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A day at the range: Ruger 22/45 Lite, SR22, Browning Buck Mark

All were shot from the rest at 25 yards.

Ruger 22/45 Lite

This was fired with Weaver 2.5-8 pistol scope. Ammunition was Lapua Center X.

Groups: 0.764, 0.831, 1.043, 0.915, 1.231, 0.791 (average: 0.93)

Ruger SR-22

No scope, ammunition was CCI MiniMags.

Groups: 2.759, 3.589, 3.127, 3.612, 3.254 (average: 3.27)

SR-22 is a plinking pistol - sights are not as prominent, and the trigger is fairly stiff. I would allow that the human dispersion was ~2", which leaves the pistol itself with roughly 2.6" accuracy (with the ideal shooter).

Browning Buck Mark

No scope, ammunition was CCI Target.

Groups (excluding 10-shot group): 1.036, 1.091, 1.402, 2.132, 1.334, 1.514, 1.132 (average: 1.38).

I am not an amazing shot, but browning has a truly outstanding trigger pull and very clear, easy to see iron sights. If my personal accuracy with it was 1", this would leave the pistol at 0.95". If my accuracy were 1.2", the pistol would have to be 0.68"

Note on math: Assuming no correlation between me and the pistol, the dispersions have the following relationship: σtotal2 = σpistol2 + σshooter2, so
σpistol = √ (σtotal2- σshooter2