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Canik (TriStar) L-120

L-120 is a clone of CZ-75B using a lightweight alloy frame. We have two in blue, and two in chrome. All characteristics are identical to CZ-75B. The trigger profile (crisp SA, short DA pull) is also identical to CZ-75B.

Canik is a relative newcomer to the US firearms market, but their products are truly superb, so I find myself shooting more Caniks than real CZs recently. Please see my reviews of Canik pistols here and here.


  • 9mm
  • Single/Double Action
  • 17rd Magazine Capacity (MECGAR)
  • 1.75 lbs. Approximate Weight
  • 4.72" Barrel Length
  • 8.11" Overall Length
  • 5.43" Overall Height
  • 1.38" Width
  • 3 Dot Sights; Fixed
  • Shipped in plastic case, with two magazines, bore brush, and cleaning rod.


This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!


This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!

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