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Polish P64 Pistol

We have two Polish P64 pistols.

These pistols are compact and has a look and feel of Walther PP, but is built for a more powerful 9x18 Makarov caliber. P64s were standard issue military and police sidearm for many years, and are still on active duty.

They are tight, very well made, extremely compact, and at only $260 with two magazines are an amazing price/performance combination for the subcompact market. The quality of build, with the steel frame and beautiful glossy finish far exceeds that of the equivalent modern guns in the $200-$350 price range.

This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!

From Wikipedia

Wikipedia photo

The P-64 is a double-action blowback-operated pistol. It has a spring extractor mounted within the slide. The rotating slide catch, installed inside the pistol's frame, contains a protrusion which acts as an empty case ejector. The pistol's trigger mechanism includes a disconnector (which ensures semi-automatic-only fire); a double-action trigger (which allows the pistol to be both cocked and fired with one pull of the trigger); and an exposed hammer. The slide features a loaded chamber indicator (which, both visually and by feel, indicates the presence of a round in the chamber) and a manual safety lever that prevents the weapon from being accidentally discharged with the hammer either cocked or released. This feature also allows a round to be chambered with the safety engaged or toggled off. In the "safe" position, the firing pin is locked and the trigger bar is disconnected from the hammer notch. If the hammer is cocked and the safety is engaged, the safety will release the hammer. In the 1970s the trigger mechanism was slightly modified and the hammer spur was enlarged.

The P-64 is fed from a 6-round single-stack box magazine. After the last round has been fired, the magazine follower lifts the slide catch, which locks the slide open. The slide can then be released by withdrawing the magazine a short distance and pulling the slide back.

The pistol is equipped with fixed iron sights: the rear sight, with a square notch, is calibrated for firing at 50 m. The all-steel P-64 is manufactured mainly by machine cutting. It is issued with a spare magazine, a leather holster, and a cleaning kit. This pistol has a harsh recoil caused by its relatively small size coupled with the potent 9x18mm Makarov round.

Despite its similarity to the Walther PP, the P-64 is an original design, holding a Polish patent, number 54822. The patent applies to the unique disconnecter (an elongated plate sliding vertically inside the pistol's frame) which provides an internal safety, decocks the hammer when the safety is engaged, interrupts the weapon's cycle after every shot fired, and allows the weapon to be reloaded with the safety on.

For their small size, these pistols are surprisingly accurate even with the cheapest ammunition. This target was shot from 25 yards using Brown Bear ammo.

9x18 Makarov

With the massive importation of firearms from former Communist Block countries the 9x18 Makarov round has become quite popular with the US shooters.

A wide variety of both US-made as well as modern Russian production ammunition is available, at the prices that are similar to 9mm Luger. For reloaders, all die manufacturers make 9x18 Makarov dies, Starline makes the brass at prices similar to 9mm Luger brass, Berry makes the bullets, and there are variety of loads in all popular manuals.

Ballistically the round is more powerful than 380 ACP but less so than 9mm Luger, although a few modern loads do approach the performance of the later. See here for more.

Our pistols

The pistols we have matching numbers and come with two magazines.

This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!


Wolf9X18 Makarov 94gr FMJ 50rd6456119181171 (in stock)$15.59
Hornady9X18 Makarov Custom 95gr XTP 25rd9100209025591002510 (in stock)$18.95
Sellier&Bellot9X18 Makarov 85gr FMJ 50rdSB9MAK7549085001616 (in stock)$15.99
TulAmmo9X18 Makarov 92gr FMJ 50rdTA91809281495001159325 (in stock)$14.95