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Weekly Update - 2016-05-23

We've got a bunch of interesting stuff last week, but what's even more interesting is things we will be getting this week. You see, we have signed up a BUNCH of new distributors recently, so now we have access to 95% of all US firearms market. This week, the first fruits of this work will start to arrive.

This Tuesday(*) we are getting 3 CZ Scorpion Evo guns, the new, 2016 model - the first we've had. These guns have threaded barrels, with 1/2x28 threads. These guns come with 10rd magazines, but they will of course accept 20 and 30 rounders as well, which are cheap and plentiful.

(*) Here and in all date quotes below, please realize that this is when UPS says it will deliver, but they deliver throughout the day, and we then need some time to accept the shipment. Please call ahead or watch our web site to make sure the goods are ready!

But that's not all. Also on Tuesday we are getting 3 more of 922(r) parts kits for the Scorpions. These are very rare and are sold on gunbroker for 10-20% over MSRP (plus shipping). We sell them at MSRP (one of the very, very few items for which we ask the full price), but we reserve them for people who bought EVO Scorpions from us in the past.

Other cool guns we are getting on the same day - Molot VEPR shotgun ($744.95), and CZ 527 7.62x39 Carbine ($664.95). Vepr is a much higher quality build than Saiga, and is already converted to the AK configuration, so it is actually priced lower than Saiga after conversion.

Ok, but this is not even the beginning of the good news. We have literally discovered a CZ Bonanza at one of our new distributors. This means a few pistols - in particular, CZ 75 Cold War Commemorative Edition, a CZ 97 BD, a few CZ 75 BD Police guns...

...but more importantly, we have discovered a source for CZ 452 rifles which were presumed to be extinct. It turned out that this distributor have a cache of them, so on Thursday (see above) we are getting CZ 452 Military Trainers ($399.95), 452 American ($399.95), 452 American with threaded barrel ($419.95), and even CZ 455 UltraMatch ($399.95).

So, 452s are back on the menu, boys and girls!

So these are promises. What do we have on hand come Tuesday morning though?

Well, we've got some new stuff! We started carrying X-Treme bullets! Here is what we have in stock, and prices:

9mm 147gr HP X-Treme 500ctXCB835653 (in stock)$51.49
38 125gr FP w/Cannelure X-Treme 500ctXCB838018193043139344 (in stock)$39.95
38 147gr WC X-Treme 500ctXCB838038193043131943 (in stock)$43.49
38 158gr SWC X-Treme 500ctXCB838048193043132004 (in stock)$47.95
38 158gr RNFP X-Treme 500ctXCB838061 (in stock)$47.95
41 210gr FP X-Treme 500ctXCB841003 (in stock)$63.95
44 200gr RNFP X-Treme 500ctXCB844002 (in stock)$56.49
44 240gr RNFP X-Treme 500ctXCB844013 (in stock)$61.49

Also, we have something of Unicorn rarity in these pictures (and for now, at the store). Can you spot it? If you do, you will thank me!

Also, we have gotten a couple of Freedom Arms 97 revolvers - one in 45LC, and one in 357. It tool Freedom 16 months to make them - they were ordered at the SHOT 2015. Behold:

The targets are at 25 yards!

We are the area's (state's?) biggest Freedom Arms dealer, check out what we have (including the legendary Singe Shots - try finding these on Gunbroker!) here.