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Smith & Wesson 6906 Pistols

We have a few surplus Smith & Wesson 6906 pistols.

Built in the age where firearms were designed by engineers and craftsmen and not lawyers and "efficiency experts" from finance, the 6906 is a stainless 9mm pistol - both the frame and the slide are stainless. This handguns is extremely robust, and is built along the same lines as 1006, the world's strongest 10mm pistol.

S&W 6906 is a compact version of the 5906 pistol. Unlike 5906, it has a bobbed hammer, but it is a SA/DA handgun - pulling back the slide re-cocks the hammer, and the SA mode has a really crisp 6lb trigger.

The pistols we have are graded as "good" by the distributor, but the steel is in excellent condition - only grips are worn. They come in an after-market pistol case and one 12-round magazine.


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