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Gun Control 2.0 and what we can do about it

If you have ever talked to me about gun control, you probably know that one of my chief frustrations with our current state of affairs in the area of gun rights is the way NRA is pursuing it. For them - and many other gun rights organizations, - the solution is to simply elect more Republicans.

This may be working - for now - at the national level.

Clearly, if Republicans weren't holding the majorities in Senate and House right now, the passage of Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 in the wake of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting would have been almost assured.

Due primarily to Republican dominance in House and Senate in the last couple of decades, there was no major national legislation restricting gun rights since 1994.

However, electing Republicans as a strategy breaks down at the local level. There are many areas where Republicans are simply not competitive. In Seattle, for example, there was not a single Republican candidate surviving a primary leading to the election for City Council positions.

Gun control activists undestand this, and have mounted a successful campaign to attack gun rights at the local level.

Following Sandy Hook...

This is just a small subset. Mother Jones reported that just in the wake of Sandy Hook 22 laws in 11 states and DC made it harder to own guns.

In our own state, the anti-gun movement was particularly successful. It has all top state government officials deep in its pocket. It has pushed through...

Did any of this work? Let's see.