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New at Precise Shooter this week - 2017-02-12

WA Supreme Court is going to hear oral arguments for our case against Seattle's gun and ammunition "tax" at 9am on February 16th.

If you are in Olympia on that day, this should be a fun session to visit. If not, here is the video link.

Anderson receivers and barrels

Our Bob Ferguson themed sale on Anderson receivers is going string! Only $49.95 for an Anderson lower receiver! Buy a receiver, build a scary black rifle, and let him know!

We also have received a lot of Anderson barrels, and of course we have tons of other AR-15 and AR-10 parts.

Sig P320

As you probably know, under a month ago P320 had won the United States Military's Modular Handgun System trials, and will be entering US Military Service as M17. We have them in full size and compact form.

P320 9mm 5" X-Series BLK320X5-9-BAS 7986815660131 (in stock)$869.95

Savage AR-15s

Savage has been known for making some of the most accurate bolt action rifles for cheap. This year they finally broke down and started selling their own ARs. Will their reputation for accuracy carry into the modern sporting rifles world? I certainly hope so: I picked a RECON version for myself. I have not shot it, but it has solid features and though the trigger is not an accutrigger, as far as AR-15 triggers go, is not bad!


Taurus revolvers

We have recently replenished our supply of Taurus revolvers - once a year Taurus has this deal where they sell packages of guns for a lot less than their usual wholesale, so we have a bunch in stock. Three models deserve special mentioning, however.

We have received a shipment of 4 Model 82 packages which come with a very nice Bulldog safe (BD4050) and a speedloader. That's almost $100 in accessories, and we ask $349.95 for the package.

Secondly, we've got Taurus 605, which is a 2" revolver in 357 Magnum - to my knowledge, the least expensive 357 to be had in the country at this point.

TAURUS 605 .357MAG 2" FS 5-SHOT BLUED RUBBER2-6050217253272030181 (in stock)$289.95

By the way, these come with Davidson's guaranteed lifetime replacement program.

Finally, we are on our last 2 Taurus 82 surplus revolvers. Read our review here.

This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!

Awesome deal on Rossi Ranch Hand

Speaking of South America, we picked a couple of these fun little pistols in 45LC at a distributor sale, and are offering them at what is typically a bit below wholesale price ((currently unavailable)).

These are known as Mare's Leg, and are similar to what Zoe was famously carrying in Firefly.

Speaking of which, we had a going deal on Rossi Rio Grande rifles, which are excellent clones of Marlin 336, at a fraction of the price.

We bought a bunch of them on sale a couple years ago, and we are on our last one. I own one, and it's fantastic! Last chance to get this at an excellent price.

This item is currently unavailable and cannot be special-ordered. Please check back later!


We have gotten our yearly order of Dillon equipment a week ago, so we have a lot in stock. This year we are also carrying Square Deal B handgun presses, which allow an easy entry into pistol loading.

D-Terminator Scale104836098241048351 (in stock)$139.95
223Rem Steel Die Set108396098241083904 (in stock)$67.95
550 Tool Holder & Wrenches11541 05-04306098241154113 (in stock)$28.95
Case Gauge 3006126796098241267902 (in stock)$27.95
Case Gauge 308WIN128676098241286715 (in stock)$27.95
Case Gauge 223Rem132546098241325482 (in stock)$26.95
Primer Flip Tray136066098241360657 (in stock)$20.95
Case Lube1373360982413733837 (in stock)$8.95
Case Polish1380460982413804518 (in stock)$8.95
650 Toolhead138636098241386328 (in stock)$29.95
550 Toolhead139096098241390974 (in stock)$22.95
550B Machine Only142616098242025242 (in stock)$394.95
Universal Press Mounting Kit143556098241435518 (in stock)$5.99
10mm/40S&W Carbide Die Set143986098241439881 (in stock)$64.95
38Spl/357Mag Carbide Die Set144006098241440081 (in stock)$64.95
380ACP Carbide Die Set144016098241440153 (in stock)$64.95
Carbide Die Set 41Mag144026098241440222 (in stock)$64.95
44Spl/44Mag Carbide Die Set144036098241440392 (in stock)$64.95
45ACP Carbide Die Set144046098241440465 (in stock)$64.95
45Colt Carbide Die Set144056098241440531 (in stock)$64.95
Case Gauge 38Spl151596098241515944 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 380ACP151606098241516003 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 9mm151616098241516177 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 10mm151626098241516245 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 357Mag151636098241516315 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 40S&W1516460982415164810 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 44MAG151656098241516553 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 45ACP151666098241516625 (in stock)$15.95
Case Gauge 45Colt151676098241516792 (in stock)$15.95
Basic 550 Machine153996098241539941 (in stock)$279.95
308Win Steel Die Set155746098241557457 (in stock)$67.95
Low Powder Sensor163066098241630616 (in stock)$41.95
650 Machine 45ACP 169266098241692612 (in stock)$566.95
XL650 38/357169276098241692782 (in stock)$566.95
XL650 223 REM&222 REM169406098241694072 (in stock)$566.95
Aluminum Roller Handle179506 (in stock)$45.95
550B Spare Parts Kit200486098242004835 (in stock)$18.95
Powder Die200646098242006436 (in stock)$11.95
Square Deal B 45ACP201016098242010152 (in stock)$389.95
Square Deal B 38SPL201026098242010221 (in stock)$389.95
Square Deal B 357MAG201036098242010391 (in stock)$389.95
Square Deal B 9mm201046098242010462 (in stock)$389.95
550 Conversion 45ACP201266098242012683 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 9mm201276098242012753 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 221/222/223Rem201286098242012826 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 308/30.06201306098242013052 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 38/357Mag201326098242013294 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 380 Supercomp201336098242013365 (in stock)$48.95
550 Conversion 10mm/40S&W201796098242017944 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 8mm Mauser & 8x56 Mauser202016098242020122 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 7.62x39 RUS202136098242021351 (in stock)$45.95
550 Conversion 7.62x54 RUS RIM203466098242034602 (in stock)$45.95
CV-2001 Tumbler204936098242049311 (in stock)$188.95
550 / 650 Powder System207826098242078263 (in stock)$79.95
650 Conversion 300BO/WHISPER208976098242089774 (in stock)$77.95
XL650 Prime Sys Large209826098242098204 (in stock)$80.95
Powder Check System210446098242104448 (in stock)$68.95
XL650 Priming Sys Small210656098242106595 (in stock)$80.95
650 Conversion .45 ACP210716098242107104 (in stock)$77.95
Case Feeder Plate Sm Rifle210746098242107412 (in stock)$38.95
Case Feed Plate Lg Rifle210756098242107584 (in stock)$38.95
650 Conversion 308/30.06210946098242109494 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 38Spl/357Mag210986098242109875 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 222/223Rem211016098242110143 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion .380 ACP211046098242110455 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 9mm/.38Super/9x21211096098242110905 (in stock)$77.95
XL650 Conversion 41Mag211116098242111132 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 32ACP 32 SHORT211146098242111442 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 7.62x39211176098242111752 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 45Colt/454Casull211186098242111821 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 10mm, 40S&W211206098242112054 (in stock)$77.95
650XL Spare Parts Kit211466098242114652 (in stock)$25.95
550 Conversion 9x18 Makarov216566098242165692 (in stock)$55.95
650 Conversion 9x18 Makarov216576098242165762 (in stock)$77.95
650 Conversion 7.62x54 Russ216996098242169962 (in stock)$85.95
550 / 650 Strong Mount220516098242205119 (in stock)$48.95
Toolhead Stand220556098242205596 (in stock)$20.95
550 Quick Change System220586098242205802 (in stock)$103.95
650 Quick Change Kit220596098242205976 (in stock)$107.95
Bullet Tray Kit222146098242221408 (in stock)$41.95
XL650 Billet Short Trim Die Toolhead621126098246211271 (in stock)$33.95
650 Conversion 6.5 Creedmoor622456098246224524 (in stock)$77.95
550 Conversion 6.5 Creedmoor622466098246224692 (in stock)$45.95

Berger bullets

We are now carrying Berger bullets! The SHOT Show order is still arriving, this is what we have right now.

22 Cal 52gr FB Target 100ct224086794592240861 (in stock)$25.95
VLD Hunting 6mm 105gr 100ct245286794592452892 (in stock)$32.99
Classic Hunter Hunting 6mm 243 Cal (243 Dia) 95gr 100ct245706794592457082 (in stock)$33.99
AR Hybrid OTM Tactical 6.5mm 130gr 100ct261956794592619511 (in stock)$47.99
Classic Hunter 6.5mm 135gr 100ct265716794592657131 (in stock)$50.99
VLD Targrt .7mm 168gr 100ct284016794592840112 (in stock)$48.99
VLD Hunting 7mm 168gr 100ct285016794592850182 (in stock)$48.99
Classic Hunter Hunting 7mm 150gr 100ct285716794592857111 (in stock)$49.99
30 Cal 175gr OTM Tactical301056794593010531 (in stock)$54.99
Hybrid OTM Tactical 30 Cal 230gr 100ct301126794593011212 (in stock)$60.99
30 cal 200.20X 200gr Hybrid Target304176794593041772 (in stock)$55.99
Hybrid Target .30 Cal .(308" Dia) 230gr 100ct304306794593043062 (in stock)$55.99
VLD Hunting .30 Cal .(308" Dia) 168gr 100ct305106794593051051 (in stock)$49.99
Elite Hunter Hunting .30 Cal .(308" Dia) 180gr 100ct305546794593055492 (in stock)$50.99
Classic Hunter Hunting .30 Cal .(308" Dia) 168gr 100ct305706794593057091 (in stock)$44.99
Tactical 338 Cal (338 Dia) 250 Grain Hybrid OTM331076794593310742 (in stock)$76.99
Tactical 338 Cal (338 Dia) 300 Grain Hybrid OTM331096794593310982 (in stock)$76.99
Elite Hunter Hunting .338 Cal (338 Dia) 250 gr 100ct335546794593355462 (in stock)$76.99
Elite Hunter Hunting .338 Cal (338 Dia) 300 gr 100ct335566794593355601 (in stock)$76.99

Coming soon

We had a few Sticky holsters that we inherited from the previous store, but now we are starting carrying them for real. A large order is enroute from a distributor, and we expect to have them ready for you late next week.