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Les Baer Premier II

Les Baer produces some of world's most accurate pistols. All their handguns are guaranteed to shoot 3" group at 50 yards (yes, YARDS), and most are available with an optional accuracy guarantee that commits to 1.5" accuracy at 50 yards.

Premier II is probably the most popular Les Baer handgun. It is one of the cheapest versions, but, of course, we are talking about $2000+ "cheap". At this price, as expected, the pistol comes with everything a pistol might come - adjustable serrated target sights (you can add tritium dots for extra $$$), ambidextrous safety, whatever needs to be serrated, whatver should be skeletonized, is. You know, the works.

And - it's TIGHT. Like, REALLY TIGHT. Forget about moving the bushing by hand, for example, you do need a wrench (included).

At the same time, the gun does not look luxurious. It comes in a simple cardboard box, with simple magazines. It has a simple, dull finish. It has simple wooden grips, that though may be expensive (I don't know), don't look it. Compared to Colt's Gold Cup National Match, looks positively inexpensive.

But, like I said - 1.5" at 50 yards. Better than AK-47. That's the important thing. The beauty is within.

So I took it out to the range, along with some older reloads. The first couple of visits were quite disappointing - after a year of superb 2.5lb triggers of CZ75 match pistols, it was actually hard to get used to 5.5lb of 1911s. Measuring the groups then was pointless. But eventually I got a hang of it, and the targets starting coming out better.

Here are a few bulls eyes with Magtech ammunition, and a few of my reloads.