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TOZ 35M Soviet Free Pistols

For the first time in literally years TOZ 35s are on the market again! These are Soviet pistols designed for Olympic competition. They are in fantastic shape, most likely never fired outside the factory. They still have original uncut grips serialized to the gun (expect to spend a long time with a Dremel or get a help from someone who knows how to make free style grips). The pistol comes with what appears to be full kit (although I do not guarantee completeness to factory spec here - some small parts may be missing!).

You can buy the pre-cut Rink grips for them here.

Take a look at the list of world championship wins delivered by this gun here:

We offer two grades of TOZ pistols as defined by the manufacturer - Good, Very Good. The pistols seem to be the same, all new - the key difference is that there are missing tools and other small parts of the kit. Good seem to miss more of these.

We only have 3 "good" pistols left - once they are gone, they are gone and we no longer can get more. We don't have any "very good" pistols on hands at the moment, but a few are en route to us from a distributor.


Price: $499.95

Very Good

Price: $570.95

Note about shipping

We will ship these guns, but, remember, as pistols, they have to be shipped express, and these are basically wooden suitcases in size, so the shipping is expensive.

We ship priority mail, insured, with adult signature requirement - expect paying $40-$60 (we will charge you exactly what it costs us to ship). You can look up exact shipping prices on The weight is 15lb, and the box is 21x13x8. They will ship from 98036.

Importantly - these may or may not be covered by Century's warranty (you should call Century International Arms to verify, their warranty terms vary all the time), but we at Precise Shooter extend absolutely no warranties for these pistols, including merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. We looked at them, took pictures, and looked in the bores through the borescope. We are not qualified gunsmiths!

The bores look new on the cursory examination, and we've verified the basic function by shooting 3 rounds with the bullet and the powder charge removed (the spent casings are included in the box). You need to show these guns to a qualified gunsmith to ensure safety and correct function. We will give you a 3 day non-firing, non-disassembly inspection time during which, if the guns is found defective during this time, we will take it back and refund the purchase price - minus the shipping costs.

We understand that these terms are rather harsh. We keep these guns primarily for local sale, where they can be fully examined at the point of purchase. We hope that the fact that you are buying them at 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of the new model justifies the risk.

Pictures of a representative model

Specific guns we have on hands