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2015-04-22: What's happening @ Precise Shooter this week

We've started the week right: Glock 43, Smith & Wesson 41, KelTec KSG, HK VP9, and tons of powder.

New pistols

Glock 43 is the most anticipated gun of the week, of course. We've got the first 5 in Seattle (well, seeing as we're the only gun shop in Seattle, it's not particularly difficult. 4 are already gone, one is on the shelf next to G42. It looks marginally bigger than G42.

We sell all our Glocks except G17 for MAP (minimum advertising price), so it's $449.95. Plus tax, of course.

For me, though, a far more interesting arrival is this:

This is Smith & Wesson 41, one of the world's most accurate semiautomatic pistols.

They must be making these guns in single digits per year. Distributors told me to never expect it. I have, in fact, never seen a new one. I bought a used one for myself, a couple years ago, and it's by far the best 22 I have (and I think I have them all). Now, we have one new one in stock.

For HK enthusiasts we tend to maintain these guys in stock. The most recent arrival has the night sights!


A very large shipment of H110 came in today: we have 40 pounds (!).

Our powder collection is pretty cool these days, we even have Varget!

Brass is still not our strongest point, but our collection is growing. Tons of Nosler brass was put on the shelves today, we have my favorite Norma in my favorite calibers, some Lapua...

...Armscor and Starline make pretty decent pistol brass these days, cheap (for rifle I stick with Norma, Nosler, and Lapua)...

But one of the best deals is cleaned range brass in 9mm and 40. Yes, that's under $4/100 for 9mm. Pistol brass never wears out, it just gets lost. One of these bags should literally last for years.


The pile just keeps on growing. We are able to maintain area's lowest prices on 22, 9mm, 223. We even have 17WSM - no longer rationed!

Today we've added a bunch of 38SPL, 44REM, and 454 Casull. For the full list, visit our ammunition page.

Classes, classes, classes, classes!

I have finally finished coding the event registration part of the web site, so we are happy to offer the first round of classes on firearms and reloading, here. First class is this Sunday - hurry up!

Thank you for reading, happy shooting, and as always, check our inventory page for up to date prices and availability!