
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" ODG 10RD8156580670381565722 (special order)$379.95
P-09 OD Green 9mm 21rd892688067038926899 (special order)$589.95
P-09 SR 9mm 5.2"8927080670389270210 (special order)$504.95
P-07 SR 9mm 17RD FS892898067038928946 (special order)$504.95
CZ 75 SP-01 9MM 4.6" BLK 19RD MS893528067038935255 (special order)$759.95
CZ 75 SP-01 TAC 9MM 4.6" BLK 19RD8935380670389353227 (special order)$759.95
CZ P-10 C 9MM FS 15-SHOT FDE8953280670389532111 (special order)$534.95
P-10C 9mm 4.61" SR8953380670389533829 (special order)$509.95
P-10F 9mm 19rd ODG "895458067038954516 (special order)$489.95
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" FDE 12RD89561806703895611124 (special order)$379.95
P10S 9mm 12rd ODG 3.5"89565806703895659128 (special order)$379.95
P-07 9x19mm Black9108680670391086458 (special order)$464.95
75B 9mm 16rd911028067039110219 (special order)$614.95
75B Retro 9mm 17rd911218067039112129 (special order)$944.95
75BD 9mm BLK911308067039113043 (special order)$614.95
75 SP-01 Shadow 9mm 4.7" 18rd9115480670301154719 (special order)$1,629.95
75 TS Czechmate 9mm9117480670391174820 (special order)$2,749.95
75 Compact9119080670391190820 (special order)$614.95
75D Compact PCR9119480670391194635 (special order)$614.95
75 P-01 9mm 3.75"9119980670391199191 (special order)$614.95
Tactical Sport 2 9mm 20Rd Blk/Blue Grips 5.23"912208067039122023 (special order)$1,474.95
CZ 75 TS 2 40SW 5.23" BLU 17RD9122280670391222611 (special order)$1,474.95
Shadow 2 Orange 9mm 9124980670391249310 (special order)$1,564.95
Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm ODG 1/2X28 THRD913558067039135513 (special order)$1,124.95
Scorpion 3 Plus 9mm 7.8"914218067039142132 (special order)$950.00 MAP
CZ BREN 2 MS PSTL 556 8" 30RD BLK914508067039145036 (special order)$1,659.95
BREN 2 MS 5.56 11" PISTOL914518067039145106 (special order)$1,659.95
Bren 2 Ms 9″ 7.62×39mm 30rd914608067039146023 (special order)$1,960.15 MAP
CZ P-10C SR OR 9MM 4.61" 17RD BLK9151380670391513535 (special order)$474.95
P-10C 9mm 4"9153180670391531973 (special order)$379.95
P-10C 9MM 4" TB HNS 17RD915338067039153335 (special order)$534.95
P-10C OR 9mm 4" 15rd915368067039153644 (special order)$424.95
CZ P-10F SR OR 9MM 5.1" 21RD BLK9155680670391556212 (special order)$474.95
P-10 S 9MM 3.5" 2-12RD915608067039156093 (special order)$379.95
CZ P-10 S 9MM 3.5 FDE NS 12RD915618067039156161 (special order)$564.95
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" OR BLK 12RD915688067039156851 (special order)$424.95
P-09 9mm HI Cap916208067039162009 (special order)$574.00 MAP
CZ A01-SD OR 9MM 4.9" 9MM 19RD BLK9173280670391732010 (special order)$2,484.95
CZ ACCUSHADOW 2 9MM BLK 2-17RD CZC9176380670391763423 (special order)$2,266.03 MAP
CZ P-10 S 9MM 3.5 BLK SUBCOMPACT FNS 12RD951608067039156071 (special order)$554.95
CZ P10 M 9MM 3.19" 7RD BLK BLEM951991 (special order)$279.95
P-10M 9mm 3.19" 7RD BLK95199806703951997101 (special order)$284.95
Silver Eagle RZ17 Tactical 12GA Pump 18.5" RZ17TAC81205202420624 (special order)$254.95