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Savage B.MAG Disassembly

With B.MAG the innovation is literally in oversupply at Savage. In addition to the caliber they decided, for reasons unclear to me, but possibly related to some middle manager's aesthetic taste, to hide the action bolts behind a plastic shield. After fumbling around and eventually watching a YouTube video, I present to you a low bandwidth guide to B.MAG's disassembly.

Step 1. Turn the rifle upside down, and remove the magazine.

Step 2. Get a screwdriver bit (not the screwdriver itself), and push into the slot inside the magazine well front wall towards the muzzle. If you press hard enough (you don't really need to force anything, just a stern push would do), the cover will pop, and you will be able to remove it, exposing this:

To understand where exactly to push, you need to understand how the contraption works. The cover has the catch...

...which goes into this slot in the stock, from above...

(this is towards the front of the rifle - this picture has the cover removed and you are seeing the front action screw).

Here is how it looks with the cover removed. You are looking from the bottom in the direction of the muzzle, and the top rectangular slot is where the catch engages from behind it.

Bonus shot: the B.MAG trigger mechanism.