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Precise Shooter Weekly Update, 2016-04-16

Happy Tax Week!

Now that you know exactly how much recreational money you do (or do not) have, it is time to spend it all on guns! Of course, we are here to help!

Small pistols

Carry guns were recently in short supply, but they started coming back, so we now have a fantastic selection - from little Bersas and newly affordable LCPs... XD-S and Beretta Nanos (check the price on these, it's excellent AND it's a Davidson's gun which comes with lifetime warranty!)... Glocks 42, 26...

...19s and even 19s MOS...

Note that our Glocks are priced at MAP, which means you will not find them advertised for less. See our full Glock collections here.

And, of course, we've got Shields. Shields are quite possibly the world's most successful small pistol - it packs the power of 9mm in a frame that is very similar to most 380ACP pistols. It has a decent trigger very similar to its larger M&P-9 and M&P-40 brethren. We have them with and without thumb safety...

...and, more interestingly, we've received this ported Performance Center version in 40.

At 499.95 it is rather expensive, but honed trigger, considerably better sights, the ported barrel and slide, and the fit and finish of a Performance Center firearm make it well worth the extra cost.

Another class of small pistols worth looking into is Sig P224 model. We have quite a few models in 40S&W - they are small, but they are accurate and they do pack a punch. An excellent choice for concealed carry.

6.5 Creedmoor

This rather new and to date relatively obscure caliber got a huge boost recently because of insanely popular Ruger Precision rifle. While RPR is essentially impossible to get - we've seen exactly 3 since it was introduced almost a year ago, and I ended buying a used one for myself - there are plenty of other manufacturers who jumped on 6.5CM bandwagon and started making guns for it.

6.5 CM is an excellent way to get into a true benchrest caliber at a very reasonable cost.

Ballistically it is similar to 6.5x47 Lapua, though Lapua cartridge is considered slightly more accurate. However, since there are no mass-produced rifles for 6.5x47 Lapua, the brass is very expensive, and ammunition goes on Gunbroker for slightly less than $120/box, the caliber is not very accessible to an average shooter.

6.5 CM has reasonably priced brass produced by Hornady, ammunition costs around $30, and even though RPR may not really hit the street for another year or so, we have Savage 12LRP in stock right now, and even an AXIS rifle in this caliber.

In addition we have tons of Federal, and Hornady ammunition, RCBS and Lee dies, and tons of 264 (6.5) A-MAX and ELD Hornady bullets.


You are probably already aware of our extensive CZ collection. We have two recent additions to it. The first is Scorpion EVO. With the SBR bill signed by the Governor, this pistol has again become a great platform for an SBR conversion. By the way, the 922r kits for the aforementioned conversion are coming next week.

Also, because of the distributor sale, we were able to acquire a few P-09 pistols in 40 which we can sell below the current wholesale. These are polimer-framed, full size pistols which retain CZs famous accuracy and excellent trigger, really the best in its class.

Canik 55

Caniks have become famous in the US for their incredibly close clones of CZ-75 model, which was every bit as accurate as the original, yet cost hundreds of dollars less.

You can read our review of Canik pistols here:

The supplies of S-120 and StingRays have dried up over a year ago, but we anticipated it and stocked up while we still could. So now we are literally the only source of these pistols in the US, but our collection is dwindling quite rapidly. If you wanted to buy a Canik clone of the legendary 75, this is your last chance.

Also, we have been able to grab a few recently rare TP9 family pistols.

Here is the full list of all Canik pistols we have.

CANIK 55 S-120B 9MM LUGER FS 17-SHOT SATIN CHROME BLK POLYS120C1 (in stock)$379.95


We were out of Savage 10fcp-sr for a long, long time - and now they are back. Savage rifles are known for the best price/performance (which in this case means accuracy) ratio. This particular rifle has Accustock, Accutrigger, oversized bolt handle, and scope rail preinstalled - at a fraction of the price of a similarly equipped Remington.

We, of course got the Remingtons, too. The only ones worth having - in our opinion - are their 5R rifles and 700p, and we have them all.

If you like to shoot accurately, but don't like reloading as much, you should consider a decent rimfire rifle, and there's none better than Anschutz, especially their legendary 1903.

And we've got the target micrometer peep sights for it, too.


The prices on ammunition started creeping up, but we still have some excellent choices in all the popular calibers.

We stock a wide range of match, plinking, hunting, and self-defense ammunition, including some older military surplus calibers at the prices very competitive with the best deals on the Internet.

You can find the full list in our ammunition store.


Leupold have recently closed out a few lines, and the distributors were dumping them like crazy - so we got a few excellent deals. $4000 worth of these scopes arrived this week. If you are in the market for an excellent piece of glass, drop by our place and we will help you.

Look here for the complete list.

AR-15 parts

We are continuing to build up our AR parts store. We finally got some 223/556 bolts in stock, and we've made a few direct deals with the manufacturers for small parts. You WILL be amazed when you see our prices.

Visit our store here.

By the way, in addition to AR-15 parts we stock a good inventory of Savage and Remington receivers.