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2015-04-09 - Midweek Update

We will never be without ammo again! We have gotten 120 boxes of budget target ammunition in the last 2 days, specifically:

  • CCI Blazer Brass 115gr 50rd box, $9.99 (in stock)
  • Magtech 115gr FMJ 50rd box, (currently unavailable)

We have amassed a pretty decent collection of ammunition, at prices that are among the lowest on the Internet - and certainly the lowest in Seattle area.

All of what we have in stock is here.

Bersa T380

Bersas were quite difficult to find recently. We have been able to snag a couple of Combat pistols.

These are my favorite compact pistols that are in modern production. They are built around the famous PPK design, they are extremely inexpensive, and very accurate.

More here.

AR-15 parts

We have entered all of our AR-15 parts shipment into the system. We have it all, including 7.62x39 barrel + BCG group, and 300 blackout barrels. As a teaser, here's a parts list for a ~$450 rifle. The only thing that's missing is a buttstock, which can usually be had on eBay for ~$30:

  • Anderson Manufacturing Lower (currently unavailable)
  • Anderson Manufacturing Lower Parts Kit (currently unavailable)
  • Anderson Manufacturing Lightweight Sporting Upper (currently unavailable). This receiver does not need an upper parts kit (save $21)!
  • Barrel nut kit $20.95 (in stock)
  • M4 contour barrel $81.95 (in stock)
  • Carbine handguards (currently unavailable)
  • M4 handguard cap $2.39 (in stock)
  • High rise gas block (currently unavailable)
  • Carbine gas tube (currently unavailable)
  • A2 Muzzle Break Kit (currently unavailable)
  • Charging handle (currently unavailable)
  • Bolt & carrier assembly (currently unavailable)

Visit our AR-15 parts store here!