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S&W 64 Revolvers

We have a couple of Smith & Wesson Model 64 Revolvers in 38 Special. They have bull 4" barrels, fantastic bores, excellent, and crisp single action mode. Some have police department markings engraved on them.

Accuracy wise, most of the 5-shot groups with my handloads using match components at 25 yards were in 1.5"-2" range, few in 2-2.5" range, and none above 2.5". Since there was no way mount a scope on these, I would say that roughly 1" of this was due to my iron sight skills.

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Note that the guns look much better in real life than in the pictures. Somehow the flash has overemphasized the miniscule cosmetic defects and the coloring of the barrels is just a reflection of the surroundings.

Wife approved!

My wife shot this target from 25 yards using S&B wadcutter ammunition from a supported position. This was her 3rd time shooting a handgun, and the first time shooting a revolver. The light and crisp S&W trigger is ideally suited for a beginner. In my own hands S&B wadcutter rounds produced roughly 2-3" 5-shot groups, of which I estimate roughly 1" being my fault.