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2015-05-22 Memorial Day Deals @ Precise Shooter

Gibbs AK-47 Magazines

We've got a bunch of really high quality modern production "comblock" magazines, and we are selling them CHEAP. They are heavy gauge steel, and are extremely sturdy.

The wholesale price on them is $13.50, and they are typically found on the 'Net for around $17. We have a Memorial Day deal on them for $12.49.

Remington 700p

These police sniper rifles are renown for their accuracy (for example, see the review here).

They feature 26" heavy barrels, 40X triggers, and HS Precision stocks with Aircraft Grade Aluminum Bedding Block. The rifling is 1 in 12". They also come with a distributor's Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees repair or replacement for the lifetime of the product.

Our standard price on them is $949.95 - but TODAY ONLY (actually, while supplies last at the distributor) you can preorder one for delivery next week for only $849.95 + tax. Full pre-payment is required to get this deal. Call the store (206 489-4907) ASAP!

Again, this is RIGHT NOW only - at the distributor supply went from 60+ to only 30 overnight.

Savage rifles

We have just received a few BEAUTIFUL Savage hunting rifles - and we're selling them for a song.

First, Savage 11 Long Range Hunter in 308 Winchester. This rifle has a cheek piece and a very interesting muzzle-brake design: you can turn the braking action on or off by rotating it. MSRP is $1136, the lowest Internet price we've found is above $850 + shipping & transfer. Our price - $819.95 (in stock). Only one available.

Specs are here.

Second, another Savage in 308 with a beautiful thumbhole stock.

Everything you need to know about it is here.

MSRP is $954, lowest Internet, over $700 plus shipping and transfer. Our price - (currently unavailable) - but only until Memorial day!

Finally, Mark II BSEV - in the Evolution stock.

Specs here.

MSRP is $620, our price is - (currently unavailable).


We have doubled our case collection with a massive number of Hornady cases. From 204 Ruger to 500 S&W - we have it all.

See our reloading lineup here.


Heading to the range? We have tons of ammunition at prices that are the best in the area. 9mm is typically 10.99-11.99, lots of budget 223 starting at $8.29 for reloadable brass case and $5.99 for steel cased. We have added a bunch of shotgun ammunition to our lineup this week.

For all of our great deals on the ammunition please visit our ammunition department.