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"I Am The Gun Lobby" project

Last week I have received a mailer from Hillary Clinton campaign soliciting the donations. On the flyer, in position number two, was a promise to stand up to "gun lobby" which is, according to Clinton, solely responsible for murders of tens of thousands of innocent people in this country.

I wrote "I am the gun lobby" next to this message on her flyer, and returned it back to Clinton's headquarters using the self-addressed, postage-paid envelope that they so helpfully provided.

This got me thinking, however. A part of the narrative that the gun control people are trying to cultivate is the image of this gigantic, all-powerful, industry-supported lobby that prevents any progress on the "common sense" legislation that, if accepted, would surely eliminate all violence. Of course, the lobby, in their message, does this because the gun industry benefits handsomely from they effort.

This is how they view the situation:

Of course, like many other things about gun control, this has nothing to do with reality.

For starters, NRA gets vast majority of its funds from membership dues. The organizational donations and advertising revenues are only 5% each.

And, of course, there are many, MANY lobbies in the US which give far, far more to politicians than NRA. For example, according to, here are the industry lobbying totals:

And no, gun manufacturers is a tiny, tiny part of the defense industry.

Do you know how much money was spent on political contributions by the gun lobby for example in 2014? Under $4 million.

Do you know how much money Sands (yes, the Las Vegas casino) spent on political contrybutions in the same year? $6.7 million. Yes, this is one casino.

Yet the gun control crowd has been successfuly selling this load of crap to the unsuspecting public.

So, I thought we do something to reclaim some ground. What if gun owners were to proudly show who the real gun lobby is - us? To this end I will fund printing the bumper stickers with the "I am the Gun Lobby" message and distributing them for free at our store.

I do, however, need a design - and as you can probably see, I am really, REALLY bad at it. So if you feel like contributing to the cause and designing the sticker - I would appreciate the help. Email the designs to I will put a few that I think can be successful up for a vote, and then order the stickers with the winning design.

At the moment I am not sure what resolution would be required for printing, so let's assume 300dpi and 11"x3" size, or 3300x900.

Please note that the sticker should be original work produced by you, it may not use any copyrighted imagery, and that you will need to be able - and, obviously, willing - to confer the copyright to Precise Shooter LLC.

Also, if you are a local (to Seattle) printer and would like to work with me on this project, please let me know. The initial order will be 1000 bumper stickers.