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3/1/2015 - what is happening @ Precise Shooter this week

Compute apocalypse

We have just survived a complete power outage - a defective power outlet melted and the whole server infrastructure went down. We took this as an opportunity to clean up the wire mess that accumulated over several years of patching, and then it took almost an hour and a half to revive Active Directory, Exchange and SQL servers. But as of 5pm we are up and running again!

AK news

It looks like AK nirvana is over, at least for the time being. The WASRs are all gone, and most wholesale prices are in $600-$700 range for the run of the mill Yugo and Century rifles. We have just sold our last M70 N-PAP, and only have one last Arsenal SLR-107FR and a few M70AB2T underfolders left.

The latter are amazingly good deal because we sell them for only $25 more than the lowest current wholesale. So you are getting them for the cost of transfer, and free shipping. We have a pretty limited supply though, and when they sell out, we will be out of AKs until we can find another good deal.


As a reminder - Savage has a $100 rebate on any 12 and law enforcement 10 models, as well as $50 on AXIS HB, and $25 on rimfire rifles.

Lately Savage has been on a murderous rampage discontinuing their most successful models. The victims last week were 12LRPV in 22-250 and 12 Benchrest in 6.5x284 Norma. Their web site still lists them, but the status at the distributor is "closeout". We got them both - LRPV with the 9" twist, and the 12F rifle.

Other cool Savage acquisitions last week.

First, we've got 2 closeout Savage 12FV in 204 Ruger - one of these super accurate models that you can have basically for a song. We ask $569.95 plus tax, and there is a $100 Savage rebate, which brings the price down to only $470. These are in stock.

Second, we were able to snag 4 of the new AXIS HB (heavy barrel) rifles. They are not here yet, but hopefully they will show up late in the week. The price will be $319.95, There is a $50 rebate on them, which brings the price down to only $270.

Thirdly, we have 2 Savage 10 FCM Scout rifles in 308 Winchester coming. Yet another discontinued rifle, we've got last couple.

Outside Savages, the new arrivals next week will be...

More Glocks!

A couple of distributors have really good sales on Gen 3 23C, Talo models of 17, and 21s, which allows us to sell them cheap. Also, also - check our used Glock section. We have a number of 21s, 22s, 23s, and 27s which are in great shape and very modestly priced.

Here is what we have:

New reloading equipment!

If you haven't seen Frankford Arsenal's new case prep center, you need to do some research. This thing is build around the same idea as the Giraud trimmer, except it is half the price, and twice the functionality. We are receiving a few more of them next week, along with other new Frankford creations - brass dryer (which goes with the their stainless media tumbler), and depriming tool.


This and the following week we will be effectively doubling our ammunition stock. Lots of new brands in both training and self-defense, in particular, a lot of new Sig ammunition.

One problem - affordable 223 went extinct. I suppose a bunch of people heard that "Obama is banning bullets" and went on a crazy buying spree. I will be keeping an eye on the situation and we will replenish or supply as soon as we can. Meanwhile - reload! Powder supplies started coming back -

Speaking of affordable ammunition - we're been fielding questions about cheap Russian-made ammunition. You will find very little of it at our store. While we do understand that it has its place, we feel bad about selling things that can hurt your rifle. Please read this before feeding it to your rifle!