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Precise Shooter will be closed on 4th of July in observance of Independence Day! Happy Holidays!

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Precise Shooter Weekly Update, 2016-02-16

We are back to our old hours, 11am-7pm Tue-Fri, and 10am-6pm on Sat. We tried to open early and close early, but got a lot of feedback from people who work similar hours and cannot make it to the store during the week. We take feedback seriously, so we are back to our original schedule.

Our State FFL is ready, and our move to Lynnwood is in progress this week - please do not be spooked by boxes flying back and forth!

The new store is at:

19820 40th Ave W, Suite 112

Lynnwood, WA 98036

The phone will remain the same, 206 489-4907.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, we expect to open the doors this Saturday, 2/20.

If you use us for the FFL transfers, please note that we have updated our FFL once again today, with the one for our new location. Please do not use our Aurora FFL - it will be difficult for us to continue receiving shipments at that address after this week.

The rest of the business at the store continues as usual - we have a great supply of reloading equipment and shooting accessories at our current store, and we are taking special orders from our distributors' inventories ( for delivery at our Lynnwood store.