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Precise Shooter Weekly, 2017-06-27

Deals, deals, deals.

Last year, in run up to the election where a passionately anti-gun candidate was universally expected to win, manufacturers overproduced, and retail stores overcommitted. So in the last eight months gun industry have experienced a major slowdown in internal sales.

As a result, the combination of aggressing rebating by the manufacturers with the aggressive discounting by the distributors resulted in prices that at this point are nothing short of unreal. I have not seen anything like that since I bought my first gun 10 years ago.

I don't think this Eldorado of guns will last forever - the imbalances will eventually work themselves out. So if you are missing anything from your collection - it is a good time to round it out.

Here are the deals we have in the store right now. It's a very long list, but trust me - it will pay if you make it to the end.


If you are looking for a Walther PPK clone, Bersa T380 is the best that is currently in production.

From the quality perspective they are superior to recent - but no longer in production - Smith & Wesson licensed copies.

We were able to buy a few models REALLY CHEAP recently and we are passing the savings on to you.

Thunder 380 BronzeT380BRZ80916649603427 (in stock)$249.95
Thunder 380 Nickel Accented T380M8EB0916649603041 (in stock)$299.95
Thunder 380 Olive DrabT380ODG80916649603282 (in stock)$279.95
BERSA THUNDER .22LR FS 10+1 SHOT BLACK MATTE SYNTHUN220916649002252 (in stock)$279.95
BERSA THUNDER .380ACP FS 7+1 SHOT DUOTONE SYNTHETIC <THUN380DT0916649038201 (in stock)$279.95
Thunder 380 CC - NickelTHUN380NKLCC0916649037692 (in stock)$269.95

Browning Buck Marks

If you want a really accurate target pistol, a Browning Buck Mark or Ruger Mark III (or IV) are extremely accurate and inexpensive.

In particular we have two Buck Mark pistols at amazing prices.

Buck Mark Practical URX is an entry level model, but most of these guns are easily capable of 1" 10rd groups at 25 yards (when shot with a scope and from the rest; of course, performance of every individual guns can vary, but all mine were this accurate).

Browning only allows us to advertise MAP price: $389.99 MAP (in stock) - but price in store is A LOT better!

Buck Mark Black Label guns are on the opposite end of the spectrum, having every option that can be crammed into the gun, including a laser sight.

$479.95 (in stock)

They sell for $650 at Bass Pro Shops.

But wait - there's more! All of the following Browning guns have a $50 rebate on them until 7/15/2017.

BG BUCK MARK PLUS UDX .22LR 5.5" AS 10SH BLK ROSEWOOD <0236144401850236144401852 (in stock)$427.95
BG T-BOLT SPTR MAPLE .22LR, NS BLUED AA MAPLE W/WALNUT STAIN<0252132020236140382142 (in stock)$549.95
BG T-BOLT SUPPRESSOR READY .22LR 16.5" THREADED CF SYN.<0252182050236142729082 (in stock)$699.95
BG BUCK MARK PRACTICAL URX .22LR 5.5" AS 10SH BLACK0514484900236142595418 (in stock)$389.99 MAP
BG BUCK MARK CAMPER UFX .22LR 5.5"HB AS MATTE BLUED SYN0514824900236143976632 (in stock)$349.95
BG BUCK MARK BLACK LABEL URX .22LR 4" AS 10SH W/CTC LASER <0515114900236143690284 (in stock)$479.95
BG BUCK MARK BLACK FLUTED LITE .22LR 5.5" AS 10SH MATTE BLk <0515264900236144416321 (in stock)$439.95


We are known for our CZ collection, but until recently maintaining it was challenging: for example, 75BDs were out of stock at the manufacturer for at least a year, and though I always buy A LOT for our stock when I can, even my stock was depleted.

But recently the new batch was imported, and we have a lot of them back in stock. Not the Shadows though - these are gone.

But we still do have various CZ 452 rifles and suppressor ready 527 in 7.62x39 in addition to a bunch of pistols. The 452s are really truly the last this time around.

CZ 452 AMERICAN 22LR LEFT HAND020178067030201741 (in stock)$449.95
452 American LH 17HMR020748067030207474 (in stock)$499.95
513 22 Lr Basic 1/2 X20 Parker Hale Thread020848067030208462 (in stock)$309.95
CZ 455 TRAINING .22LR RIFLE BEECH WOOD STOCK 5RD MAG021008067030210032 (in stock)$349.95
455 Training Rifle 17HMR021038067030210341 (in stock)$389.95
455 Varmint Evolution Fluted022448067030224441 (in stock)$449.95
527 American Suppressor Ready030868067030308691 (in stock)$694.95
527 American 21.9" Walnut Stick Blued030878067030308761 (in stock)$669.95
550 Varmint041668067030416671 (in stock)$709.95
CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM 9MM FS 18-SHOT BLACK POLYMER0424-0715-AXHPPB58067039125851 (in stock)$609.95
557 Carbine045838067030485361 (in stock)$599.95
455 Amer Combo 22LR/17HMR 455 8067030212011 (in stock)$529.95
CZ 75-BD 9MM FS 16-SH POLYMER BLACK POLYCOTE FINISH911308067039113041 (in stock)$569.95
CZ 75-B OMEGA 9MM FS 16-SHOT FULL-SIZE STEEL BLACK MATTE911368067039113661 (in stock)$519.95
CZ 75-SA 9MM FS 16-SHOT POLYMER FINISH BLACK911508067039115025 (in stock)$579.95
CZ 75 SP-01 9MM LIGHT RAIL TRITIUM SIGHTS 18-SH BLACK911528067039115262 (in stock)$679.95
CZ 75-B OMEGA 9MM NS 16-SHOT FULL-SIZE STEEL URBAN GREY912358067039123562 (in stock)$615.95
75 SP-01 Suppressor Grey 9mm 912538067039125301 (in stock)$699.95
Shadow 2 Grey 9mm 912558067039125543 (in stock)$1,149.95
Shadow 2 BLK Blue Grips 9mm 912578067039125781 (in stock)$1,149.95
75 SP-01 Tactical FDE 9mm 912638067039126391 (in stock)$769.95
CZ 805 BREN PS1 PISTOL .223 30-SHOT !913608067039136051 (in stock)$1,665.95
CZ P-10 COMPACT 9MM HNS 17-RD URBAN GREY SUPPRESSOR READY915198067039151972 (in stock)$539.95
CZ P-10 COMPACT 9MM NS 15-RD FDE WHITE NITRIDE FINISH915288067039152891 (in stock)$519.95
CZ PO9 40S&W FS 15-SHOT POLYMER FRAME BLACK916218067039162177 (in stock)$429.95
CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TARGET II 9MM 3-18RD MAG <917608067039176035 (in stock)$1,529.95
83 32ACP 3.75" 15rd FS Good ConditionHG2111-G27874504321093 (in stock)$359.95
83 380 ACP 3.75"HG2178-G5 (in stock)$319.95

A thing to know about CZ pistols - they are one of the world's most cloned handgun design. And of course we have a few of the clones in stock!

Tanfoglio Witness is a pretty faithful copy of CZ 75B, at only $399.95 (in stock). That's over $150 cheaper than the comparable CZ pistol.

My favorite guns are those made by Canik 55. Unfortunately, they are no longer imported in the US, but I did buy the last ones the distributors had. You can read my reviews here and here, and the guns themselves are here:

CANIK 55 S-120B 9MM LUGER FS 17-SHOT SATIN CHROME BLK POLYS120C1 (in stock)$379.95
P-120 Canik 55 9mm Blue8508071378085080110 (in stock)$469.95
P-100 Canik 55 9mm850857137808508562 (in stock)$459.95
P-120 Canik 55 9mm Chrome850907137808509005 (in stock)$479.95


We have a particularly good price on FNS-40. This is approximately $50 below wholesale.

$369.95 (in stock)

We also have a Five-seveN in stock, for the first time in approximatey a year.

$1,299.00 MAP (special order)


We sell our Glocks at MAP - which means you will not find one cheaper online, and you don't have to pay shipping or transfer. In addition to the new guns we sell a few police surplus Glocks.

You can see the full list, including the ones available at the for special order here.

If you are in the market for Glock 17, 19, or 43, however, we have some special deals for you. These three guns are available as TALO editions with AmeriGlo orange tritium front night sight preinstalled - at the same price for for 17 and 19 (both Gen 4) and for only $20 more for 43. That's $50 in value. At least.

Specific models:


We have a PMR-30 and a bunch of other rare KelTec guns in stock, including a Sub2k.

P-11 Tan/Tan Grip6408320001082 (in stock)$279.95
KEL-TEC SU16A RIFLE 5.56MM 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERGSU166408320007951 (in stock)$489.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR OD GREEN /BLK 30SH FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSKTPMR30GRN6408320033072 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC P11 9MM DA ADJ. 10SH BLACK/BLACK GRIP>P11BBLK6408320000161 (in stock)$249.95
KEL-TEC P-32 .32ACP DA FS 7SH BLUED/BLACK GRIPP32BBLK6408320004501 (in stock)$235.95
P-3AT Blued/Black GripP3AT6408320006963 (in stock)$259.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR BLACK 30-SHOT FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSPMR30BBLK6408320026765 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC RDB BULLPUP 5.56MM 17.3" BLACK 20RDRDB-17-BLACK6408320059431 (in stock)$929.95
RFB 308Win RFB186408320073814 (in stock)$1,399.95
KSG-25 12GA 30.5" 25rd AS S0802B6408320073672 (in stock)$1,259.95
KEL-TEC SU16B RIFLE 5.56MM 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERSU16B6408320008251 (in stock)$529.95

Les Baers

If you have to own one 1911 and the money is not an issue, you should own a Les Baer. These guns are superbly, unreally accurate. If you buy a gun with a 1.5" group guarantee - this is 1.5" groups at 50 yards(!), they are more accurate than quite a few rifles.

I always have one on me when I test new firearms - it helps me establish the reference point for the accuracy of the setup and the ammunition. Once a shoot a box from my Premier II, I proceed to shoot the handguns that I intended to test.

We are the area's biggest Les Baer dealer.

Premier II Tactical 45ACP 5"1.5"@50yds0730D1 (in stock)$2,395.00
1911 Premier II CustomLBP23022 (in stock)$1,999.95
Premier II w/1.5" Group GuaranteeLBP2302-1.53 (in stock)$2,299.00
1911 Premier II Hunter 6" 10mmLBP2302-61 (in stock)$2,499.95
1911 Les Baer Premier II 6" with 1.5" GuaranteeLBP23052 (in stock)$2,499.95
1911 Thunder RanchLBP2305/TR1 (in stock)$2,405.95
GT Monolith Heavy STINGERLBP2314/GT/MNHW/S08081 (in stock)$2,699.00
1911 Custom "Stinger" .45 ROLOLBP2314-NS-ROLO2 (in stock)$1,999.95
1911 Ultimate Tactical 45ACP 5" 1.5"@50ydsLBP9001/TAC-1.51 (in stock)$2,395.95

Remington 1911s

If you are looking for a superb 1911 but aren't prepared to pay Les Baer prices, you NEED to look at Remington R1 guns - ideally today.

I picked up mine about 2 years ago when Remington ran its previous rebate. It was R1 Enhanced gun, and I was really, REALLY impressed with its accuracy.

This time, two things happened. First, Remington runs its rebate again, and this time it's $100 back.

On top of this, one of my distributors had inventory firesale, and it included a bunch of Remington pistols.

As a result, we can offer them to you at below wholesale and then ON TOP of this there is this rebate.

So for myself I bought all 5 guns allowed by the rebate and shot one of them - the stainless non-enhanced version. The accuracy was the same as the enhanced gun in the review here, i.e. absolutely astounding.

Here is the list.

  • 1911 R1 45ACP BLK 5" (96323) $574.95 (special order) - yes, after rebate you are getting this gun for the price of an Armscor GI 1911!
  • 1911 R1 200th Anniversary Edition (96496) (currently unavailable)
  • 1911 R1 Enhanced Commander 45ACP 4.25" (96359) $669.95 (special order)
  • 1911 R1 Carry (96332) (currently unavailable)
  • 1911 R1 Hunter 10mm 6" (96679) $969.95 (special order)

Ruger 1911

In other news we have just received the new Ruger 1911 - also in 10mm. These ones come with Davidson's Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Price: $759.95 (special order)

Sig Sauer

Sig's MAP policies are absolutely draconian, we are prohibited from even mentioning their prices on social media. But if you are in the market for this 1911 Olive Drab "Griffin"...

...or this P220...

...or this P938... will save big bucks - in some cases, hundreds - over the Internet (MAP) prices.

We also have tons of P224 in stock for really, really cheap.

SIG P220 .45ACP 4.40" SIGLITE NIGHT SIGHTS 8-SH BLACK !220R-45-BSS7986812928992 (in stock)$929.99 MAP
P224 40S&W SAS GEN2 Siglite DAK224-40-SAS2B-DAK7986814381291 (in stock)$749.95
P224 Extreme 40SW Siglite SRT DA/SA224-40-XTM-BLKGRY7986814381812 (in stock)$799.95
P224 Extreme 40SW DAK224-40-XTM-BLKGRY-DAK7986814381051 (in stock)$749.95
P320 9mm 5" X-Series BLK320X5-9-BAS 7986815660131 (in stock)$869.95
SIG P224 EXTREME 40S&W 3.5" NIGHT SIGHT 1/10RD & 1/12RD B<E24-40-XTM-BLKGRY7986814805001 (in stock)$799.95
P226 RAIL 40S&W, UsedE26R-40-BSS-G7986812644451 (in stock)$475.00
P226 DAK SURPLUS NS 3 MagsSIG-P226DAK-SURPLUS2 (in stock)$499.95

Shields! Shields! Shields!

We have a bunch of Shields, we've lowered prices on most of them to $359.95, and on top of this there is a $75 rebate that expires in just a couple of days.

We also have a couple of Bodyguards in stock. Price: $339.95 (in stock) with $50 mail-in rebate.

AR receivers

We have the best local deals on AR-15 receivers.

  • Noreen Firearms BBN-223 $39.95 (in stock) - yes, this is billet AR-15 receiver for under $40. True story.
  • Anderson AM15 $49.95 (in stock)
  • Aero Precision X15 $64.95 (in stock)
  • Ruger (currently unavailable)
  • Aero Precision Mod. M5 (308) $174.95 (in stock)

Of course after you bought the receiver you also want to visit our AR-15 parts store. We have by far the biggest AR-15 parts collection in Seattle area.

Mossberg Shockwave

The hottest shotgun around here - and we have it cheaper than anyone else!

Price: $369.00 (in stock)

Remington shotguns

We've got a bunch of really good deals on Remington 870 Express shotguns, some way below wholesale.

Let's start with 870 Express Tactical. This gun comes with 18.5" barrel, ghost rings, and factory-installed 2 round magazine tube extension.

Price: $469.95 (special order)

There is a mail-in rebate of $60 from Remington here.

We also have a great deal on the following two hunting shotguns...


Price: $319.95 (special order)


Price: $319.95 (in stock)

Remington 700 rifles for cheap

We've got a bunch of Remington 700 guns for cheap at the distributor's sale event.

Plus there is a mail-in rebate of $150 from Remington here.

700 MDT Tactical Chassis Bolt Action Rifle .308 Winchester 24" Barrel

The prices on the Internet on this gun are consistently above $2100 - and here are the prices from the local competitors.

Our price: $1,999.95 (in stock)

Plus there is a mail-in rebate of $150 from Remington here.


This rifle does not need an introduction. However, the price does.

Price: $639.95 (special order)

Remington 700 VAR SF 308 SYN

26" fluted bull barrel, X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger, and we are $100 cheaper than the cheapest local offer.

Price: $694.95 (in stock)


Big rebates on Marlin lever actions coupled with big discounts we got from the distributors make the prices unreal.

Ruger Precision Rifles

We have a few coming in 308 (should be here any day now), and also...

  • 5.56NATO $1,199.99 (in stock)
  • 6mm Credmoor $1,199.95 (in stock)

Cheap-cheap-cheap AR-15s

We have our first ever under $400 AR-15. Yes, this is a normal gun, with metal receiver.

We also have an awesome deal on Smith & Wesson M&P-15 Sport II:

$619.95 (special order)

...and last but not least - the new Colt CE2000 Heavy Barrel. Can you own a real Colt AR-15 (the one and only REAL AR-15, as Colt owns the trademark) for under $600? Yes, you can!

(currently unavailable)

And yes, it's a Davidson's exclusive and it is covered by Davidson's Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

And yes, it also gets you $100 worth of stuff from Colt.

Alright! Finally, the end of the list. If you've made it this far - thank you, now you know it all.