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Green Lake 1000yd Firing Range Plan

The Pacific Northwest is well regarded as one of the best places to live in the US. Temperate climate, highly educated population, abundant outdoors opportunities, excellent music and theater scenes, Seattle International Film Festival, and water, water, water everywhere, for unmatched boating opportunities!

However, we have one big problem that has been haunting us long distance shooters - the dearth of opportunities for practicing our sport. There are very few ranges around Seattle as it is, and none are extending beyond 300yd range! The closest 500yd range is in Machias, WA, and it's only open episodically. The only 1000yd range in Western WA is on JBLM, and we'd be fooling ourselves if we thought we could take it from the military. Even with our vastly superior shooting skills, there are just too many of them!

So... What to do?

We at Precise Shooter LLC are no strangers to difficult problems. In the past we have used advanced technology to convert Seattle's most non-technical gun shop to Washington's fastest growing and most technologically sophisticated shooting-sports startup. So we decided to attack the problem head-on by using technology and superior problems solving skills. We decided to build a 1000 yard shooting range over Green Lake.

As you know, Seattle does not have much land, but water we have aplenty! Why not use it to our advantage?

And the advantages are many! Though Seattle itself is densely populated, and Green Lake shores are always crowded by hikers, bikers, and runners, the water body itself is almost always deserted. The space that would normally attract billions of dollars from real estate developers lies completely fallow.

Secondly, it is just about the only level place of this size in the whole city.

Finally, it is extremely close to our store at 7503 Aurora Ave N, where shooters can pick up ammunition, reloading equipment, and other supplies!

When building the project plan we have initially considered the firing positions on the northern part of the lake shore, within easy walking distance from our headquarters. One huge advantage of this position, as pointed out by our planners, was the proximity of the wading pool which would allow us to recruit young people into the sport effortlessly. However, it was pointed out during the peer review of the plan that because of the topological constraints the only practical place for the firing lane would place the wading pool right in front of it - and nobody considered this safe.

As a result, we ended up with the following proposal, which we are planning to submit to Seattle Zoning Department later today.

As part of the proposal we are working on the design of the highly sophisticated target system which will automatically sail to preprogrammed positions and deploy targets at wireless commands from the on-shore control unti. We are also looking for a business development manager with extensive startup experience who will help us build monetization plan for the range by selling the advertising space on the targets.