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Savage A17 Inside Out

Savage A17 is the new 17HMR semi-auto rifle from Savage. This is the first semi-auto coming from a mainstream manufacturer, so I took it upon myself to take a closer look at the first I could lay my hands on.

The disassembly starts by locating a hole in the plastic cover concealing the recoil mechanism. Once found, push a punch or a hex screwdriver into it...

...and lift!

The cover exposes the firing pin with the recoil spring, which is easily removed by pushing it forward and out of its slot. It has tons of grease on it!

With the firing pin removed, the bolt now moves freely, and bolt handle can be pulled out of it.

With the handle removed, the bolt simply slides out of the rear. It's pretty hefty!

Here is how the rifle looks with the recoil mechanism and the bolt out.

Removing the stock by unscrewing the two action screws. The action is pillar bedded.

The barrel channel is interesting. They have probably made it this way to protect it against accumulating debris inside the hollowed out stock.

The action on this rifle is true piece of the CNC art! It is steel, and the carving is quite complex.

The trigger mechanism is held to the action by a pin. Pushing the pin out...

Though Savage calls this trigger an "Accutrigger", as we can see in the part where we shoot the rifle, it does not feel the same as the classic Savage Accutrigger.