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Precise Shooter will be closed on 4th of July in observance of Independence Day! Happy Holidays!

Call to action! Stop two Seattle billionaires from branding your 10/22 as an "assault rifle"! Tweet, share, post on social media - make sure everyone knows what I-1639 really is.,,

Hundreds of guns in stock, over 5000 available for special order! Check our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell!

Precise Shooter update - 2015-10-07

King County Elections

The deadline for online voter registration have passed - if you did not register, you can still register to vote in person.

Please remember - Sandy Brown, one of the principal authors of I-594 is running for a City Council seat in District 5 (North Seattle). Let's show him that willingness to arbitrary restrict human rights for fake security (by now it is quite obvious that I-594 had no effect on violence) is not a value we want to have on City Council.


We have worked very hard to bring some of the best prices on ammunition to Seattle area shooters. We have a large amount of 9mm Luger ammunition starting at only $9.99 per box of 50 rounds - which compares favorably with the best prices you can find on the Internet, especially when you account for shipping.

We are now excited to add budget 308/7.62x51 ammunition to the mix. We have 50rd boxes of Magtech (CBC) ammunition for only $29.95 per box of 50 rounds - which works out to just under $12 for a 20rd box equivalent. We also have the new Turkish ZQI ammunition for only $11.99 a box. Both are reloadable, Boxer-primed ammunition.

Another fantastic deal this week - we have a limited number of full cases (40 boxes) of FN 5.7x28 ammunition for only $800 a case ($20/box of 50 rounds). This ammunition is typically sold for around $30. These are sold by the case only, and only 3 are available. Please call or email to reserve yours.

Throughout the year we have successfully maintained a good stock of 22LR ammunition without raising the prices by limiting the purchases to 100rd. We have good supply of CCI ammunition for $3.99/box of 50, and more. We now have 2 types of 22lr ammunition where we do not limit the purchase: CCI Quiet, at $3.99/box of 50, and Armscor High Velocity 36gr at $44.95/brick of 500 rd. Armscor ammunition is pricey, but our price is still much better than the Internet (Lucky Gunner, $70 plus shipping; Cheaper Than Dirt, $49.95 plus shipping, Bulk Ammo, $64.95, etc).

One case available.

We also have a few 300rd holiday packs of CCI standard velocity ammunition. We will only sell it with a 22lr rifle or a pistol - give the gift of shooting this holiday season!

You can see our full stock of ammunition here.

New guns in stock

We had a few interesting arrivals this week.

First, Armscor 1911-A1 XT22 pistol with rail. Only one available (we got it at the distributor sale, so the price is roughly $50 below the Internet - and that's before shipping and transfer). Only one is available.

Price: (currently unavailable)

We've got a few CZ 75 Shadow Tac II guns. These are spectacularly accurate (thin 1" @ 25yd) pistols from CZ Custom. We have only 2 as of this writing. They are super rare - last time I was able to get a Shadow was in 2012.

Price: $1349.00

Also in CZ land, 2 2075 RAMI BDs arrived yesterday.

We've got an excellent deal at a distributor sale event on 22lr AR-15 uppers. These are dedicated uppers, so the barrels have the right twist.

Price: (currently unavailable)

A new and still rare rifle from Ruger - an American in 300 Blackout.

Price: $389.95 (special order)

Last but not least, take a look at this high capacity tactical bolt action rifle :-) - we have a few Mossberg MVP Varmints in stock. They take AR-15 magazines, and they have awesome reviews on the 'net.